September 21st, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “couch”

  1. couch.. its a place i would rather be right now.. not just any couch.. my couch back home with my wonderful woman back home.. eating cocoa puffs.. not that romania is bad.. well it isnt great.. well its funny. the funny thing is that its not funny.. its a sad place.

    By slhuictk on 09.22.2011

  2. I wish I was on a couch right now. I could be sleeping on it. I am so tired. I have always just been so tired…when will I wake up? Wouldn’t it be funny if we were all asleep…or dead. Joke’s on us right?

    This is not depressing. I’m just writing what I am thinking.

    By Jordan on 09.22.2011

  3. We have owned the same couch ever since I can remember. It’s not very exciting couch, tan and brown. When we first got it I named it Grass. I was a strange child. I named my stuffed cat Rainbow and she was completely brown. Later I changer her name to Spice, more suitable? Yes I think so.

    By Angelica URL on 09.22.2011

  4. Couch potato: she slings her body onto the cushions. They’re ripped and stained, but she doesn’t care. She’s been on her feet all day. Been on them all too long, in fact. Running around, serving people, falsely smiling to the rude customers. She needs a break.

    By Raven URL on 09.22.2011

  5. Soft pretty couch . different colors big small orange green blue orange purple tan red pink black

    By breanna on 09.22.2011

  6. i like to sit on my ios comfy.i also like to lay on my couch. its cats like my couch too.everyone likes sitting on my couch.

    By Zack Seegers on 09.22.2011

  7. chair seat sit sat comfy sleep bed soft pillow patteren rest relax nap enjoy comfort happy warm

    By sydney on 09.22.2011

  8. A couch is a sofa or a piece of furniture that you put in your living room. It is uousualy used to make your

    By James on 09.22.2011

  9. A place to sit when you are feeling lazy. A place to watch t.v. and eat chips. When you feel tired after a long day at work it can be a place to relax.

    By maddie URL on 09.22.2011

  10. A place where you sit. It is normally comfy. I also love to sit on them and watch tv.
    it is a great place for that. I really like couches. They are so awesome.

    By TJ URL on 09.22.2011

  11. i love my couch my couch is brown with room enogh for five. I love my couch so much i would sleep on it every day if i could.I

    By george URL on 09.22.2011

  12. i love the texture of couches. the lazy, feel good warmth of its caressing touch. its like your favorite boyfriends embrace after a long and fantastic fuck session. the warm intensity of his kiss and the best feeling after a decent roll.

    By Carol Sansoucie on 09.22.2011

  13. If you want to be lazy, you lounge on a couch. If you want to watch the football game, you usually sit on the couch. There are many things inbetween the cushions. Coins, foods, and much more.

    By Eric on 09.22.2011

  14. sleep, sit, lay, rest, the design, watch tv, watch movies, comfy, foot rest, pillows, relax

    By erin on 09.22.2011

  15. He couched his words in flower language, leaning hard in the stoop. I saw right through his brokenness. shoulders slouched, head heavy, strong words did not match the language of his body.

    By Rebecca on 09.22.2011

  16. old res sofa we used to have in the living room. I hated it to bits! I hated to take the cushions out and hover it, uuuugh!! Then when we finally got a new sofa I was in heaven. None of that red stupid sofa in my life!! I will never have a sofa like that ever again, I’d rather be without.

    By Miranda on 09.22.2011

  17. i like to sit on my couch andit is blue and big and comfy and i like to have friends over to watch movies and we like to watch scary movies on my couch and my story about couches and is better than yours. there… a sentence about my couch… uhm i love my couch. yay. its name is big.

    By mackenzie on 09.22.2011

  18. I sink. I just sink. The stress of the day melts like cold butter on hot pancakes.

    By Alex on 09.22.2011

  19. I’m laying on my couch. Funny thing, yesterday’s word was “crouch”. I was surprised to see another word so similar. Kind of disappointing, actually. Oh well, can’t win them all…Just have to keep writing…hoping tomorrow’s word will be a little more interesting.

    By Leslie Westbrook URL on 09.22.2011

  20. lazy

    By Sarah Posch on 09.22.2011

  21. Comfy and forming, the couch has been used as a resting point for generations. Often found in front of the TV, it’s the focal point for many families and their related activities.

    By Robbie Churches on 09.22.2011

  22. heeyheey i´m on holidays and i want to go home so i can renovate my room yeah. well well well what should i write about… i bet sooo many people have wrote that line right there and that makes me so original, right?

    By Sunny on 09.22.2011

  23. The couch is where I like to relax my body. Relax my mind, while I relax my poetry.

    By Shira URL on 09.22.2011

  24. a couch is in the living room and it looks bright red. theere are many pennies inside that couch and it is owned by this family of right children. this couch has been through so much and little does it know that it will be discarded soon; poor couch :(

    By elaine on 09.22.2011

  25. One day, in my lounge settee. I found an Arabic cube. “What’s up?” it asked. I looked at it bewildered and replied with a gesture usually seen on the funnies. The ‘funnies’… That’s what the old man used to call them. Good for him. Good lad. No, I’m Sparticus.

    By Samwise D URL on 09.22.2011

  26. A couch is a comfortable place to seat oneself at the end of a difficult day. Couching your thoughts in correct language is another important use for this magnificent piece of furniture. Some couches may be passed down through generations as antiques. These are generally hard to sit in

    By Mike Haydon URL on 09.22.2011

  27. comfortable and where i sit the most.

    By Emily URL on 09.22.2011


    By lisa jane mcauley on 09.22.2011

  29. the place I can stretch out and relax, think or not think. sometimes to simply be. can be a wonderful place if its a good couch. TV necessary? I think not. A good book does just as well, or even just a nice nap…

    By Jeremy Slater on 09.22.2011

  30. I once was laying on my couch and I believe I had an epiphany. The music all came to a hault and then the sky lit up. What an ominous and beautiful feeling I felt. What a great experience. I cannot even explain it. In that moment I found the meaning to life.

    By Halie Asmus on 09.22.2011

  31. An ornithologist’s dream, the bird twittered and pecked and plucked feathers from her back for his collection. In the end, he told his mother that he could not live with her any longer, that their home was dull and silent. She sat up from her end of the couch and crowed: and crowed: and crowed, until he flew through the door to the street of his bird, five eggs clasped in his hands.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.22.2011


    By ShygalTiff on 09.22.2011

  33. Couch surfing on the atlantic ocean, I found myself face to face with Colonel Coral and his Fighting Flounders.

    “This is an unauthorized area, you must turn back” he shouted fiercely.

    So I did.

    Yeah, that’s all. It wasn’t really that huge of an adventure.

    By Siege URL on 09.22.2011

  34. i like to sit on the couch. its very comfortable. i think i need a new couch though because my dog sits in it too and he gets it all dirty and nasty. sometimes i sleep on the couch cuz im too lazy to go to bed. I can watch tv from my couch. i always find a cheeto inside my couch and i think about eating it but then im like “no thats gross. ill just keep this penny that I found instead” I hate that my remote always gets stuck up in there and i have to thrreaten somebody until I find it. couch :)

    By Mike Hawk on 09.22.2011

  35. winter days, sitting on the couch, with a book, fire, and hot chocolate. That’s the bets time ever. If every weekend in the winter, when outside is all white, I could do this, I would be just as happy the first weekend as the last! Plus if the couch is red!

    By Jasmine on 09.22.2011

  36. Hmm. I was right! Couch! There is a couch right by me. We have a couch in our storage unit and it’s very comfy. Say, did you pick this word because I thought it was this word yesterday? There’s only one couch in this house.

    By Damaris URL on 09.22.2011

  37. potatoes sit and think for ages as others wonder what their ambitions and goals comprise of while I admire their lack of the same. They are indeed rulers of the world on their couch thrones.Pure brilliance.

    By ankit damani on 09.22.2011

  38. I love couches. Couches are the homes of naps, tears, and making love. After school or work, crashing on the couch is the feeling of satisfaction that makes up for the longing I have had all day. I love couches. I want one in my dorm room. I want everyone to have a couch. I sleep better on a couch than I do on my bed.

    By Joseph Abdul-Malak URL on 09.22.2011

  39. couch

    By Neha on 09.22.2011

  40. Layin on tha couch chillin on tha cushion Rebecca Black comes in “Which seat can I take?” Its my seat my seat you aint gettin down on my seat!!! xD xD xD

    By zhana on 09.22.2011