August 24th, 2018 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “companion”

  1. “A picture?” she asked. ‘Could it just be an image? I haven’t had a photograph take in years.’
    ‘It is to be the companion to your bio; as long as what you choose is recognisably you, there shouldn’t be a problem. ‘
    ‘And there you go’ she said, ‘Stepping over the line.’ She looked distracted and frustrated, the colour in her face rising in blotchy patches. The twitching had started again and she scratched her fingers roughly, marking red lines on her joints lumpy with arthritis. ‘My work stands alone, it does not need a bio. I spend hours on the word and want these to be my representatives. My opinions and the thoughts I use to formulate my reality are all that’s needed. What I look like, that is a trivial thing; any image of me is worthless. No-one needs to see me now, I am more than this.’

    By Meredyth URL on 08.24.2018

  2. Listen to me, for you are my everything. You are and shall always be my lifelong companion. I hold you in my arms so that we share warmth together. I kiss you on the head so that you remember human touch. Listen to me, for you are fading. Your fingertips are ashen as your eyes turn gray. You are becoming as frail and fragile as the dust lingering on the page of a book. And I aim to preserve you for eternity if I can.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.24.2018

  3. Shake the world is filled with lies
    You are done with us crap
    you live in your own dark world
    my facts are your lies
    my dreams are in your openings
    my love for your crimes, our love for your faults
    We do not come downhill, we are at the end of the road, we no longer love a unit
    we can not go out
    we are on this path. End

    By Sema Eski on 08.25.2018

  4. You’re my companion now, here in this bed, even for 20 minutes, our hands wander freely, over my thigh, your belly, your eyes are closed, i love being your companion, i want this to last, i don’t want you to leave.
    But I will pretend like it’s ok, yes i have to go too, this will have to do.

    By loveyou on 08.25.2018

  5. He counted on Dick, to come in in time and cause some distraction. He would then sneak in silently and do the deed.
    The sun sank and punctually as the 4 o’clock train the stray dog appeared and begged for food from the other side of the fence.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.25.2018

  6. She looked over the Jasper, who was shaking his tail expectantly. Dumb dog. She grinned and cocked her head. He knew what that meant and set off on a trail behind her as she walked across the beach.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.25.2018

  7. In order to enjoy the good things in life, it is always preferable to have a companion along for the journey so that you can both share in the accomplishment. Also, having a companion is the best antidote to loneliness, something that is too prevalent in our society today.

    By Murray Ingram on 08.25.2018

  8. My companion and I had seen so much in the last year we have been together. We have fought many monsters, seen a lot of beautiful sights, and had a lot of intimate moments together. I would almost consider them a sibling at this point.

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 08.25.2018

  9. He was less like a friend, more like a companion
    more sincere like a stallion, more loyal than a million.

    By Johnny Boy on 08.25.2018

  10. Hot breath in the morning
    Chapped lips are what I wake up to
    Your hot arms wrap around my body
    Cradling me as my physical safety net

    By jacky on 08.25.2018

  11. nobody to hold, no body to know, nobody to kiss, no body to bless me with
    no soul to shake, no hand to hold, some things get old, others stay
    you wont stay, you wont stay, you wont say

    By Jizz on 08.25.2018

  12. cuddle me my constant companion
    feed me what i’m hungry for
    my angry disposition
    my egoless intuition
    give me reason to breathe
    take away from me anxiety
    my urge to die
    a rye wag of your tail
    solves like salve

    By matt m on 08.25.2018

  13. The one standing by the door? Oh, he’s just some guy they chose to be my companion while working on the mission. I told them that I am one of the most powerful people in the kingdom. But just because I am the last born royal (a princess at that), I need someone to come with me.

    By Amy on 08.25.2018

  14. hey todd hows that satchel rubbing? Well, it’s chaffing. Seems about right though. Whatnot and such with the chaos and the uncertainty and that Murphy man. It’s there, it exists. I take a sip, and wince at the raw nip.

    By smurfstoestar on 08.25.2018

  15. My dog is my companion. Her name is Panda. She is a Great Dane. She is six years old. We rescued her from the pound.

    By Dianna L Gill on 08.25.2018

  16. If imagination is our constant companion, from birth to the long strides of life, what then happens when this companion leaves us? What is left when imagination is gone? Do we blink, in the hazy moments of awakening and realize that the notions of make believe were, in reality, the foolish gestures of children?

    By Justin on 08.25.2018

  17. come with me
    companion to the wilderness

    sit with me
    and stand with me
    and walk with me
    in the wild

    sit with me
    and listen to me
    tell you of the jungle
    in my mind

    look at the map
    of scribbles
    I hand you

    and patch the holes in my life
    with thread like
    simply saying
    my only problem
    is that the map is upside down

    By Siddhartha on 08.25.2018

  18. To be a companion is to live for another. Not for oneself… but for another person. I have lived for another for much too long, without reciprocation although that’s not what I seek. I seek… success for them and happiness.

    By Paul Welder on 08.25.2018

  19. All you need is a companion who cares, who loves, who fights, who laughs and laughs with you so much that even when you are about to die, you have tears in your eyes after all the laughing.

    By Alekhya on 08.25.2018

  20. ´ Read me, I am your companion´, said the spelling mistake.

    Read me was clear as a bell.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.26.2018

  21. I have a companion that’s not a person, thing or any living form. It’s just something that didn’t exist. It’s my imagination.

    By Asterisxk on 08.26.2018

  22. She wasn’t the sort of person I’d usually spend much time with. And she’d probably say the same about me. But circumstances being what they were, and neither of us having any alternatives outside of crippling loneliness and the greater danger of being alone, we found comfort in each other’s company. I’d even say we became friends, though that’s not how we thought of it, I don’t think. Allies, more like. Comrades in arms. And perhaps we were both. I think that’s what it took to survive on the Fading Planet.

    By FA Hakimian URL on 08.26.2018

  23. “You wouldn’t know me from Adam,” the old saying goes. I take the last bite of my apple and throw the core to pink pigs wallowing in their sun-kissed mud. A humble spa retreat for the incoming feast. Let them have it: their companions, their champions, and all the piglets too.

    As I don’t really think this is about me nor you. The fruit has always been the product, but not the actual means of production. You’ll find me in the groves, I’m sure, taking what I want and discarding the rest. My hand, I warn, you do not want to test. I’m better than great, I’m the best.

    By Of Figs And Fruit URL on 08.26.2018

  24. My dog my friends my family my phone mostly my phone second to that my dog mostly my phone and my dog always there for me, no thats not true. my dog.

    By melissanicoleko on 08.26.2018

  25. My dog my friends my family my phone mostly my phone second to that my dog mostly my phone and my dog always there for me, no thats not true. my dog. definitly my dog he’s never steered me wrong, always there when i need someone to cry on. very soft. gets me out of bed in the morning gives me something & someone to work for. i love my dog.

    By melissanicoleko on 08.26.2018

  26. I watch as they walk beside me. Trudging through what I trudge through, and resting at the summits I rest at. It helps to feel somebody with their own opinions setting those aside and doing something for you.

    By Michael URL on 08.26.2018

  27. We sat together on the bench watching tugs and fishing boats in the channel. He ate the fries from lunch. I smoked a cigarette. We never said a word, just watched the ocean.

    By Chuck URL on 08.26.2018

  28. why don’t we ask more questions
    the answers seem elusive
    it’s the regression of imagination
    if love is a cure all
    a salve to soothe the fractured psyche
    a recreation and condemnation of past participation
    companion is completion
    if disagreement is learning
    a breaking broke back beam
    a righteous light for invite
    we’ll never survive if we don’t
    find a companion for completion

    By matt m on 08.26.2018

  29. The word ‘companion’ is all-functional and rings a hefty C-bomb of relative terms. Sentient beings like us thrive on: Companionship. Camaraderie. Closeness. Comradeship. Contentment. It cans isolation. It cuts close to procreation. Yet, in certain things, we must walk alone for the life we have yet to create.

    By Issie Kay URL on 08.26.2018