August 27th, 2018 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “sequel”

  1. The only way I get a sequel is if I’m reincarnated. Wait, maybe I’m in my sequel, now. Or maybe I’ve got more sequels than Freddy, Jason, and Sharknado put together. I might really be doing all right. But how’s a fella ta know?

    By Fallon URL on 08.27.2018

  2. “Hey, did you ever see the Gondola Brothers movie?”

    “Yeah, like, five years ago.”

    Livvy gave me a look. “Did you know they’re making a sequel?”

    I lowered my stein in simultaneous confusion and disgust. Behind me, a large man belched in the middle of biting into his sandwich. It was a rather nasty sound.

    “Why the Hell would they want to write a sequel to that?” I demanded.

    “Gee, I dunno, dude. Money?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.27.2018

  3. The sequel of the movie was better than the original one in my opinion.

    By unicornlife on 08.27.2018

  4. The sequel to a movie may not be as good as the first movie.

    By Da Schnazz URL on 08.27.2018

  5. Sequel is a noun that means “the next installment” or “result.”

    By Beth March URL on 08.27.2018

  6. It came after the first. It was fast, like lightning. In the beginning, no one knew what it was. But, as time went on, people learned more about it. Many people came to love it with all their hearts. but some hated it, feared it even.

    By Paris Lee on 08.27.2018

  7. repeat reputation
    take away inspiration
    the imagination
    the promise of the past
    mingle like the eager
    are all too single
    this is a sequel
    to a bad thing
    to make the worst thing
    it’ll never be the same again

    By matt m on 08.27.2018

  8. “Sequels always suck,” Ruby blurted, “That’s literally the first thing that comes to mind. ” She giggled softly, avoiding Daniella’s gaze. Daniella nodded, biting her bottom lip. Her gaze wandered off as she crept back into her mind. Ruby had seen that look only a handful of times. It was the look of retreat and as if instinctively Ruby switched gears and pressed forward. “What are you thinking?” She whispered, now examining Daniella’s face trying to catch her eye.

    By Josy on 08.27.2018

  9. Sequel is like second to something. There are sequels to movies. When they make one movie , sometimes they make a second one to it and that is the sequel. On the meta narrative the fall is the sequel to the creation. Jesus was the sequel to the old covenant. Eschaton was the sequel to the fall.

    By Carson on 08.28.2018

  10. I think the best movie sequels are the ones that did not have to be made and instead were only made when the writer/director had an idea that was good enough to follow up to an already good story. Some examples of good sequels that were not required were Aliens (sequel to Alien). Terminator 2 (sequel to Terminator). The Empire Strikes Back (some might argue this sequel was required) but you have to remember that at the time of the first movie nobody expected Star Wars to succeed.

    But some movies have the requirement of a sequel built into the story before filming even begins, and those kinds of sequels are usually terrible because they can never be surprisingly good, and they almost always fall short of the first films. So in summary creators should always focus on one story at a time and make sure that it is good on its own before worrying about their next project.

    By Not Sorry on 08.28.2018

  11. She turned the final page anxiously. It was over. But the story wasn’t done. She set the book aside and reached for the sequel. She would happily spend the entire afternoon reading. She didn’t even notice the sun setting and the smell of dinner coming from the kitchen.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.28.2018

  12. The New Testament is a sequel to the Old Testament.

    By Lil David URL on 08.28.2018

  13. New Testament is a sequel of the Old Testament.

    By Ben Hansen URL on 08.28.2018

  14. Sometimes the best kind of sequel is the totally unexpected one.

    By okayfine on 08.28.2018

  15. a sequel is a second movie of something or thing that sometimes conqleds a seres like a sequel to a

    By tim on 08.28.2018

  16. The Harry potter are my favorite books. I love them because they are funny and amazing. The Harry Potter Books have many sequels. The 4th sequel is my favorite, The Goblet Of Fire.

    By Killian Connolly on 08.28.2018

  17. The system culminates in a mystical act, and in the sequel, especially with Iamblichus and the Syrian Neoplatonists, mystical practice tended more and more to overshadow the theoretical groundwork

    By Jasper URL on 08.28.2018

  18. She had watched her life go by in the blink of an eye. She wasn’t dying, but she wasn’t well either. She only hoped that after this final chapter, the sequel would be better. Everyone deserves a second chance, and she couldn’t wait for hers.
    She prays for excitement, adventure, and unpredictable moments, but all she has gotten so far were lazy school days, bad memories, and a father she wishes were six feet underground.

    By Mina on 08.28.2018

  19. So they wanted a sequel. Well, she had only killed that one husband of hers – how was she going to know what it would be like to kill another man. Still, she needed the money from the Guitly-Widow series … She would have to find another husband …

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.28.2018

  20. What is a sequel you may ask? well a sequel is a order in which a set of actions occur . you may say whats the sequel in the play and that means you want to know what happens in the order they occur

    By Bella Adams on 08.28.2018

  21. am i broken in two
    too broken for this conversation breakdown
    or am i a better talker
    after i’ve had a few beers in me?
    why do the nobelest of men
    have all sorts of issues
    that are rooted in their ego destruction
    it’s just another kind of pain
    this psychological manifestation
    this sequel to the movie
    we’ve all seen before
    i apologize in advance
    for my behavior when we get together

    By matt m on 08.28.2018

  22. Sequel – the beginning of the next phase of a story. What will this sequel hold? Will it be better than the first? Will it leave me sorely disappointed? Or anxious for the next installment? Each chapter holds secrets we won’t know until we experience it.

    By jkincaid4 on 08.28.2018

  23. sequel.. no i don’t want a sequel of my life. I am living the first part to its fullest. Atleast I am trying to. I am not too sure. But, my first part itself has been so interesting that I cannot imagine a sequel.

    By Dipti Gosavi on 08.28.2018

  24. There was an amazing writer who was amazing at making stories. His most popular story called Mr Chicken Nugget did really well and became one of the most popular stories in the world. Everyone loved the story. There were happy endings as well. Then people said that he should make a sequel. He worked on it hard and made it!! It was amazing and he became very rich! He became one of the best writers in the world. He was amazing. He made some other books about Big Macs and his enemy Whopper but none was as good as the legendary Mr Chicken Nugget! He lived a happy life and had a happy happy happy happy ‘happy’

    By Zack D'Mello on 08.29.2018

  25. NICE

    By Timmy URL on 08.29.2018

  26. I have no idea what to say about a sequel. They are stupied. I think life should be a once and done. With stories with books. I have been averse in my older age to things continuing. That is not good. And kind of fatalistic. I want things to end.

    By Hunter Hollis on 08.29.2018

  27. I’ve watched a number of movie sequels…for me, the best ever was The Godfather part 2. It has amazing feeling, very intense, and amazing how betrayal can cause one brother to kill another. The character of Frank Pentangalli was amazing.

    By Paul Stewart on 08.29.2018

  28. The new sequel was amazing! I have never watched anything like that! I hope to see the next sequel they make!

    By Denise Valenciano on 08.29.2018

  29. Omg have you seen the new sequel that just came out yesterday night ! It was amazing , the best one yet.

    By Denise Valenciano on 08.29.2018

  30. movies.
    its hard to think of anything else.
    a girl recently called something in her life a sequel and i thought that was interesting.

    books too.

    also SQL. Pronounced the same, means something very different.

    By Jordan on 08.29.2018

  31. this is a sequel to whatever you had last week, remember? Bah, you are barely puking now, just go home, drink some liquids and go to sleep. You’ll probably be fine tomorrow.

    But he wasn´t.

    By Bramsy on 08.29.2018