June 27th, 2012 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “configuration”

  1. the configuratoin of the tables in the office was crazy. laid out in a geometric pattern. i ocoudlnt’ figure out how anyone woudl actually sit without bumping into someone else. and yet it was what the expert had recommended. it would help us discuss. talk. create. sure it would. i thought it woudl just help the consultant’s pay check.

    By smc on 06.27.2012

  2. Configuration. I can only tell you so much about what happened that day. But when I hear that word I think of e overwhelming codes and locks that surrounded me. I was lost but I made it out. They still see me though.

    By Bellabella URL on 06.27.2012

  3. She altered the wrench’s position and tried to twist the bolt again but it was stuck. Real stuck. No matter the configuration.
    “Fuck.” She muttered, and let the tool drop, sometimes she wondered if it was even worth bothering.

    By Maddie URL on 06.27.2012

  4. “Is the computer configured correctly?!” she asked frantically. “If it’s wrong, this could destroy life as we know it.”
    “Relax,” said the boy as he lounged in his armchair. “It’s perfect, I checked it twenty times. We’ll be fine.”
    “I’m not so sure…” said the girl.

    By quicksilver on 06.27.2012

  5. I remember all the codes. The configurations of each door and code placement. Each lock each guard. It wasn’t easy to get out, in fact I still haven’t.

    By BellaBella on 06.27.2012

  6. The memory of a strange room. it had a strange configuration to the way it was set up. now it is but a distant dream of a day in which a young girl hides from the rain in a strange room.

    By Leie on 06.27.2012

  7. that is an odd word. let me do a configuration for myself today. Stretch my lips up a little and put stupid thoughts out of my head.

    By Bish on 06.27.2012

  8. I can’t comprehend the stars, the way they connect and fit together and move around each other in the sky. I know they are both scientific, fixed, and chaotic, random, and that some people understand the science and some read the future and some know the stories of the past that the stars hold, but I am not one of those people, any of those people. I don’t understand stars.

    By Olivia on 06.27.2012

  9. The computer on my bed has configuration. You can put it on your chicken too, that configuration. Really, I mean, it can be anywhere, in the rainbows, in your left shoe, it might be in the innards of some mighty beast somewhere. You never know.

    By Mary on 06.27.2012

  10. to do the things people told you to do in line, the “right” way as they say i dont know configuration, is to follow like sheep and conform to what society deams acceptable.

    By CheyenneBernthal URL on 06.27.2012

  11. my life is in the configuration of the infinity sign,

    a constant moving forward
    and then back

    over and over


    By sarah marie URL on 06.27.2012

  12. to understand how it is made, the thoughts of what we need to do to get the process done. The configuration doesnt work it it out of order. In the configuration of my life I found that I was at fault to get to the next stage and yet I hoped that I would see it thru

    By Don on 06.27.2012

  13. The configuration of the landscape confused him, as he looked at all the twists and turns that lay ahead. He knew they were not far behind, and that if he was to survive, he would just have to make a choice. But which way? – He closed his eyes just for a moment, the scream that echoed behind him, made him snap them open again.
    Move! yelled the voice in his head.

    Stefan sprang forward not knowing where this next path would lead.

    By Helen URL on 06.27.2012

  14. to configure something. <what a grade a dictionary definition. never exact, just a different form of the word that you don't understand. it's putting thoughts together I think.

    By Emma on 06.27.2012

  15. The stars were in the wrong configuration, or what? How else could you lose him? It must have been something of cosmic proportions that went wrong!

    By K on 06.27.2012

  16. The intricate configuration of all the events unlocked a whole new realm of opportunities for their relationship.
    “The world is my oyster,” she thought. “This changes everything.”
    Did it really though? What had actually changed? This guy responded to her text, had the stars realigned? Were they destined to hook up now?

    By Julia on 06.27.2012

  17. Hannah glanced at the garden, the flowers patterns flashing before her eyes. The configuration, the pattern of them was odd, not something people saw often.

    She liked it though somehow, even though it was different it fit her. It was right.

    By Lizzi on 06.27.2012

  18. Configuration is trying to get us right.
    Trying to understand a thousand miles in between.
    It’s working through the impossible to see you again.
    Configuration is courage, it’s working things out.

    By aileen on 06.27.2012

  19. The latest configuration of my life is putting in a 40-60 hour work week, coming home and feeding my chickens (I have three black barred rocks that are just a month old) and planning a rabbit hutch.

    By misstammy on 06.27.2012

  20. Thought it was centrifugation at first and it drove me back to the mass transfer class hell. But it is configuration, the arrangement of elements. That which makes you think that you have some power over existence and that your will is that of a god.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.27.2012

  21. the arrangement of different parts into a perfect medley. the way things are put together in certain ways.

    By Lennon Shae on 06.27.2012

  22. Configuration is a word that means to figure out. Figuring out things sometimes is very hard. It is hard to CONFIGURE certain situations… sometimes situations you get into are hard to figure out how to get out of.

    By jessica haider on 06.27.2012

  23. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. How do we fix the things we’ve knocked out of balance? Destroyed? It’s hard to put things together when you were never really sure how they were were to begin with.

    By arielle on 06.27.2012

  24. Configuration to me defines trying to figure something out. It even has the root word “figure” in the word. It kind of reminds me of trying to fit shapes in a outline of different patterns or a puzzle that needs to be solved.

    By Kathy Nguyen on 06.27.2012

  25. The configuration of my room is not the way it should be. Where my blackboard dresser was last night, there is now a tuna fish sandwhich with socks and underwear hanging out of it.

    By Merika on 06.27.2012

  26. The sound against his ear was cold. A little raw emotion never hurt any one, but he was different. Aching with each movement he lifted his fingertips towards the glass, and pressed them there, where the rain fell. His eyes showed to the world his main configuration – stifled ecstasy.

    By metallinaa URL on 06.27.2012

  27. like a puzzle piece?

    By Hannah U. on 06.27.2012

  28. Configuration is an step of making anything work, it is the process of adjusting a product, game or machine to the exact functionality needed for it to work perfectly.

    By Sigurd on 06.27.2012

  29. this we

    By Hannah U. on 06.27.2012

  30. The room had a pleasing configuration with comfortable furnishings that invited one to linger for a while. Sit here, have a drink, read this. Relax, unwind. The only thing required of you is that you do only what pleases you. In this space, you’re the Master Designer and you configure all that pleases your senses.

    By Ruth on 06.27.2012

  31. xbox, computer, setting something up, a process, fixing something,

    By Tia on 06.27.2012

  32. the puzzle pieces of my heart are hard to fit together. some pieces seems to be missing or lost or too small to fit with all the others. and there is one giant piece that is empty waiting to be written on…

    By brose URL on 06.27.2012

  33. I don’t know what this word means. Let’s see. I just want to test this. Okay, I really do know. It’s like the setup or how something is set up. Ummmm I don’t know what else to do. Time’s up! Yay!

    By Tiara on 06.27.2012

  34. sitting back in my room, having a self conversation, tryin to figure out what”s with this damn configuration. people constantly hatin,

    By Biscuit URL on 06.27.2012

  35. I decided I needed to make new configuration to the make up of my robot friend…. needless to say it was a good/bad idea…. I managed to change a few things I should not have changed, like for example…. his idea of becoming a mathematicion…. he now wants to change the world.

    By Richard on 06.27.2012

  36. configurar el computador, configurar el cerebro, las ideas, los colores brillantes, los oscuros, configurar las vida de forma tal que todo encaje perfectamente, configurar el teclado al español para que escriba la letra ñ.

    By Paula URL on 06.27.2012

  37. When things are arranged interestingly, they bring to mind all manner of new ideas. The configuration is everything. Ideas in your head, items in a display window, food on a plate, software on a disk; if it’s not put together properly, it simply doesn’t have a proper effect.

    By Singer on 06.27.2012

  38. It’s the shape of a thing. The configuration depend on our imagination. It can be real but only you know the measurements. The word means figured together. So maybe it’s a joint imagination with frie ds

    By Dorit on 06.27.2012

  39. The configuration was a queer sight, boxes of toppled carrots askew on the floor. The mystery for whom had caused it was already being investigated; the culprit neigh with the shame. The tale was turning into pure fiction the more he dove into it, for not a single clue was to be deciphered form the boxes. In the end the man settled on the explanation of an extraordinary accident had accord.

    By Patrick on 06.27.2012

  40. I’m a clumsy imitation of my first and true creation, with a new appreciation for the girl I used to be. But I say with great elation, and a selfish fascination, that my new configuration is more suitable for me…

    By Emilia Morrow on 06.27.2012