February 20th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “compensate”

  1. To compensate for things you feel are not your fault is very hard. However, sometimes you have to swallow your own opinions and take the time to listen to someone else, as long as you’re still true to yourself.

    By Renée Moezelaar on 02.21.2014

  2. To compensate my silence, I sent him an image. It was me, but I was different in it. It had my outline, my smile, and my eyes, but from inside it wasn’t hollow any longer, it was stuffed with feeling.

    By happyrabbit on 02.21.2014

  3. It told me not to think, and here I am, thinking instead of writing. “Compensate” does not inspire me. I feel that I do not connect with this word in any way at all.

    By Mandy URL on 02.21.2014

  4. Carl bought the fancy car, new clothing, and latest Samsung. But every time she came near him, his tongue wrapped itself in knots, leaving him staring down at his fancy new suede-covered feet.

    By Soft URL on 02.21.2014

  5. People who work hard must be compensated, we all know that.
    However, that is not always the case; the ones who work the most are forgotten in favor of those who don’t do much, but talk a lot.
    This is when inequality manifests itself. Inadequate compensation causes a rift in society.
    I will always try to compensate a person if he or she has done something worthy of mention. If I compensate a person that will make that person feel appreciated. That person will strive to improve herself so I will compensate her again. Society in general will improve.

    By Cuche Ratatouille on 02.21.2014

  6. You can’t compensate the mess this whole thing has made. Throw money, throw a fit, or throw me in jail, it doesn’t matter. I’m doing this alone now.

    By cat on 02.21.2014

  7. In truth, he doesn’t love her (it’s alright though, because she doesn’t love him either.) It could be worse though; at least they get on alright. Sometimes, he hears her in the bathroom, compensating.

    By Sasha on 02.21.2014

  8. if i do this for you, i need to get paid. this is extremely delicate work and i stand to lose much more than i gain if it goes wrong. its my ass on the line and not yours, so pay me up front, and what i get stays mine. capice?

    By Lee on 02.21.2014

  9. you cannot compensate lost time
    with routine and wool over eyes,
    nor can you apologize to fractures
    in accidental smiles and rhyme.

    Flowers do not bloom with just the sun,
    and I will not live on just (your) whims,
    because my lungs are too full of life to sink.

    By Pandatry on 02.21.2014

  10. When my back hurts I try not to compensate by leaning on my cane or counting on others to help me with the things I need to do for myself.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.21.2014

  11. one day an old man and woman had to compensate with someone to get their house back. it was very hard. they had to travel all the way to Califorina.

    By Chloe on 02.21.2014

  12. He is pretty well compensated for his work. He does an amazing job all the time. Really, I don’t know how he does it. I think it is becasue he loves his job so much. He has such passion for it. You can see and feel it on him. He carries such enthusiasm. Its great!

    By Heba Morsi on 02.21.2014

  13. compensation is giving up something that normally other would not give up. Does this necessarily mean that everyone should give up something? Would one give up hatred for love and what are the benefits of doing so? comp-en-sate – completely giving in to help others? isn’t that similar to

    By Alfredo on 02.21.2014

  14. He was weak, he thought, taking out the first glass shard from his arm, vulnerable (another shard), utterly pathetic (a bigger shard), a disgrace (oh, God, that one really hurt). He had no way to fix his flaw, but he could learn to compensate. He also had to pay for that damned window.

    By Psamathes on 02.21.2014

  15. “I can’t compensate for your mistakes,” I sigh, as she pleads me to lie for her. Why doesn’t she see that I can’t. It’s too hard. She starts to cry and, although I knew this would happen I nod. “I’ll do it, fine, but just this last time,”

    By Ellie on 02.21.2014