July 16th, 2009 | 268 Entries

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268 Entries for “palm”

  1. the palm of your hands holds everything. the future is ahead of me and i can see life going in so many different directions. It all seems so simple when looking into your hands, but once you look up, to see whats out there and how much of an affect it will have to do those actions. it is the most overwhelming thing in the entire world. life

    By kathleen on 07.17.2009

  2. when you see the world in the palm of your hand
    you dont think much you dont understand

    you never look forward and you never look back
    Not until the trooper attacks

    im telling you once
    Ill tell you again

    you wont control my world ever again

    By jason on 07.17.2009

  3. hand soft flesh black white peach reader resteraunt future New York City human person female male love holding hands love eating life grip

    By Jessica on 07.17.2009

  4. i turned the shell over and over in my palm, “what shall i do with this?” i thought. one day, these palms will be holding her palms, and we will be together at last, “i will save this for her”.

    By dusty on 07.17.2009

  5. palms are another passageway to the soul. Palm readers can tell you about your life line and love line. and when your palm touches another of the one you love – it’s magic.

    By Heromine on 07.17.2009

  6. My palm is carresed,
    by your fingers,
    small and soft.

    Yours is pushed
    into mine,
    as our hands become one.

    Our love is shown
    best, with the simple things in life.
    those cherised moments,
    make the world go by.

    By Nova on 07.17.2009

  7. The contact between two palms. Something simple, but very warm.

    By cendrillion on 07.17.2009

  8. touch, feel, caress, love …… discover your world

    By horarien on 07.17.2009

  9. My fingers do the touching
    my palm does the channeling.
    without my palm-
    this palm of my mind
    and palm of my hand
    I am nothing.
    I cannot change my thoughts into letters
    i cannot scrip my ideas into change.
    I cannot exist in this world.
    I am a writer- a thinker of the palm.

    By Auryon Rigel on 07.17.2009

  10. The palm of my hand holds your palm and in the palm of your hand you hold the palm of our child and in the palm of his hand he holds our future.

    By Jim on 07.17.2009

  11. and he took her palm in his and they danced till the sun rose and the birds sang.

    By vic on 07.17.2009

  12. His palms were sweating heavily, the kind of thick layer you develop when faced with a particularly attractive woman or a difficult test. He wanted nothing more than to be calm and collected, but his greasy, sweaty palms gave him away as the coward he really was. He would not talk to her today.

    By Chuck Meacham on 07.17.2009

  13. The palm trees were swaying in the sun as we danced slowly to the meringue music. I could smell the sunscreen and salt on your sing. You tasted like coconut. I could have danced till the sun flickered out. I took a piece of a palm leaf home so I can also savor this moment in times to come.

    By Hannah on 07.17.2009

  14. hand
    holding hands
    palm reader
    palm tree
    palm tre-o

    By Sydney on 07.17.2009

  15. i have a palm it’s on my hand, i use it to help me pick up things, but sometimes i hurt others with my palm by slapping them.

    By Jacy on 07.17.2009

  16. with the world in the palm of his hand, he is powerful. nothing in his way. while his palms are sometimes sweaty, he is a fortress. unbreakable, and unstoppable. he rules this world, for he holds it in his palm.

    By Martin Vandenberk on 07.17.2009

  17. In the palm of my hands is your heart. So soft and vulnerable is this feeling I hold. The way you thrust with all your might, the feelings you endure on long cold nights.

    By Misaki Tsuki on 07.17.2009

  18. “Beyond the light, beyond your smile, I dream of tomorrow
    We discover hope for tomorrow in the truth embedded fiercely in our hearts
    The countless events, born in the palm of my small hand, set off on a journey
    Becoming the light that guides someone, the light that guides me.”

    By Miya on 07.17.2009

  19. in the palm of my hand.. such a constellation.. such an uncertainty of what will come..
    the palm of my hand, the most receiving part of myself.. what would future give me?? can I ask for something???

    By :: madio :: on 07.17.2009

  20. open palm of honesty, lines tracing the day to day activities, sruggles, woes, laughter, work, play and life of an individual. Its not the future your palm shows, but the past. Where you have been and how you have lived your life. You cant hide it, embrace it.

    By kathryn on 07.17.2009

  21. I looked down in my palm, where the blood was still dropping down. I sighed and looked at her.. “Why did we do this, now again?” She just smiled and kept doing whatever she were doing. I sighed again ad looked out over the ocean.. Then I smiled secretly and looked at her lovingly.

    By Nipso on 07.17.2009

  22. the palm of my hand itches. My mom says if the left palm itches it means you are going to come into some money. I wish I would come into money and then I wouldn’t have to worry so much. Yeah, that would be nice. Not worrying about something so silly. Money that is.

    By Kelly on 07.17.2009

  23. Palm can be the end of my arm where I keep my fingers. But it can also be a type of tree that can be very famous at a particular time in the Christian year. Palm Sunday, celebrating Jesus coming into a certain town as the townsfolk laid palm leaves on the ground. Each year we take palm leaves and bend them into a cross shape to put in our vehicles and homes. These crosses not only remind us of the sacrifice made so that we may live, but also serve to protect us. Now I use my palm to help coordinate brain signals to my fingers in order to write this thing which I don’t eve know what is going on. Palms can leave prints and are the base for some turkey artwork for small children in elementary school.

    By Jack on 07.17.2009

  24. Palm of your hand, you grasp the leaves because it’s palm sunday. but you’d rather be on the baseball field, beating a fist into the palm of your glove. The sun shines down and the smell of clay filling your nostrils. This is your true religion, this is what you believe in, and this is what you live for.

    By Anthony on 07.17.2009

  25. your palm is on the frontside of your hand some people think you see your future with palm reading

    By Jacob on 07.17.2009

  26. lizz’s palm centro is all this word reminds me about, i really miss her a lot. i wish she was still hanging out with us a lot. If it wasnt for that palm centro, we’d talk even less than we do.

    By Jackie on 07.17.2009

  27. There is a palm in every hand. It makes us equal in a way that can’t be described. We can hold it up to the sun and it can warm us. Or we can hold it in water and make us cold to chastise us. The palm is a symbol of God, whose hand holds ours in his.

    By X Tabber on 07.17.2009

  28. i saw a palm tree it had some coconuts and i climbed to the top, I cut a coconut from the tree and let it fall to the earth. as i climbed down the fough bark of the tree cut my skin and warm blood trickled down my arm. when i reached the sandy ground below i went in search of something…an intrument to open my coconut.

    By molly on 07.17.2009