September 21st, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “couch”

  1. I wish I had a big, comfy couch that was filled with all kinds of magical animals and furry creatures that love to be held and played with and loved. That way whenever I’m lonely I can just go to my big couch and play with the animals. That would be sweet.

    By Ben URL on 09.22.2011

  2. maybe soon as it is getting late around here aND I’M IN NEED OF REST!

    By gordon2 URL on 09.22.2011

  3. a couch is where i would lay when i honestly have nothing to do because most of my time is spent either playing my violin standing up, eating, in bed, or on my computer. i like someone so i’m trying to understand what he likes, and i’m making myself watch the tv program he likes so i can talk to him more…

    By Beck on 09.22.2011

  4. The couch was old and worn and it had to go. But she couldn’t do it. She couldnt get rid of it. It had been a part of their family for so long. All those stains had a meaning, a place, a memory attached to them. The long nights of holding a sick, fevered child, the spot where red wine had spilled after the disastrous New Years party, the oil from all the popcorn when they squished all together for family movie night.

    By anne saan URL on 09.22.2011

  5. sherlock curled over on the couch, his hair hanging in his face. he couldn’t quite reach the remote from here and the tv was even further away, the book he was reading was under john’s bed somewhere, and he was so entirely bored but even more entirely lazy. he was tired and apathetic and all he wanted to do was fuck some shit up.

    By spencer on 09.22.2011

  6. The couch – it lets you sit. It is home for many, and I love my home, like others do as well. Where would we be without couch? Homeless! There is no home, without a couch. I love my home; I love my couch.

    By Larry URL on 09.22.2011

  7. sitting in a couch lazy as i can be looking at my celling seeing the mystery tree, how did i end here and where is the meaning i look at my couch and see a relief. Laying down at the brink of a sleep is this a dream or reality.

    By Ivan on 09.22.2011

  8. The place to rest, the place to be. After a hard day. A place to lay your head and forget your troubles. To take a nap or to accidentally fall to sleep. I wish i was there. And not in front of my PC.

    By Ivan URL on 09.22.2011

  9. Sitting, relaxing, enjoying a magazine or watching your favourite tv show. Whatever it is the couch is second best to your bed.

    By Ally on 09.22.2011

  10. I remember the couch fondly- us, her, me….. Those long nights wrapped around eachother touching, kissing and loving it being just us, and our couch….

    By Ally on 09.22.2011

  11. couch…the piece of furniture i’d love to have, but i haven’t acquired a really good one yet. perhaps when i get my hands on a good couch, that’s when i settle down somewhere. till then, i’ll just roam.

    By kaorita on 09.22.2011

  12. its comfy… little (if poor) large (if rich). I sit on it when i shouldn’t. It hurts my back when it should love me. I blow into it.. inflatable couch.

    By james on 09.22.2011

  13. Comfortable place of rest, i love it!!!!! I love you couch!
    Purple? love
    I am sitting on you right now, you are leather and deep deep brown and so so beautiful! I love you couch you are amazing!

    By Grace on 09.22.2011

  14. Couch, a beautiful, amazing place of rest. Come on all shapes and colours and sizes. You are so comfortable and I love you! COUCH! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    By Grace on 09.22.2011

  15. Don’t think. Just write. I want to sit on the couch, instead I’m at my desk trying to get my work finished in time before my favourite show on tv starts. What is that show again? Is it Bewitched? Is it I Dream of jeanni

    By Amimee URL on 09.22.2011

  16. I remember the day perfectly. I was sitting on the couch when I heard the news of his death. In that moment, I had no emotion. I has empty of everything. I remained on that couch for what seemed like days. It is the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘couch.’

    By Bryanna Bean URL on 09.22.2011

  17. there was a couch, it was old and raggard and no one loved it anymore. it was shoved outside, rained on, and eventually it started disintegrating. one day a cat came and sat on it. it loved it. but it too scratched the couch and the couch was eventually just gone.

    By savannah supski on 09.22.2011

  18. Couch. How much time you spend on a couch is a great way to measure how effectively you manage your time. People who use their time well won’t be sitting on the couch, the opposite the latter.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 09.22.2011

  19. I’m sitting on one. It has held up several people and absorbed several things. So much could be said of us by the quick flick of a blacklight… Maybe a chemical analysis could be done. I’d be interested to see the atoms that this couch has taken in on top of the ones it came with. It’s amazing to think this couch came from materials that were once found in nature, and now it has turned into something much less so.

    By shayne on 09.22.2011

  20. somewhere to sit and do nothing for lots of hours , comfy, potatoes, flopping into the middle and going out through the other side into a wonderland, marshmellow softness, some are rubbish and scratched by cats.

    By emma on 09.22.2011

  21. I sat on the couch and surf the ‘net looking for some misspelled blog posts. Life is so bland

    By henshinger URL on 09.22.2011

  22. I sat my plump bottom down on the firm cotton of the sofa, stretching my fingertips out across the textured cloth, wondering if right now somebody else in the world was marveling at something as simple as a couch.

    By Slaria on 09.22.2011

  23. There is one next to me. I would like to sit on it. It looks so comfortable…but I am so tired. I don’t wanna move. It’s way too early to be awake right now. Maybe I could just sleep on it. That would be delightful. A nice nap. I am seriously typing about sleep I am so tired. That couch has never been so tempting.

    By Powers Gray on 09.22.2011

  24. I have done this word before…twice. Yet, I still am typing. Life just consists of so much excitement. Writing about couches all day. Be jealous.

    By Powers Gray on 09.22.2011

  25. He did not want to end up on the couch. He wanted to love. He wanted to live. He wanted to share. He wanted to shout at the top of his lungs. But that was not what happened.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 09.22.2011

  26. I am on my couch now. I look around, and I see my dogs, frantically chewing on their bones before they are secured in their kennels for the day. I have a terrible headache and all I want to do is sleep. I received horrible news from the doctor on monday and I just want to stay on my couch.

    By Whitney on 09.22.2011

  27. She sits on the couch, sprawled out. Today was a long one, filled with things and people she cannot understand. Her eyes glaze over as she watches the news; she sits and looks out on the things she cannot change.

    By Tai URL on 09.22.2011

  28. I have been thinking of moving from this quite uncomfortable chair to the luxurious looking couch next to me for a good thirty minutes now. This shows how incredibly lazy I am.

    By Powers URL on 09.22.2011

  29. When I was visiting my sister in Oregon, I slept on her couch. It was the most amazing sleep I think I’ve ever had. I sunk into the cushions fell asleep sprawled out like an exhausted kid after a tantrum.

    By mer URL on 09.22.2011

  30. Long and orange. I say like rust but Louw says it’s all Tom Waitsey and calls it “Halloween orange”. It is where I sit when I am tired, slouching. I can hear the neighbours’ daughter playing the piano and singing – her voice is clear and strong.

    By jen on 09.22.2011

  31. The couch in the livingroom has a thin film of Yogi slobber. It’s harry and marred from claws gripping and sharp buttons scraping. But its the couch we got married on. Yes, we got married while sitting on a couch in our living room. It’s not even a full sized couch! It’s a love seat and our minister, who was on the couch with us, is not a small man. We were like three hot sweaty happy people smushed on a black leather couch on June 25th. Our immediate family – six of them – managed to fit on our three-seater couch across the room from us. My sister-in-law (to be at the time) readjusted mid-ceremony and caused the remote control, which was apparently under the third couch cushion, to activate the television. The Golf Channel flashed on at full volume. I did my best not to be distracted during the homily as the immediate family scrambled to mute the television. Afterwords, even the extended family and friends who were seated down a floor and outside on couches they brought themselves, said they could hear the commotion and feared that I had defected to the “Divot side.” I thought, at the time, that the “Divot side” wasn’t very clever. But what else are non-golfers going to say?

    By Chris Rogers URL on 09.22.2011

  32. We laid on the couch embracing one another. Tears streaming from the joy of feeling whole once again. It was so good to have her home. I needed to kiss her, hold her, tell her how much I love her…and hope she would reciprocate.

    By brian URL on 09.22.2011

  33. my couch is smells bad. sour milk, spoiled food and such, combined. not to mention sweat and tears lol.

    By pesky on 09.22.2011

  34. Die Nase läuft,
    die Einsamkeit schlägt aufs gemüt
    der Hals tut weh
    nichts kann dich ablenken

    Leg dich auf die Couch

    (das ist so schlecht, dass man es nicht veröffentlichen dürfte)

    By Anuri URL on 09.22.2011

  35. One day i was sitting on my couch. It was no ordinary couch. it was a magical couch from space. When you sat on it a unicorn gave you a massage with its horn (which hurt alot).

    By Jonathan on 09.22.2011

  36. The couch where I sat with a good friend
    For 15 hours straight
    Still sits in my basement, the cushions stuffed with conversations
    Of here and there
    Of then and now
    Now came around, and there came around
    She is miles away, doing her God’s will

    I miss her

    By Kirsten on 09.22.2011

  37. All the fat people like to sit on the couch all day and do nothing.i tyhink they should work out and get so exersie and stop being lazy.

    By amber jordan on 09.22.2011

  38. All the fat people that sit on the coouch all day i think they need to get some exercis .they need to run and eat healthy .they need tobe active.

    By amber jordan on 09.22.2011

  39. couch, a couch is a comfy thing you sit on or you can also sleep! it can come in different colors to. It can be leather or a smooth furry one. Most of them are extremly comfy.

    By skylar cebra on 09.22.2011

  40. i had this word yesterday. i dont want to write about it again. *sigh* i like sleeping on couches. although i like the word sofa better, it sounds more compfy and cushy, like a couch/sofa should be.

    By gabbie on 09.22.2011