January 5th, 2010 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “confusion”

  1. Intution

    By Anurag on 01.06.2010

  2. gg

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  3. I keep forgetting what I should be doing. Part of me wants to sit and wallow in self-pity that I have to be studying for exams that prove no reason in life but to show how much last minute short-term memory capacity you have. And I mean cmon’ I don’t really have any way to store 100s of years of history in over a week.

    By Olive Rose on 01.06.2010

  4. damn i hate rthis word . esp . during my accounts exam ! cuz every time it is conbfusing ! every summ and every line!\ :P
    forget all my spellings . but hell yeah i am not all that confused all the time like the rest of my friends atleast ! :P

    By harshi on 01.06.2010

  5. Konfusion. Verwirrung. Alles durcheinander. Unordnung. Mein Schreibtisch? Warum sieht es dort so aus? Eine Kiste habe ich wegger

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  6. the rest of mind mind is full of straight thoughts, clear, precise and socially acceptable. except one. the one of you, darling.

    By peaches on 01.06.2010

  7. iam very confude what anm i supposed to do, write? well here goes, confusion is sopmething that i’ve never really understood, because you can ask anyone anything and most people you ask will have an opinio about it – even if they dopn’t tell you the answer you may be looking for or explain thyings more clearly you will nonetheless be closer than wen you started so don;t be confused just ask someone – also qith the age of the internet conusion should be even lesss of a thing to be confused by as the internet holds the key to just about everthing, for example I was confused whn i needed to fis my car, i just looked pon ebay and there was some geek on there who knew exactly what he was talking about and gave ,me the amnswer there and then!! Perfect

    By Sam on 01.06.2010

  8. Land of Confusion is a great remake by Disturbed of a Genisis classic. Music

    can’t u c dis es a lan of confusion rahh rahh rahh rahh

    By feared on 01.06.2010

  9. i breathe it every day, how i see you in the mirror. who are you? what are you like? you look like you should be put up against the wall, tell them who you are. you don’t know, do you?

    By ibrokeyouwithamatchstick on 01.06.2010

  10. if you’re such a masochist, why is that you look so hard to find a cure?

    By ibrokeyouwithamatchstick on 01.06.2010

  11. There are colors and sounds and faces and voices and hope and despair and all the good and horrible things in the world at once. How can I possibly balance those things on this one tiny moment?

    By Dana on 01.06.2010

  12. Confusion — all around me, all within me. What will rescue me from the sea of delusion I swim in; I drown in? Jesus.

    By J Micah on 01.06.2010

  13. I am utterly confused with how some people live their lives. Their lack of consideration for others, their lack of money sense, their lack of aim and imagination of how to spend their time and money. We are all suffering from confusion but most have some clear ideas about something

    By Nick Owen on 01.06.2010


    By kOR on 01.06.2010


    By LAND OF CONFUSION on 01.06.2010

  16. Where to type? Where’s the word I need? What should I write next? Does the reader understand? Probably not, I don’t even understand. Not my best effort. Glah.

    By Mo on 01.06.2010

  17. The morning fog adds to my confusion. I wish for the dreamy sleep under the warm flannel, but the sun has made her appearance. The confusion continues until the first cup of hot chocolate is taken into my sleepy being.

    By Jenny on 01.06.2010

  18. i lost the mind the day you left me.
    and sometimes i wish i knew why you did.
    but i guess it all comes back to the things we both knew.

    we knew this would happen.
    i didn’t even learn your name.
    are you out there somewhere?

    did you lose your skin,
    like i lost mine
    in the cold?

    By indigo. on 01.06.2010

  19. I am really confused. This word does not bring me any fantasies or imaginations. I dont like it. I have nothing else to say.

    By aki on 01.06.2010

    is an anagram of

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  21. Great word. Hey you guys already said it all; I don’t know what more I could contribute, so I’m not going to write much of anything here if that’s ok, thanks. Yo, yall have a good day, aight peace out yo.

    By pest on 01.06.2010

  22. d

    By Anonymous on 01.06.2010

  23. confusion is a good one, seeing as how I’m confused about what to write. It seems like I spend a lot of my days confused, always forgetting what it was I came in to the room to do, or what assignment I’m supposed to be working on. Even once I do figure that out, and I start whatever task is at hand, I get confused on how to finish it!

    By liz on 01.06.2010

  24. Confusion is something everybody experiences, no matter what one might want to believe. Even the most confident person, the strongest and calmest, wisest and cleverest, experiences confusion.

    By Itamar on 01.06.2010

  25. I am confused like i am right now. why are guys so weird? why dont they understand? should i be with this guy? damn.. i really wish he would stop acting this way! I m not sure i am going to spend my life with him!

    By Girlfireice on 01.06.2010

  26. Today I was in class I realized that I had a headache. I had this girlfriend once she said my presence always cured her headache. So here i am i sit in class confused cause i’m thinking of her.

    By Andrew on 01.06.2010

  27. confusion
    is an allusion
    when i see a protrusion
    i create an allusion
    which doesnt seem to add up

    By emerson on 01.06.2010

  28. By tomphson on 01.06.2010

  29. Confusion is something that confuses us the most! Wat gift to give, which dress to wear, what kind of slippers to choose!! Everyday starts and ends with umpteen confusions!! But still thats what makes life the most interesting

    By Recnacoel on 01.06.2010

  30. theres times that we dont know what to do with our lives or dont even know if we’re here for a reason. But even thought theres always confusion inmany things that we do, we can always survive and find a reason or an answer to our confusions.

    By liz on 01.06.2010

  31. I often think about sitting in rooms filled with closed minds, while mine is open. I never know why this is. Perhaps I am different? Perhaps I am a freak? Perhaps I’m an outcast…or maybe I’m just confused?

    By Murphy on 01.06.2010

  32. what is confusion. i’m confused

    By a on 01.06.2010

  33. He looked at her. She looked right back.
    What was it about her eyes that brought out such a feeling of guilt in him? As the tears slid down her cheeks his forehead crumpled in defeat. Not for the first, and probably not the last, time, he was utterly clueless.

    By Lucy on 01.06.2010

  34. That aptly describes the state i am in currently. I’m highly confused as to what will be my future undertaking(s). I have no idea what i should become/pursue in the future or even in University. In fact, i’m still undecided of my university choice. :/ HELP.

    By ssh on 01.06.2010

  35. Confusion. What is confusion? Who knows?

    By Y on 01.06.2010

  36. state of mind where i used to live all my life.
    really weird that this was the one word to me.

    By Cristina. on 01.06.2010

  37. to confuse as in to con as in to make the other person unable to see what is meant, to con the person and fuse their emotion as in to perplex as to con as in to fuse

    By D.M. on 01.06.2010

  38. falling down. not knowing where it ends. feeling dizzy and becoming suspicious of everyone who might have a genuine concern for you. Not being able to make sound decisions and nothing makes sense.

    By jenny on 01.06.2010

  39. Confusion is something I feel a lot less of when I don’t lean on my own understanding…I think It is amazing that we have a God who bothered to share words with us and himself, and we still go around trying to figure things out with our tiny minds. Yes we should explore, but we don’t need to be confused:)

    By Lisa on 01.06.2010

  40. Confusion is what happens when you watch Fox News. One may think that they a basic understanding of the world, then Glenn Beck comes on.

    By T.F. Krag on 01.06.2010