February 20th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “compensate”

  1. He couldn’t compensate for the lack of her skills. They needed her here, or this mission wouldn’t be successful. X ran out the door after her, already planning the usual come-back-we-need-you-don’t-do-this speech in his head. Already ready to drag her back by force if he had to.

    By E on 02.20.2014

  2. Compensate is when you give up something you like for someone else, even though you like what you like, and they like something else. It’s a cute concept, especially when in love with someone.

    By Brianna on 02.20.2014

  3. You say that whatever I do will compensate for all the time you’ve spent on me. That it’ll be worth it. That you don’t need anything in return. Don’t you realize though that it’s not for you? It’s for me. I can’t live knowing that I haven’t done anything in return.

    By valerie URL on 02.20.2014

  4. I wondered if the success would compensate the years I worked and sacrificed. It’s so easy to lose sight in what matters… But I guess that’s what happens when you want to change the world and leave an impact on those that follow you. With a world full of so many shadow people, we need some to step out in the light to lead the way.

    By foost URL on 02.20.2014

  5. Compensate for my will to appreciate, if I’ve lost it
    Compensate for the direction I appeal to reason and when my heart fails to recognize itself,
    tell it so
    Compensate for my lack of ability to determine how much ability I have
    Compensate for freedom of speech when silence is all that is needed
    Compensate for the losing benefits of desiring something that is not yet to be,
    and losing sight of reality

    By Anthony Ross - URL on 02.20.2014

  6. The woman had learned to compensate for the weaknesses in her life. Not all of them, of course, were of her own doing. Her husband’s weaknesses — or weakness (If only he’d quit drinking) — had cost her so very much. Time. True happiness. Companionship. Opportunity to flourish in her community. So she had compensated by applying her time and energy to her profession. She spent copious amounts of time and energy at work. She enjoyed it. It was a place and a situation in which she could succeed. Her colleagues at work only knew the positive side of her life. And she continuously strove to polish that until it shined.

    By Tori on 02.20.2014

  7. “You will be compensated for your services,”
    Tamsin blinked, nonplussed. “Money’s not really the problem here, honey. The whole ‘asking me to murder someone’ thing, now, THAT’S a problem area,”
    She frowned. “I don’t understand; I was told you-”
    “Wait, wait, TOLD?” she asked, crossing to the window and peeking through the shades. “You said you wanted to kill someone and they sent you HERE? Who?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.20.2014

  8. I used to sit in drivers ed, ready to learn all about safety and with rapt attention.
    Then I met my teacher. Scott was lazy, racist, perverted, and overall nauseating. He hated his job, hated teenagers, and hated his life. He used to call monster trucks “compensation vehicles,” and laugh with that chocking cough.
    He taught me more than any other drivers ed teacher could.

    By Brooke Fowler URL on 02.20.2014

  9. i tried to compensate for the lack of muscular build. i’m so sorry. i guess its the way i was raised. just like my father and his father before him. i come from a long line of doctors but i always wanted to be an actor.

    By Alex URL on 02.20.2014

  10. Things don’t compensate.
    Okay, maybe a little, they do. But never fully, and the best thing to do is just to let go, because nothing can ever compensate for a thing the way that thing would.
    But if the thing was there, there would be no need to compensate, and life would be alright.
    Or just simply boring.

    By Small Thunder on 02.20.2014

  11. He had to compensate for the fact that she was a complete dumbass. No gun, no knife. How was she going to protect herself. Sighing, he shoved his shotgun into her hand and picked up a knife. He hoped it would work on this demon.

    By Nina on 02.20.2014

  12. If you compensate
    I will masturbate
    enough to inflate
    your mental to the top
    If you abstain
    I will refrain
    enough to constrain
    big chain your brain

    By Bhagwant Jahooty on 02.20.2014

  13. Without your eyes or your smile
    or your red hear
    my Love hangs on your every word.
    Break up with me
    the way I taught you to break up
    and Love me the way you taught me
    to Love
    L as in Lisa,
    L as in Love.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 02.20.2014

  14. He was going to need compensation. He was going to need revenge. No one lays a finger on his brother without getting it chopped off. He was going to find that demon even if it killed him. That demon was done for.

    By Nina URL on 02.20.2014

  15. Compensate? Compensate for what? My hellish life, barren, broken, battered? My lack of morals, judgement, emotions? I can’t compensate with things I don’t have.

    By Sierra on 02.20.2014

  16. You always made me feel as though i need to compensate.
    I laugh harder
    Dress better
    Seem smarter
    Put make up on
    Try harder

    Not only in a silly romantic way but in a be a better person kind of way.
    You make me better and worse at the same time.

    By CaitieBug on 02.20.2014

  17. compensate to make up for an area in which one is lacking. something that basilios does consantly in his life. makes up for his mistakes with his children. with his sister. with his brother. everything that he does is in order to recover some kind of dignity. he barters with fate to be seen as just.

    By Mackintosh on 02.20.2014

  18. let’s not get crazy, she said.
    they laughed and wouldn’t stop.
    they spun in circles and broke the physics
    of normal joints and aging.

    let’s go off to the moon.
    let’s compensate later.
    you leave them to their
    empty laughter and lazy circles.

    By Kairn URL on 02.20.2014

  19. don’t try to hide behind false notions of validity. Accept your good and bad and deal with them. You owe nothing and nothing is owed to you.

    By Quiet_Intensity URL on 02.20.2014

  20. He slid the money across the money, and Clara thought slime should be oozing from his fingertips. Her mother grabbed the cash quickly, her eyes averted, and the man simply smirked. But Clara knew they would never be fully compensated for all they had seen. All they had lived through. So she followed her mother meekly out of the room, but all the while her fingers pinched her palms, plotting murder.

    By Sophia URL on 02.20.2014

  21. The left hand shifted upward as the boy tipped more acorns into the right, sending it shifting (grumble rumble creaaaaakily) down towards the floor. Then the most marvelous thing of all happened: the eye in the woman-shaped scale /winked/. He gasped, and the remained of the acorns spilled out of his hand and onto the floor.

    By Yona URL on 02.20.2014

  22. I was compensating for all she had lost. Her mother, her father, her siblings, her love. I was the only one left, and all I wanted was for her to have eyes full of life, to add a spring to her step.

    By umbazachika URL on 02.20.2014

  23. idk don’t know what it exactly means cause i speak spanish and that’s all
    i don’t know! omg, im pretty stressed you know
    i’m listening monsoon hahahaha(/?
    wait what
    no, i was writing my name, why
    no, this is wrong

    By bcboyfriends URL on 02.20.2014

  24. Compensation is the destiny we aspire to meet because we place value in balance. The darkness fizzles without the light, and wonders are bland without a backdrop of tragedy to magnify their miracles and brilliance.

    By Nicholas on 02.20.2014

  25. He needs to compensate for it one way or another. Otherwise, his actions from the past will continue to haunt him forever.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.20.2014

  26. Everyone in the world felt the need to compensate for someone else. The brutality of their own minds pressured them with insanity and the endless material giving drove them to their own extinction. In the end, nothing was left. Nothing but moral compensation.

    By Katrina URL on 02.20.2014

  27. He was burdened with the haunting notion to give and receive, that everything once received must be relinquished to someone else. The everlasting ghost of compensation lingered on his ever silenced lips, hiding the truth that he had everything.

    By Katrina Ingham URL on 02.20.2014

  28. How do we compensate for dimensionality? What we do, what we will do, and what we don’t do? How can we ever expect people to forgive us, or for them to repay us?

    It isn’t a question of what: it’s a question of when.

    By Iceman on 02.21.2014

  29. “To compensate for your loss, I have been instructed to apologize and offer my services.” The tall, burly man extended his hand towards the petite brunette.

    She glared at him and said, “What exactly are your services?”

    By Candace S. URL on 02.21.2014

  30. You idiot, a big car can’t make up for something that small! Your brain I mean!

    By Ketly on 02.21.2014

  31. It was to late to compensate with gifts, he had let them down irrevocably and the damage was done.Yet, he still ran desperately to the shops to find a gift, a recompense if you will.

    By Ellie on 02.21.2014

  32. Some people have better abilities than others, however they don’t have or lack the confidence to use these abilities to the full. They think that they must compensate for their shortcomings but if only someone told them that they were good enough in the first place, they would have nothing to worry about. No need to compensate for anything!

    By Rojen Fletcher on 02.21.2014

  33. To have two different hobbies might take up a lot of time, so we have to make good choices and compensate the amount of time spent on one for the other.

    By Ray Chang on 02.21.2014

  34. Seemingly charmed, George had to work hard to compensate his family for his absence. The influx of gifts was constant. They cleared spaces for more flowers, jewellery, toys and games. In April they arrived home one day to find a golden labrador puppy pooping on the doormat. In August the dog was joined by an Andalusian pony who outgrew the back yard within weeks. George sent things he thought would make them happy, but he no longer knew them. He didn’t know if his boy could structure a sentence or throw a curve ball, and he never knew that his baby girl prayed to God very night for Daddy to come home.

    By pip333 URL on 02.21.2014

  35. The floods were so bad that nothing anyone could do, even money, could compensate for the distress caused

    By Alexandra URL on 02.21.2014

  36. Karma. Compensate the bad of others with your own good.
    Give more than you take.

    By Johanna on 02.21.2014

  37. What to write about compensate.. its something people should do more :)

    By Bernadet Tatje on 02.21.2014

  38. Mensen vliegen de hele wereld over. Vooral in het Westen vliegen we veel om de natuur op te zoeken. Maar we willen er niet te veel voor betalen. Is dit okee?

    By marjolein on 02.21.2014

  39. People always try to compensate for what they think their flaws are.

    By Maartje on 02.21.2014

  40. to compensate is to come gather, giving a bit up of yourself while the other will give something up to you. To compensate is to complement each other to one whole being. That is what compensation is about for me.

    By Bart Vermeij on 02.21.2014