October 23rd, 2011 | 373 Entries

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373 Entries for “awakening”

  1. there was a boy called rufus who had an awakening once, he took so much 2cb that he thought he was in the houses of parliment, he was speaking to the importants and they were literally drinking every word he was saying.

    By becca URL on 10.24.2011

  2. The morning. My soul. Needed. Alive. Death to life. Song. Music. Life. Smell. New.
    A story.

    By Destiny on 10.24.2011

  3. The morning was dull and the rays from the new sun dimly lit the prospector tent. She laid awake some time after her mimbra iPhone alarm expired before hurriedly dressing and stepping through the canvas opening. Fresh beautiful snow had covered the grasses and brush surrounding the camp. She longed to stay and enjoy this beauty but the rest of the working crew wouldn’t understand breakfast being set back for the sake of this simple, beautiful, snow.

    By ProspectorJack on 10.24.2011

  4. awakening of the world, the birth of all people and the awakening of the awareness of people, how people wake up to realise their mistakes and their faults. the awakening of the people who realise what they have to do to save resources and to save people. the awakening of the people to say i love you.

    By Lara Nicod on 10.24.2011

  5. morning, the sun shining through the closed curtains, you open them, you see the beautiful sun and morning dew on the grass it looks like today will be beautiful and to start off a great day you have a cup of blueberry ginseng tea.

    By dallasrourke on 10.24.2011

  6. It was the middle of the night…the poodle puppy was thinking she had had enough of being alone. She wanted to have somebody hold her. Or cuddle her. Or play with her. Or feed her!! So she started to whine. Then yip. Then a full-throated yodel at a pitch that the lady that lived in the house HAD to awaken and get up to come rescue her from her lonely night.

    By Lory on 10.24.2011

  7. “Hello…? Are you there?” she asked.


    The girl was startled and turned around to face the distorted image of a child staring back at her.

    “Why are you hurting me?”

    “You woke me up.”

    The child raised its pale hands in the air and grabbed her arms. Then, in one horrifying second she could the through the hazy air around the child and felt her dread in her stomach. The child was small and thin and light blond hair fell down to the girl’s waist.

    “You lived,” monster-child whispered.
    “I don’t know…” she tried to protest, but it was too late.

    Her tormenter had awakened and was far from happy.

    By Yori54 on 10.24.2011

  8. You awaken to the light coming from underneath the blinds. You awaken from a dreamless sleep. You awaken to a new day; a new you.

    By cecilia on 10.24.2011

  9. religious. spiritual. councious. powerfull. mental. emotional. overwhelming.

    By justin mankin on 10.24.2011

  10. I think my mind is awakening, and with it, all the possibilities of my life. I’m just starting to realize what it’s like, but also, what I can make it. I know I can change things now, I just have to be brave enough. Watch me try at because I know there must be more to life than parties and getting fucked up.

    By Callie URL on 10.24.2011

  11. I woke up this morning to my lovely girlfriend and a nice autumn breeze. She gave me fellatio and i smoked a bowl before relaxing and watching a film.

    By jake on 10.24.2011

  12. The Awakening by Kate Chopin is possibly one of my favorite books. Since reading it I have written two poems and one short story with the same title.

    By Shayla on 10.24.2011

  13. awakening, from a dream, from excessive thinking, from a bubble of fantasy, back to reality, but it all too alike. When reality is better than your dreams, when its too good to be true.

    By Hana on 10.24.2011