February 20th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “compensate”

  1. He shifted his weight to his other leg, to compensate for the pain in his right knee, and wondered why in the world he felt somehow obligated to put himself through this, night after night, all in the name of show business.

    By mrsmig on 02.20.2014

  2. I had to compensate for my shortcomings a lot quicker than I thought. People can be such hypocrites, holding my feet to the fire while they are more evil than Satan himself.

    By kate anaïs on 02.20.2014

  3. “This should be enough for the… damages.” The gold coins were meretriciously stacked in even rows, piles of the same amount all lined up in gleaming pillars. Onetwothreefourfivesix of them, towering above the table. Worth more than they appeared.
    “It’s not enough,” he said, slowly counting the coins in the piles… twofourfivetentwentyfourtyfifty. “There should be more.”
    “Not enough? I’m afraid you’re mistaken. This is the amount we… agreed on. Just take it, let’s not start any trouble now.”

    By Debi on 02.20.2014

  4. She wanted to compensate for what her words had done to him last night. She could see the grief still written on his cheeks, rivers of an unforgettable past. She took a step closer to him, reaching out her mother hand to stroke her baby’s head.

    By Emily URL on 02.20.2014

  5. Where would it be possible to compensate for a lost life? At what point did I start regretting my actions? Before or after the death? Why is it more important to love someone after they are gone than before, and why is life such a joke? I wish I could compensate for my selfishness and greed, and I wish you didn’t feel the need to end it all, because if I could take anyone with me, it would be you.

    By Liz on 02.20.2014

  6. I would love to compensate all these daily requirements out of my life.
    what are my daily requirements.


    By Rick URL on 02.20.2014

  7. to pay for something or make up for something that is not fully valued

    By Emily on 02.20.2014

  8. I know nothing lasts forever.

    But I thought we’d last a little longer.

    By Abbey on 02.20.2014

  9. what could compensate for the dissapointment, the disappointment when things don’t turn out the way you planned, when the equation doesn’t equal your expectatoins, when you expect the scales to balance, for life to be fair, but it isn’t, it won’t be, so you compensate in your expectations

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.20.2014

  10. What do you really want? Acknowledgement? Sacrifice? Money? Do you need me to eat out of your hands?

    By jar on 02.20.2014

  11. you lied, I tried, together it wasn’t working but i always tried. I tried until the time ran out and the petals on our flowers wilted slowly. I tried until the wrinkles sagged in my flesh. I tried to compensate for all your losses.

    By mbabington on 02.20.2014

  12. I was there everyday. Mailing the orders, calling every company. It began to delete everything until my refuges were sleep and the gym. Maybe a sip of coffee, a Sunday afternoon with a friend and those are rare. I gave myself to planning weddings because I couldn’t have one. Well, wouldn’t allow myself to have one is more like.

    By Shaymaa on 02.20.2014

  13. Compensate is the word that no one nows the meaning of and the word no one likes.

    By edinabrownie on 02.20.2014

  14. I always thought that mean to like, think. Like deeply contemplate or something. Is that what is means? It must have something to do with Latin roots. I never figured those out…I never took any classes on Latin roots either.

    By Lily Potter on 02.20.2014

  15. I got nothing. I’m sorry.

    By Jenny on 02.20.2014

  16. his writing had taken on a new dimension since he had lost his job he needed an occupation to see him through each day and its creativity allowed him to stay positive

    By smr on 02.20.2014

  17. Compensate me for the losses.
    Compensate me for this pain.
    Compensate me for my misery.
    Compensate me today.

    Compensate me for your lies.
    Compensate me for the time.
    Compensate me for the fears.
    Compensate me today.

    By Amanda on 02.20.2014

  18. I wanted to compensate Nathan for the free lunch, but he wouldn’t budge. Instead, he shook my hand, shook a handful of change out of the left pocket of his jean jacket, and shoved them into the nearest parking meter.

    “I do things to make other people happy,” he informed me as the machine whirred and read “0:15” on the screen instead of a mere “0:02.” “If that means I have less money, then I think I’m acting like a true Christian, wouldn’t you agree?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.20.2014

  19. She took her sister’s hand, knowing the small damage wouldn’t compensate the broken trail ahead. Her sister squeezed back, unaware. A guilty feeling nabbed at her, but she buried it, to be discovered another day.

    By Ellie on 02.20.2014

  20. i will compensate for what i have lost in the fire 3 months ago. i will change my life around for the better, i mean who knows this could have been a blessing in disguise. No one got hurt. we’re all together and thats what matters most to me. although i am feeling great despair about my journals being lost

    By molly on 02.20.2014

  21. “you’re so pretty, you’ve never needed to compensate” the words leave my mouth, and leave a bitter taste. I know I shouldn’t have said it, but still. It’s true, just because you are better looking than me doesn’t mean everything.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.20.2014

  22. He couldn’t even remember what he was compensating for. She’d laugh extra loud at something she was reading, and his chest would burn with irritation. He knew she was trying to get him to ask her what was so funny, so that she could read it to him. He would ask her, so that she could ignore his quiet seething. But he simply couldn’t remember why.

    By Jess on 02.20.2014

  23. Compensation. One of the few things that I find to be very important. Most of the time, people aren’t able to follow through with what they say they will. This requires some sort of way to compensate. Whether it’s completing the thing late or making something new, it’s useful

    By Hank on 02.20.2014

  24. The little man stepped out of his car. It was a huge truck big enough, I think, to have fit a whole whale in it. He was wearing a leather jacket leather boots and a knife at his hip, although he was small he did have quite a bit of muscle.

    By Ryan on 02.20.2014

  25. Wild and relentless, his heart deep and pulsating for his nation. His heart cried out for justice, for the rescue of justice in his country. The blood on his clothes spilled for his home. He set out with one goal in mind, he would not compensate. His nation would be free, his nation would know justice.

    By Jose on 02.20.2014

  26. This is a quandary. I thought as I looked a the stump where my right hand had been. Compensation for this loss would not be easy

    By Ryan on 02.20.2014

  27. Everyone has a burning need to compensate. lack of height, lack of sexual prowess to much height or too much sexual prowess. nothing can every truly be covered, however the roots are still there.

    By Mr Smith on 02.20.2014

  28. Bailey folded his hands in front of him. “…And we won’t be able to compensate for any injuries that may occur. Keep in mind, this is a very tricky situation we’re presenting to you. If you so wish, we could offer–”

    “Injury?” Alicia repeated, leaning forward as her eyes widened with disbelief. “My family isn’t going to need any monetary compensations if I die, Commander.” She stood and smoothed out the wrinkles in her plaid skirt, and tucked some hair behind her ear curtly. “I’m sorry, but it’s too risky. You’ll have to find someone else for the job.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.20.2014

  29. Dryly, thou must compensate,
    for the waste of time so sure’d create,
    thinking thinly, was never so smart,
    Approvingly smile, so far apart

    By creepestbloom URL on 02.20.2014

  30. The man had coke bottle eye glasses and stared at me as if I had snakes slithering out of my nose. “You filed the wrong document.” God dammit.

    By asavas on 02.20.2014

  31. Cold on diving in,
    pleasant to feel it getting water. Still,
    swimming against the current is harder
    than getting out of the water.

    By Jem Page URL on 02.20.2014

  32. Cold on diving in,
    pleasant to feel it getting warmer. Still,
    swimming against the current is harder
    than getting out of the water.


    By Jem Page URL on 02.20.2014

  33. take away, i dont know what in the world does compensate even mean like really i have no idea i really do think it means to take something away from someone or something like that but im not sure IM COMPENSATING YOUR SHOES FOR RUNNING IN MY HOUSE what if it actually means to make someone your ruler or something like that that would be funny

    By Sarah on 02.20.2014

  34. “Don’t think about, Rachel. You’ll be glad you did it.” Amy smiles as her 5 year old sister calls the owner of the wallet that she had found. She takes her sisters hand in her own and together they walk up to what the man had said was his house. The man compensates them for their time and gives them a thank you in the form of 25 dollars for Amy, and 50 for Rachel. There had been 1,000 dollars in the wallet, though…

    By Becky on 02.20.2014

  35. I don’t even know this word lol my english is so bad wtf compensate..hmmmm is that something like making things smaller? or uuhhmmm writing a large text shortly? helloooo when is my time up?

    By Sonja URL on 02.20.2014

  36. I cannot compensate for the years that I have lost without the will to be ambitious however I am propelling forward, with ferocious, unrequited intensity.

    By nosarcasmplease on 02.20.2014

  37. To compense anything that You are doing.

    By Marcos on 02.20.2014

  38. The doorbell rang
    a man stood at the door with flowers
    please sign here
    Now what
    has he done

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 02.20.2014

  39. Creating a moment where we feel that that is enough. outward thought meaning nothing more than the person it is for.

    By ldf on 02.20.2014

  40. We had to shift the cargo to one side of the plane to compensate for the damage to the wing, which meant we had to reduce speed. We had been lucky. Another six inches and that machine gun fire would have taken on of our engines off. But we still had to reach the coast and my fuel indicator needle seemed like it was the fastest moving piece of equipment on the airplane. I looked out the window to confirm what I feared: Those bullets had spared our engine but not our fuel tank.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.20.2014