September 5th, 2010 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “cousin”

  1. I scratched my head for thirty seconds…then decided to mention that all my cousins are adopted.

    By Emma on 09.06.2010

  2. Wie bitte? 80%? Wofür denn das? Ich verstehe die Linien auf deinem Pass nicht und auch nicht, wie sie da hingekommen sind. Diese Linien – sind es deine Linien oder die irgendeines anderen?

    By chRIsTinA URL on 09.06.2010

  3. Cousin – a word that should mean so much more…but with a family like this, with a history like ours, a cousin is nothing but a threat and a disappointment. She did it as though it weren’t hard to shatter the dreams of a family member…one whose ancestry you share.

    By dangerhaley URL on 09.06.2010

  4. adorable and creative

    By Virma Creations URL on 09.06.2010

  5. Cousin. The way a Maori friend of mine referred to his friends.
    Dear memory of him and the hongi we shared.

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.06.2010

  6. adorable, active, creative, enthusiastic, Puerto Rican, teachers, leaders, photographers, army, cute, many and a happy family!

    By Virma Creations Virma Santiago URL on 09.06.2010

  7. my second-half-cousin is also my goddaugther and unfortunately a brat.
    what can you do for the snotty child who lives nearly 200 miles away from you?

    By Amiee URL on 09.06.2010

  8. I love my cousins. There are so many in my family, that I can pick and choose which ones to be nice to and which ones I don’t. It just means family, that we’ll be there for each other no matter what.

    By Jessica on 09.06.2010

  9. last night I killed my cousin. we were playing a game in the backyard and I made it to base first, time after time. She won’t play with me anymore, she says I am just too fast~awww you kill me cleany!

    By cleany URL on 09.06.2010

  10. I don’t know any of my cousins, but I do know that one of them is in jail, one of them is dead, and two of them are married to each other.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.06.2010

  11. No one.

    By Stacy URL on 09.06.2010

  12. First. Second. Third. Twice removed. Disowned. Adopted. They are still family regardless of these things.

    By anabeth URL on 09.06.2010

  13. We never knew each other, though we were only miles apart. Our parents never talk to each other as the years have not been kind to them. Strangers in a world of strangers, dear cousin, I do not recognize your face.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 09.06.2010

  14. My cousin Yma is a tyrant of creative rage. I admire her and fear her. She is a messy headed 7-year-old.

    By Rae on 09.06.2010

  15. I wish my cousin wasn’t my cousin. then we could get married and have lots of babies without worrying about genetic deformities. such a pity.

    By tkroache on 09.06.2010

  16. I wish I knew each cousin more. I don’t know any of them, really, except for Darcy. I had hoped it would be different for my children, but if anything, it is worse. They have zero contact and this makes me sad. Can I change it? I suppose. It is a choice about energy. It should be worth it.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 09.06.2010

  17. My cousins are a piece of work but hey they are family right? So they are a part of me and something to work through

    By cathy on 09.06.2010

  18. “If Maw and Paw get divorced, Becky Sue, are we still cousins?”
    “No, Billy-Bob,” Becky Sue replied, “I think that makes us ex-second cousins in law, once removed, with a twist of lime.”

    By richpee on 09.06.2010

  19. There once was a time when I could count the cousins I had in my family… back when I was three. Back before I could count past 10. I live in an italian family…

    By Giacomo Vecia on 09.06.2010

  20. she wa my favorite person in the world. We made the most of childhood together. Feeding the chickens with pinecones and killer swing sets were the norm.

    By Myste on 09.06.2010

  21. Cousins can be blood related or not. If they are not, then they can make great marrying partners. But even still, my ancestors always married their blood-cousins. I have a few cousins that I don’t know that I would have liked to have married. Yes, I’m from the South. But the idea of marrying cousins goes back to the early centuries when to marry within one’s family groups was to marry with the same faith, class, heritage, and general culture and was a safeguard against many abuses. I like that. Does that bother you?

    By flibbertygibbit on 09.06.2010

  22. kissing or otherwise, and what does that mean exactly? luckily my cousins are all ugly so i never had to explore the answer.

    By shane patrick on 09.06.2010

  23. i already told you about my cousin getting married.
    but none of my cousins are as cool as my brothers.
    my brothers are the best :) they are funny and nice and caring and everyone likes them!
    i love being their sisters. i feel so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome boys.

    By abra URL on 09.06.2010

  24. I don’t have a cousin, I do like the song cousins, by vampire weekend, less so my perfect cousin. if I had one no doubt what I’d like to do he doesn’t. I used to love subbuteo too, flick to kick, goal laziiioooooo! Wow, talk about random stream of consciousness, this is fun, what! Needs a spell checker though. Is my time up yet? Come in number 27, your time is up! Bit like justaminute online, quite scary in a way. I will give this the big old fashioned thumbs up!

    By Julian Stone URL on 09.06.2010

  25. rows and rows, pecking crows and the seeds he sows. vials of genetic misinformation, disorganized reputation grows. family of liars, grandpa dishonors implanted traits and cousin implicitly implicates.

    By rAH!n URL on 09.06.2010