September 3rd, 2018 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “seatbelt”

  1. Seatbelt is a basic tool to protect yourself. We have to plug seatbelt well while we are getting on a car or plane. While the accident is happened, it could be helpful to lower the impact of crush.

    By TC on 09.03.2018

  2. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, and enjoy the ride into the hellmouth. It’s gonna be a hot one, and a bright one, too, so make sure you keep your hands and feet inside the chariot at all times and your sunglasses stay on. We’ve got the Devil himself waiting for you after the first loop-de-loop, and he’s ready to take a picture with you as a souvenir. Just don’t forget to scream!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.03.2018

  3. I do not know this word meaning, sea means ocean, belt maybe is a beg. I just know that . when I saw some word which I do not know, I will very busy

    By Bella on 09.03.2018

  4. seatbelts are very essential in life. most people in accidents are saved by seat belts. you never know what is going to happen sometimes you have drunk drivers or just simple accidents and you just have to remember to stay safe. even if you feel like you are a safe driver its better to be safe then sorry. most people feel that they are safe drivers and that they don’t need seat belts are that they aren’t cool but they’re made to keep you safe not cool.

    By briuna wilson on 09.03.2018

  5. we tried to exhale
    straight the moment in time
    the vision of an afterlife
    almost better then the moments we spend breathing
    this vision of a relationship with god
    so beautiful
    the infinite confusion
    we’re not allowed to face the pain
    life is strange
    the fasten vastly hastily
    inching out
    a seatbelt
    for what
    a reason to live
    when there’s nothing left to live for?

    By matt m on 09.04.2018

  6. The coffee is ready and the reading time is like a seatbelt which is safe and a mindful journey through breakfast, lunch and supper time. The view is wonderful from here.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.04.2018

  7. unwavering, the way her hands moved into motion
    like its natural for such an unearthly angle

    he wondered why she was so scared,
    so scared.

    when the glass shattered,
    he knew.

    when he cried out at last, at loss for words,
    “Mummy! Mummy!”

    the car wreck continued,
    sliding down the road,
    his cries

    a distant, unending shrill.

    By Lynn on 09.04.2018

  8. Seatbelts keep you safe in your car. Once my mom taught me that I needed to buckle up in the car to keep myself safe.

    By Joshua on 09.04.2018

  9. Seatbelt
    I wish I could wear in my house.

    By Zelda on 09.04.2018

  10. I strapped the seatbelt around me, bracing myself for the pain. Although I knew I wouldn’t come out unscathed, I knew that this would bring immense pain. The belt holding me in place strained under the pressure I brought to it. I screamed as it snapped.

    By Sarah on 09.04.2018

  11. seatbelts can protect you in case you get in a car accident.

    By Daniel on 09.04.2018

  12. it tightened and jerked as she tried to push it in.
    “god damnit”
    she pulled harder.
    and then harder.
    it finally clipped.
    she blew the hair out of her face as she looked at her dashboard.
    already late already too tired.
    she turned the key.
    turned the key.
    she screamed in frustration.

    By dani on 09.04.2018

  13. One day my seatbelt is going to kill me. Not intentionally, of course. Just one freak, fatal accident. And I think I’ll be okay with it when the time comes. We’ve been through so much, seen so much. It’s only fitting that things end this way.

    By Jai on 09.04.2018

  14. I quickly put on my seatbelt to be safe, in case we got in a car crash. Unlike other people I am a safe person.

    By Denise Valenciano on 09.04.2018

  15. one of my dearest friends in this world. Ive been saved once at least. feels as good as protection can. nothing personal just doin its job.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 09.04.2018

  16. we tried to explicate the dreams of the
    xx / xy division in popular idiocy
    i guess it’s the family pleasure
    is there another dream that can be
    child when i couldn’t figure it
    as a child i was told i needed to wear a seatbelt
    when the sex is ill defined
    condom condone
    the break broken illusion of sayings
    not allowed to exploit the pain
    i’m still
    waiting for a wilderness post-human
    xx / xy combination

    By matt m on 09.04.2018

  17. keep me safe
    keep me secure
    don’t let me go
    be my seatbelt

    By Abby URL on 09.04.2018

  18. The seatbelt burned my fingers. Metal was sitting in the sun all afternoon. By the time I reached my car, it was over 100 outside. I needed to use my napkin just to get the belt on. I remember the time when I did not even think about where the safety contraption and now its a law,

    By GmaCis URL on 09.04.2018

  19. She fastened the seatbelt. Then she stopped, eyes stared down, at nothingness. Hands still on it. She wanted to say something but no words came out.

    By mairah on 09.04.2018

  20. She hung in the belt, head down. The car swayed in the wind, only held back by a root. This child, she hoped she had evaded it, she did not hear a crash, the child should have escaped. She hoped she would, too. Then she saw it, the hand.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 09.04.2018

  21. Put on your seatbelts, everyone! This is going to be a bumpy – oomph! Is everyone alright?

    By Beth March URL on 09.04.2018

  22. The seatbelt saved my life. Of that I have no doubt. But only because my mother kept telling me to put it on until it became kind of a reflex action… She forgot one time. This woman followed every possible rule, every possible law, and she forgot once… They say she was ejected through the windshield.

    By simon says on 09.04.2018

  23. I used to think it wasn’t cool to wear a seatbelt. I used to think it was square.

    The moment I started driving, I realized the importance of wearing a seatbelt. Even now, as a passenger, I prefer wearing a seatbelt.

    I realized the irrational mindset I had about it, and it turns out, I’m not afraid of being safe and held in place from time to time.

    By Iana on 09.04.2018