January 5th, 2010 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “confusion”

  1. I stared down at the empty void beneath me, my mind void of comprehension. Where was I? what was all this? All I knew was that I was in a Place, one that I had never been in before. My head was spinning and I was in a state of paranoia- all because I did not know what I saw before me.

    By Rei Aisaka on 01.06.2010

  2. me I am really confused all the time, mixed signals, the whole world, murky,

    By mary on 01.06.2010

  3. Confusion is what happens when you try to put your point of view across to your children. They look at you as if they don’t understand a word you’ve said!!!

    By Martin Kelly on 01.06.2010

  4. like me being confused about fresko & how he doesn’t trust me? yeah, that might be one. like how i was last year about math? YUUUUP (:

    By ashleighhh. on 01.06.2010


    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  6. not knowing where you are what you are. a general lack of knowledge. Not interpreting information correctly or coherently. What? Where? When? How?

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  7. so intersting …. bt m totly lst yaa

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  8. Confusion was her middle name some days
    She knew what she wanted one minute
    Then changed her mind the next
    Some days she wanted all that she could get
    The next is was all too much
    And so she spent her days like this
    Spinning inside her own mind

    By Teal on 01.06.2010

  9. my head pounds and I can’t think straight. did he mean yes or no. sometimes he says he cares and shows me in every way imaginable and sometimes he just treats me like something he scraped off his shoe. I don’t know how to think or feel. I feel numb.

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  10. to start with confusion is a daily part of your life..
    the day starts with a confusion and ends with it

    hehe, even my latest crush associates me with it!

    By kank on 01.06.2010

  11. normal

    By Marie on 01.06.2010

  12. me

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  13. bird

    By farah on 01.06.2010

  14. Saydi grabbed her ears. The explosion left her vision blurred and her sense of direction all akimbo. The drapes tore from the windows and fell sinuously to the broken bodies that lay beneath them. This was Iowa, why were there bombs going off here?

    By JO on 01.06.2010

  15. In confusion he stepped away from teh body. How had he got there? What had he done? He looked down at his hands, there was blood dripping from them and a knife in his left hand. He couldn’t understand anything, why he was there, how he got there. Nothing.

    By Hel on 01.06.2010

  16. Yes its really a nice word however i have this cold feeling about it so i do recommend to show me a warmer word next time. thanks really much. please this gets me confused now.

    By Tom Selleck on 01.06.2010

  17. i was realy confused as i was walking through the mistirious park

    By noemi on 01.06.2010

  18. It’s hard to tell when you’re right. . our lives are full of confusion. Full of times when you’re not quite sure. . Life is full of papercuts and concusions. . full of puncture wounds and lulling bruises. . but it’s also full of electric smiles, and sky blue eyes. . it’s full of things we can love. . because we need it.

    By Sophie on 01.06.2010

  19. Well, let me get my thoughts straight aout this one. Before I start, I need to untangle all the various, some conflicting, thoughts that this word sparks off. Ready? Good. Let’s start… oh bother, minute’s up.

    By Andy C on 01.06.2010

  20. something that comes to me everyday. sometimes it is nice to be confused, but ofcoarse, it’s not.

    By eizel on 01.06.2010

  21. I look right.
    I look left.
    I look up.
    I look down.
    I look all around.
    There you are,
    all around.
    I’m lost and I cannot be found.
    My tongue is tied to a cross, my heart crossed in my mouth.

    By Rosie on 01.06.2010

  22. I am confuzzled.

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  23. and when you don’t know left from right, and the world is upside down. you see things that ought not be there, or maybe they’ve always been there and you just never noticed they were there.

    By marley on 01.06.2010

  24. Take some time, still your mind. The confusion will sift through your thoughts; meddling with them, but soon findng rest. The confusion will soon reach a stillness. It’ll be okay. Still your mind.

    By Stephanie on 01.06.2010

  25. confusion

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  26. I was lost in a swirling fog of diving, swirling, screeching beings — and beings they were, all grey and mangled and cloaked. I could hear them

    By Akinn on 01.06.2010

  27. everytime i think of you, everytime you try to tell me what to do.. i get so confused, why you? why this, why that? you do it too? i dont understand, why you?

    By lauren gudry on 01.06.2010

  28. sometimes love can confuse the mind your in love you shouldnt be i wish he loved me like i loved him he used to could he really have moved on he is perfect ill find someone else i just am sick of waiting never did i ever think id have a hard time finding someone to marry i wanna be happy i need to move on i am

    By makeAhope on 01.06.2010

  29. By .... on 01.06.2010

  30. Confusion hit like a rock – falling from the unknown. Where was I? Where are you? I screamed for someone to help me…to help me figure out where I was and who I was going to become.

    By Danielle on 01.06.2010

  31. I am confused. All of the time. Sometimes i think that my life is clear but it never really is i dont know. i wish i knew where i was going with my life but i dont. but maybe thats better than knowing?

    By gina on 01.06.2010

  32. confusion is another word for joy in disguise. waiting for words to pile up, in a coherent mess, waiting for the moment when the story ends, the curtains go down, and you know the whole story. it comes full circle. but until then, it’s confusion, it’s not knowing what’s going on in the tv episode, it’s writing frantically until your fingers get tired. it’s having no word limit, no age limit, no mind limit. peace.

    By kbh101 on 01.06.2010

  33. messed up
    not sure about something

    By don on 01.06.2010

  34. hysteria stupidity boys family housework bill paying school work my life where am i going what am i doing who am i seeing what will i be when i grow up will i be successful like i want will i make a difference

    By J on 01.06.2010