July 15th, 2009 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “coral”

  1. The coral beads were vivid against her pale white neck. Some orange color that seemed unreal in t

    By Chris G on 07.16.2009

  2. The dress that her mother was wearing when she got married was the color of coral.

    Her mother said that half of all marriages ended in divorce, and that she thought if she shook things up a bit, this one wouldn’t.

    Her mother was incorrect.

    By Nidale on 07.16.2009

  3. coral you are so close to my heart mi corazon, you are hard and sharp, you cut- but whenever I see coral, it is dead.

    By wigout on 07.16.2009

  4. i miss seeing the coral reefs in st. croix. that place is my home and to not be able to return hurts my soul. But, I know that they will be there when I get back. Sleep tight my Crucians. I will return soon. Peace.

    By TC on 07.16.2009

  5. At the bottom of the ocean. Many colors and shapes and sizes. Great barrier reef. A name for a female. A pale tan color. 5 letters in a pattern on consanant, vowel, c, v, c.

    By Ben Powell on 07.16.2009

  6. Lets go to the beach. I have a coral colored/scented candle. Amanda blew it out while intoxicated. Let’s just say the wax explosion was horrific. I like the smell.. Over-priced Price Chopper Products. I have a beach-vegas themed bathroom.

    By Scott Frank on 07.16.2009

  7. the coral reefs are incredible. hordes of life living in and living as on solid being. the ocean teems with color and bounty, radiating the magic that is life

    By jaci on 07.16.2009

  8. coral reefs in the caribbean are pretty. i’ve never been, but i’ve heard good things about them. they are deteriorating, though, because of global warming. and it’s hard to reverse the damage that we have caused upon our earth.

    By joy on 07.16.2009

  9. Coral is a color
    and it’s also so much more
    If you’re a fish in Australia
    it just might be your floor

    Floral Pink, like living bubblegum.

    By Tyler on 07.16.2009

  10. Sonne. Mittag. Eis. Kaffee. Kino. Harry Potter. Lesen. Will schreiben -.- . Vermisse meien Maus. Sonntag. SCHEISSE. Zahnseide. Schminken. Duschen. Krimi. Fantasy. Buch. Kreativ schreiben. Langeweile. Musik. Schwarz.

    By Julia on 07.16.2009

  11. Sweet coral colours relax my mind when I look at them. They’re just so gentle and passive, letting your attention sweep across them, demanding nothing of you. Sweet coral colours and pastel shades soothe me.

    By Mark Clarke on 07.16.2009

  12. coral reef
    or that color that looks kinda pink
    i wanna go deep sea diving
    any where but here
    i need a vacation from life
    forget about strive… or just zone out to the color pink
    like the reef
    coral reef in it i seek
    i refuse to stay here

    By luminoUS on 07.16.2009

  13. Deep beneath her hair her hands tangled themselves around the piece of coral that had lodged itself in her skull. Panicked breaths escaped her lips as she tried to pry out the pieces without thinking of the blood that would flow afterward.

    By Andrea on 07.16.2009

  14. Coral is stuff that is under the sea at specific locations. Commonly you speak of coral reefs. I don’t know which idiot set this word for me to write about, because frankly I have little to say about it. Yes, they can be attractive to look at. Yes, they’re a wonder. But they’re also under the sea and a stalwart of tourists everywhere. I’m no tourist.

    By Harry Yarmouth on 07.16.2009

  15. pink and elegant although hard in exterior and delicate. surrounded by color and flowing beauty of the ocean that moves in a time that is not the same as ours.

    By jamielyn on 07.16.2009

  16. Simplify Organize Prioritize

    By Julie on 07.16.2009

  17. i love to be now in beach not in the park .
    then go to swimming and playing.

    By Nasser on 07.16.2009

  18. i like kindereggs huhuuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhu mmmm kebab
    . wollen sie mit mir tetrinken? nein you’re a biber si si senior el taco huhuhuuh

    By assmaster on 07.16.2009

  19. they are blue and beautiful,under sea

    By satyadreamer on 07.16.2009

  20. i already did coral. this is ridic. you guys need to learn how to update these faster. i want this as like my morning treat of clearing my mind and i’ve already done this! I mean seriously yuo guys i need some variety if i’m going to keep any of my creativity intact. So come on you guys. Cut us writers some slack. Please?


    By Ananda on 07.16.2009

  21. Coral bay. I miss tat place.

    By Reyane on 07.16.2009

  22. like the best rappers i go hard, hard like a coral reef in summer, all the sun it could need, the coral reefs work hard, could you imagine if they didnt, nope. try, you cant. coral is the fishes. it brings life and air.

    By Troy on 07.16.2009

  23. appraisal

    By lee on 07.16.2009

  24. i was hoping for a different word. different from coral, i mean. the color coral comes to mind, which is so far from what i am feeling today. i think i would rather have had “grey” for the word today, if it had to be a color…

    By nicole on 07.16.2009

  25. deep down in the sea there is beautiful colored coral where fish use it as their homes, but suddenly an earthquake came and it destroyed the coral and all the fished in the area.

    By Jasmine on 07.16.2009

  26. coral a beautiful thing. So…so hard and yet so important, I really love her!

    By Schon on 07.16.2009

  27. I touched the bottom of the ocean with my fingertips, breathing in the saltwater with my human lungs. My eyes were filled with water, my skin touching fish and sand, and stars twinkled above. It was cold, and warm, and salty..
    It was a world of light and darkness and everything that doesn’t go together.
    It was a dream, a dream under the ocean, and I never wanted to wake up.

    By Kate on 07.16.2009

  28. coral is a life form that not much people know about. But with the event of environmental awareness, more people appreciate it’s beauty and it’s function in the underwater ecosystem.

    By Esh on 07.16.2009