June 27th, 2012 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “configuration”

  1. Configuration means to figure out what is going on. I guess. I’m not quite sure. Because whenever you do think of the word you think of something technical. Like configuring a computer. What is the configuration of your computer and something like that. But then I think it means a way of design. The way something is made rather than to figure something out. I should really consult the dictionary more often.

    By Monika Kadam on 06.27.2012

  2. How can we simply figure out how to live our lives? The simplicity of today is that we exist, an uncomplicated answer to an unknown question. As our lives go through turmoil we can simply but accept it and learn how to understand such a thing.

    By Zelda on 06.27.2012

  3. To analyze a situation or problem and come up with a solution. To “figure” something out. The scientist configured an anecdote to the disease.

    By amber on 06.27.2012

  4. Wow. For over a month now, every time I try to do a One Word post, I’m reminded of something I do not want to write about. I go to One Word hoping for escape, waiting for a day’s word to spark some thought in another direction, but somehow my brain manages to connect every single word to this particular event. Really. Every word. And today’s? An incident that involved a computer.

    The mind is a terrible thing to have mess with you :o|

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 06.27.2012

  5. I kept fiddling with the dials, waiting for something within me to click; waiting for something to feel right.

    By Gullsy_ on 06.27.2012

  6. “This configuration is all messed up!” the blond man sighed throwing up his hands. “How the hell do you manage to fly this thing without getting blown up to bits?”
    “A little bit of trust,” the young woman answered bending down to deliver a light kiss on his cheek. “That’s all.”

    By fire_ball URL on 06.27.2012

  7. The configuration of the honey bee’s were rather peculiar. The followed the queen as if she controlled their minds. Nothing I have ever seen matched their dedication to the Queen. No human had that much desire to please. It was like they were programmed.

    By Stephanie on 06.27.2012

  8. configuration is the form of the places where i wanna be. I love to configurate with my bed, and i hate configuraters. My brother is talking to me and i wanna kill him :) Id like to understand better how are we humans configurated, and how the fuck does our minde really work.

    By ana URL on 06.27.2012

  9. hmmmm i barely know what this word means. Which is pretty damn unfortunate since i have an 88 average and im not stupid. It makes me think of computers though, which i dont like. And i really dunno what else.

    By Bonnie on 06.27.2012

  10. I realy dont know about this word
    but I can write about its letters they are great I really liked them
    you know there is and F and F its always great even more when its FF and

    By Lisiane URL on 06.27.2012

  11. it wasn’t easy, but i finally got it to the correct configuration. the board is now completely oprational. there are no more risks involved when using the phase device. the molecular integrity of the subject should remain intact when proceeding with the procedure.

    By Jang Fames URL on 06.27.2012

  12. the configuration of my mind argues with my personality. im the girl who hates awkward silence, but has no clue how to fill it. the one who wants to be cool, and smart and funny, but cant figure out what exactly that means. to fit in, but be individual at the same time.

    By Emily on 06.27.2012

  13. configuração de pessoas num bar: algumas sentadas, algumas em pé, algumas bebendo, outras segurando a chave do carro, outras segurando pessoas, outras segurando o mijo, outras segurando o riso, outras segurando as palavras e muitas segurando a verdade.

    By Luísa Chini URL on 06.27.2012

  14. With all the quiet contemplation of a chess master. All the spontaneous skill of a Lego sculptor. All the finesse of a tightrope walker. All the vagueness of clouds. I try to do it. Take a step forward.

    By siobhan347 URL on 06.27.2012

  15. The lines join together. Making shapes, pictures, configurations. A world lays under my pencil. A world waiting to be shown. Who am I to deny that?

    By Brittany on 06.27.2012

  16. Together the job was done in the configuration of this great system. The two people were very proud of themselves and decided on getting married because they had loved each other so very much. They had their wedding that same year. They fell in love the very day the project was complete and realized they ccould not live without each other. and it was very romantic :)

    By Lola on 06.27.2012

  17. Math. Strange numbers. I can’t currently think right now. Configured strange. Strangeness. Fragments. Not understandable. Incoherent. Angsty. Brainwashed. Strangers. Two meet. End of story.

    By wordsbyalli on 06.27.2012

  18. The particles in the chemical mixture had a particular configuration.

    By Bob on 06.27.2012

  19. Owls are a huge hip and modern design for this generation’s configuration.
    Configuration also means the latest style.

    Yesterday, I was out with my friend at a local clothing store. I spotted an bag with an owl on it; it was roomy and obviously cute. But it turned out to be sixty something dollars, so I was unable to purchase it.

    In case you didn’t know, I have a slight obsession with owls.

    Funny how a word like configuration can go straight to a discussion about owls!

    By MollyJ on 06.27.2012

  20. The configuration of the numbers had stumped her. She sat, hands poised over the dials, staring blankly at the screens that rose up around her. She tapped her chin as she glared at the code.
    Come on, she told herself. Think!
    The sound of heavy footfalls clomping down the hallway stopped her train of thought. They were coming closer. Closer to the control room. Closer to her. She had to figure it out before she got caught. Tears of sweat trickled down the back of her neck and her heart thumped loudly as she squeezed her eyes shut and turned the dials as hard as she could.

    By Rachel on 06.27.2012

  21. my fingers fly over the key board trying to get the configuration of words to erupt from my finger tips like lava from a moody volcano. only 60 seconds you say. a mere 60 seconds. seems like a minute to win it, what do i win? honor? pride?

    By Drea on 06.27.2012


    By Lupita on 06.27.2012

  23. The configuration.
    How even two simple words inspire such incredible hatred in me I do not know.
    They have such incredible power over us- they watch us day and night. They manipulate us, use us, add us, remove us on even the slightest whim.
    Jack showed me what life free of the configuration could look like, and it was beautiful. Free. Here, every move is watched. The very microfiber of each wall, each brick, each article of clothing is inlaid with microscopic cameras. Sensory nerves are attached to us day and night, collecting data. We are their machines- to them, we are nothing but relatively convenient robots.
    But nothing in my life has ever been as beautiful of that brief, salty taste of freedom in the air.

    By Emma Crowe on 06.27.2012

  24. Is it the same word every day or what?

    By Melissa on 06.27.2012

  25. Once upon a time, there was a young boy living in a castle in France. His dream was to be the king of configuration, but his father was only a shoe shiner. This meant that he could never be ore than just that.

    By Courtney on 06.27.2012

  26. configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration con figuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration configuration

    By Z-yin on 06.27.2012

  27. i configure about many things, like how old will i be when my cat finally doesnt hate me!!!

    By lily on 06.27.2012

  28. Is anything really new anymore, or is it the same old stuff just in a new configuration? Is anything truly original?

    By kellywellee on 06.27.2012

  29. A long word that I don’t really know. I’ve heard it, but I don’t know exactly what it means. Maybe if it was in a whole sentence I would understand the meaning, but I don’t know what the single word is… I don’t hear it often. I wish I was smart enough to have a good vocabulary. But I’m not. I’m kind of stupid. Not really good enough for most things. Oh well…

    By sierra URL on 06.27.2012

  30. The configuration of the room was puzzling….on the one hand it was easy to relax and on the other hand it kept chairs and seating areas close…too close for comfort. I’m not sure that is was intentional, but it could lead to confrontation or ….not.

    By coramie on 06.27.2012

  31. they arranged themselves in an intimate configuration, jumbling limbs and hair and kisses. a comfortable closeness enveloped them, and they fed off of each other’s exhaustion.

    By courtney on 06.27.2012

  32. The chess pieces loomed menacinginly at me. They were configured on an enormous board. Or I was shrunk. I just woke up here. Nobody gave ME any dirctions

    By Sara on 06.27.2012

  33. The configuration of a laptop doesn’t take very long but is an exciting process. This action requires patience and careful reading of instructions. Yayyyy! Woo.

    By Daisy on 06.27.2012

  34. I think of transfiguration. Like harry potter. Changing the appearance of something. I think all things can be transformed in some way. A person, however can be only be influenced, they are the only ones that can actually change themselves

    By Krista on 06.27.2012

  35. how does one configure a bookshelf? that i will never know. it winds and twists and lifts and shifts, oh, what a frumpy show! configure this, and configure that. why must we do this? aren’t people destined to do this? Or maybe they just float.

    By autumn on 06.27.2012

  36. This word reminds me of computers. Other than that, my mind is blank. I don’t like this word. It his ‘fig’ in the middle of it. That freaks me out. I am odd with words.

    By laura on 06.27.2012

  37. Configuration. I think about configuring my computer controls or something, to make the screen the right brightness or the sound louder or whatever. I just realized I thought of the nerdiest possible idea to come up with for that word.

    By Maddy on 06.27.2012

  38. The configuration was unfamiliar, after a flurry of keys she drew a slow breath.

    “I can’t do it.” Her tone was more surprised than upset.

    It was over.

    By J on 06.27.2012

  39. The configuration of the dancers on the stage was absolute perfect chaos. Each majestic little fairy thrashed about onstage with a vengeance that seemed impossible for the delicacies dressed in white.

    By Jordan on 06.27.2012

  40. Configuration can involve set up of any form. whether trying to configure an electronics to work, configure setting in a game, etc, configuration is the key to setting up things to behave

    By Brandon Maxwell on 06.27.2012