September 4th, 2018 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “cousin”

  1. ‘It’s time, cousin,’ Jason said.
    ‘Why are you being so creepy?’ she asked.
    ‘Here’s the gate,’ he said. ‘You’re plane’s ready to take off, you should get on board.’
    ‘Give Aunty Cassie my thanks; she was so sweet the whole time. I’ve had a lovely holiday.’ She smiled, but Jason’s face didn’t change. ‘She couldn’t help that her sons are drop-kicks after all.’
    ‘I’ll wave goodbye from here,’ he said. ‘Here’s your bag. Mom put a gift in there for you.’
    The boarding light was flashing above here on the display but she walked away from the gate, to a nearby seat and started unpacking: her makeup, spare clothes, a book. She stopped when she found a box tied with red ribbon and held it up by the ribbon she turned to Jason.
    ‘Shall I open it now,’ she asked. ‘Or, do you want to take it home and post it to me?’

    By Meredyth URL on 09.04.2018

  2. cousins can be close as siblings but also complete strangers, not just blood relations but someone to trust and relate to. Often shared childhood memories connect the people. createing a sense that there should be a connection, even if there isnt one.

    By Isabell on 09.05.2018

  3. “Cousin! How many years?” She shouted over the noise of the music. Weddings and funerals. It seems like those were the times that brought them together. After each celebration, they would both hug in agreement not to wait until the passing of a person our the exchanging of vows. Yet, there they stood, five years gone by and repeated the same sentiment as they did just a half a decade ago. They were more like sisters, closer than a cousin birthed out of I do but she did not know how to make that come in handy.

    By GmaCis on 09.05.2018

  4. My cousin hates me. I don’t know why because she is just plain mean to me and expects me to think that shes my favorite cousin.

    By Unfortunite Leah URL on 09.05.2018

  5. Cousins
    Some cousins are good,
    Some are just bad,
    Some are not in the hand tan band
    Some cousins are fun
    Some are just lame

    My cousins are good (actually bad)
    My cousins aren’t in the hand tan band
    My cousins are fun and sometimes lame
    My cousins wish I was better and I wish they were better too

    By Princessbookbear on 09.05.2018

  6. Eli Lily Norah guitar mouse paper like thumbs up user name oh barn lots of fun to play with

    By Caleb Pallex on 09.05.2018

  7. I have six cousins. Four live right here in Nampa, and the other two live in cascade, which is two hours away. I will be seeing all of them on Sunday when we go over to their house to celebrate birthdays. Ethan is turning 12 and Abigail is turning 9.

    By Emma Reed on 09.05.2018

  8. Her heart was rising to a fast pace, as she thought about her time she had as a child with the two of them growing up together in Georgia. Now it is many years later; they choose to meet at the very same tree they used to play around as children, Hide and Go Freeze Tag. The memories in her mind with her best friend and best cousin bring a smile to her face and heart, as she looks up and sees her best cousin-friend coming from the hill towards her. As she gets closer they both can see the familiarity of their genes and what everyone has said their entire life…Twins! It is at that moment they begin to laugh and hug each other, flooded with emotions of bittersweet…and for all those moments they can disappear into each other’s arms holding tight and not letting go; at least for now,

    By Donna Whiting on 09.05.2018

  9. No, she did not want to marry her cousin. She was 15, and it was outrageous that her family asked her again to save the family by marrying a cousin. She had married once on the families behalf, this time she would not agree. After all, her father could not force her. She was a widow now.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 09.05.2018

  10. I neber see my cousin. He lives in Noth Carlina. HE is the preacher of a church there. We are only three days apart in age. HE is so funny and i miss spending time with him. The last time we wwerre together my kids were three years old. So it has been ten years. We both named our boys JAck after our granddad.

    By Shea on 09.05.2018

  11. I love my cousins! I have so many of them that it is hard to put them in order.
    they are different than brothers and sisters, but equally as wonderful.Thank you God for adding such variety to our relationships.

    By HMS on 09.05.2018

  12. Have you met my cousin Lars? He claims he comes from the northern stars. He rode to Earth on a comet’s tail and put his spacesuit up for sale. He speaks in such a loud, strange brogue. In terms of etiquette, he’s rogue. I’m sure he’ll sober up someday and understand the human way. He can be very odd to me, but I still call him family.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.05.2018

  13. my cousin once took a bite off a fake fruit i had sitting on my kitchen counter. i felt strangely proud, like i had stuff that looked so good i could fool him, i could fool anyone.

    By estefania on 09.05.2018

  14. my cousin i butifull like this ^-^

    By ajay on 09.05.2018

  15. Bruno is my favorite cousin, He plays rugby and LOVES pies, He is funny and makes me laugh

    By Katiepie on 09.05.2018

  16. My cousin is a jerk. He’s the fairy side of a gay relationship with his partner. Sometimes my cousin is flaming queer. The other guy is much tougher. And you’d never think he was homosexual. Either way I don’t care, but my cousin sure does, he’s a jerk.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 09.05.2018

  17. my cousin’s name is josh. He is nice

    By Elena Cina on 09.05.2018

  18. Cousin is the person you can stand for cousin can help you with your problems person that will do everything for you just like your parents. I miss my cousin in the Philippines i hope i can visit them soon

    By Ryan Gregorio on 09.05.2018

  19. Some things run strong in families. Call it nature, call it nurture, call it whatever the heck you want, but whether it’s the same shape of nose, the same weird pronunciation of a perfectly simple word like “forest”, or the same deep-seated need to pull elaborate pranks whenever possible, sometimes you never need to tell anyone you’re related. They already know. And everyone assumes you’re siblings. Ani and I were “just” cousins, of course, but the principle remains the same.

    By FA Hakimian URL on 09.05.2018