November 9th, 2008 | 810 Entries

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810 Entries for “convertible”

  1. I see a red convertable mustang, 1968. I see a man and a woman driving down the road at a high speed, hair flowing in the wind. People stariing as this amazingly good looking car as it speeds through, town to town.

    By Ben Howard on 11.13.2008

  2. Pulling down the top
    speeding off into the night
    So sure of where I’m going
    So sure I’ll die tonight
    Whipping around corners
    Sliding into walls
    Flying from my seat
    No safe way to go.

    By Juna'uh Allgood on 11.13.2008

  3. So the other day I see this guy drive by in his convertible but little did I know That,that guy was in fact B.A. Baracus A.K.A. MR.T. So I wave that mofo down and Im all like” Yoooooo what playa!?” to which He wittingly replied “I pity the pool”. “WHaaaa????”

    By Sean on 11.13.2008

  4. the wind in my hair. the sky is my hat. i drive and i don’t care where i am going. i only want to go away. away from and away to….my self. if only i were convertible and i could take the top of my head off and let it breathe.

    By Pamela Northcutt on 11.13.2008

  5. a car. it’s red. and it’s fast. and there’s a man in it with a toupee and he’s got some young grl by his side and he’s a weirdo. He’s having a crisis, caged in by some type of cultural requirement to be young. He’s materialistic and stupid. he drives fast, looks young, surrouds himself with new things.

    By Grace on 11.13.2008

  6. Read a book
    it opens your soul
    books can explain what comes from the heart
    when you read a book your mind wonders
    reading can help you when you are stuck
    just take some time to read when you are in need

    By Ashley Frazier on 11.13.2008

  7. beds are the most uncomfortable thing you will ever sleep on little pieces of life get stuck down between the sagging mattress and when you wake up you find this debris pressed up against your cheek and sticky to remove light a dreaming film I can’t sleep like that anymore I’d rather have the floor

    By alias_penny on 11.13.2008

  8. I would like to have a convertible car. It would be nice to show off a convertible car when you pass to your friend’s house. It just makes you feel better when you brag it to your friends.

    By Luis Fuentes Jr. on 11.13.2008

  9. Convertible cars. Never owned one, prolly never will. Wow, what a lame word/ I guess convertible can also mean something that can be changed from one use to another? yeah. Like a convertible…uh…convertible…car? shit

    By shogo on 11.13.2008

  10. The top down, wind in my face, tangling my hair. That I just spent time straightening for hours on end. I’m not paying attention to that though. I’m focused on your hand on top of mine, shifting the gears together. The power vibrates all the way through my arms to the rest of my body. I wonder what you’re thinking of. That’s when you flash your smile at me, I stare into your eyes and I can instantly tell, you’re looking at the girl in the car next to us and not me.

    By Meriah Jordan on 11.13.2008