July 14th, 2009 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “spray”

  1. The hose made a beautiful spray of water on the Hosta plants. It sparkled and glistened. Felt good standing there getting my feet wet.

    By Chris G on 07.15.2009

  2. spray cans kill people. you know those girls in the pe room who’s throats swell up and die?

    also, it’s too serious to vandal with it. just stick to pen, it comes off if you don’t want to be a pain to the world.

    By marnie on 07.15.2009

  3. The spray of roses and baby’s breath sagged now, their beauty past prime, like that of the recipient.

    By Karel on 07.15.2009

  4. The smell of hair spray, the gloss of the conditioner… I missed it. I loved it. My home in Missouri, with the small hairdresser’s parlor my mother worked at, where I would play with my own hair and sometimes work on others… That was where my home was.

    By Colleen on 07.15.2009

  5. I dug my toes into the sand. Small amber granules shifted between my toes. The wave rolled towards me, undulated in deep hiccups until finally it’s spray showered me with froth, like a whipped cream ocean topping. My footprints melted into the sand like warm peanut butter.

    By Kemari on 07.15.2009

  6. sea mountains rolling white grey gulls salt blue white in the dying of the day.

    By foolishearthling on 07.15.2009

  7. spray it all over me cover me paint me hide me…

    By emre on 07.15.2009

  8. spray down on the ground against the window paper towels clenched in hand get the corners best of all, everyone notices the corners. say it don’t spray it, put the fire out. watch old faithful erupt and turn everything around it iridescent.

    By wigout on 07.15.2009

  9. I sprayed the plants aimlessly as I thought about the people that I was missing back home. I had no one here, no one to go to, no one to love. I thought moving away would be a relief. I thought it would be an amazing new adventure, instead here I was spraying my plants in my new green house just after midnight. this was not the life I had envisioned for myself.

    By Jess on 07.15.2009

  10. spray is evil.
    it destroys.
    it can also be good.
    and stuff.
    i don’t like deo spray.
    i prefer those who look like soap. but aren’t. you know.

    By josi on 07.15.2009

  11. spray paint the walls , trains, and everything you can find. be creative, let your mind blend with the paint. creat something you love to look at or make a staement so others know what your thinking. immortalise your work on the side of a bus, or even in the toilets at school. say somthing about your self or the world. paint a picture, destroy something beautiful. damage some corporate advertising. tell the world to just fuck off. do what you have to but just spray that paint, show colours, design something that causes people to think or enjoy. spray.

    By Tahir Shah on 07.15.2009

  12. Ocean spray is a brand that produces delicious cranberry-related products. It has inspired people all over the world to eat healthy and live nutritious lives.

    By itan on 07.15.2009

  13. I sprayed my cat with a sprinkler today, it ran so far till the cows came home. What else could I have done? So I told my sister the story and she suggested a bigger spray! I said, “no!” We can’t harm animals.

    By Boston on 07.15.2009

  14. hairspray in my eyes towards the cow tent in the backwards garden of my dreams there was a boy who didnt know what he was doing he fell from the treehouse and ended up in a muddy lake and then he went home for his tea there were crocodiles in the pheasnt fan and the farmyard was full if peacocks drawing water from the well they all heard the load bang and it was terrifying and then there was silence it was not good and the end came up on the world in a dark bang.

    By Piers Wightman on 07.15.2009

  15. i spray paint. you can almost spray a dog. spay a dog? juices spray everywhere, liquids, cans, ooze, beans, blood, the gums of teeth. spray with water, with body fluids, with gumption. fireworks.

    By Haley Simmons on 07.15.2009

  16. i love Hamed!

    By Fatima on 07.15.2009

  17. smells good. long lasting. water mist on a hot day at a water park in wildwood new jersey. ocean mist. thirst quenching.

    By anniellewww on 07.15.2009

  18. very usefull as hair spray…very unusefull for our environment.

    By cvolpert on 07.15.2009

  19. smell, hair, deo

    By sandra on 07.15.2009

  20. i wanna keep using spray paint in my work. there’s something magical about the hiss and fumes, even though im sure those fumes aren’t the best. But there is a certain power of wielding the can of spray paint. covers up the ugliness of a blank canvas. the power is great. and the possibilities are always endless.

    By danny on 07.15.2009