October 2nd, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “combine”

  1. Come to me, love, and sit a while. Let’s talk about how we can make this work, for all of us. Let’s talk about how it’s not so wrong to want to combine and blend and mix and swirl all the things that are good about life, and love, and you and me, and everything in between that matters to you, that matters to me. Come to me, love, and let’s talk about this. I can share with you my dreams and whisper to you my wishes and I am willing to bet that if you open your mind and open your heart, you’ll like where I’m willing to take us.

    By globusgeckus URL on 10.03.2012

  2. Putting things together is the best. Its always fun to see how two things come together to make one.

    By Tahira on 10.03.2012

  3. the combination of anything and everything means that we get more. Lots more, without losing anything with everything to gain. Combine stories and art and anything wonderful

    By Emily Hunt on 10.03.2012

  4. She stood at the window overlooking the expanse of forest between her small cabin and the town that she so hated. She slowly cooked the large pot of onions and herbs and quietly combined the unusual conglomerate of frog eggs and single raven feather and dropped it into the pot. A slow, dark, and swelling cloud lifted over the pot and with the slightest of smiles, she pointed in the direction of the town. The cloud moved as she indicated, darkening as it floated, sending sudden bursts of lightning along the path it traveled.

    By Cim URL on 10.03.2012

  5. You and I are like Peanut Butter and Jelly,
    Like the stars and the sky,
    Like the Cher and Sonny.
    We’re perfect combination, baby.

    By Camille URL on 10.03.2012

  6. ‘When you combine the sodium with the potassium, what do you get? Anyone?’ Mr Heading was fed up of standing in front of a clueless bunch of teens. He wanted more. He wanted…

    There was a knock at the door.

    ‘Mr Heading, can I have a word?’

    Her, he wanted her. Miss Malone.

    By Rachel on 10.03.2012

  7. He remains in his lab, explosions can be heard. He is combining chemicals and robotics. Soon another form of live will be formed. Something artificial, but with heart.

    By Armando on 10.03.2012

  8. He remains in his lab, explosions can be heard. He is combining chemicals and robotics. Soon another form of life will be formed. Something artificial, but with heart. Something that observes without prejudice.

    By Armando on 10.03.2012

  9. Although we had combine all of our foodstuff and money for the journey, it was still not enough to last us until the end of of our stay at the hotel.

    By victor URL on 10.03.2012

  10. I put both my fingers together, pinching the skin of the peach like a newborn. It had the texture and firmness of a marshmallow, not a softball or even a fuzzy baseball. Bringing the peach close to my nostrils, I whiffed in its closet boxed-in aroma. And the smell of rotting peach flesh. My nose crinkled and I tossed the peach into the garbage bin.

    By Laura Riddle on 10.03.2012

  11. we were together were one, me and you a whole not two different people. that’s what i wish we could b

    By mimi URL on 10.03.2012

  12. Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Flour, Milk, Vanilla flavoring. Combine. CAKE!!!

    By Chelsey URL on 10.03.2012

  13. We walked alone. Along the edge of the cliff contemplating how we got here. Had our combined fates lead us to this point? What were we doing here? Where were we meant to go next?

    By strangertothesun URL on 10.03.2012

  14. Dude, don’t combine those colors!!! They will definitely surprize everyone but you will be in the newspaper tomorrow. They are the worst combination of colours that you could have picked..

    By AlexandraC on 10.03.2012

  15. The combination was abhorrent. It slowly slithered out of its cask, slightly pulsating. It seemed intelligent somehow, as if it had years of experience. It finally took notice of the other occupants of the chamber and it slithered over. They had caught its interest. It left a soft film of liquid wherever it went. ‘What kind of monster would combine so many creatures into such a thing?!’ the adventurers thought. They were running out of time. The creature slowly drew nearer.

    By Will on 10.03.2012

  16. In other words try to place the two together to correctly come up with the proper word. If this is not possible maybe you need to go elsewhere with your craft.

    By Dan Bennett on 10.03.2012

  17. I can’t combine anything. Of all things to have show up for a word, this one? I’m here because I need to start to think to make it possible to write an essay, and this? Thanks, internet; but there is no help from you today. I’m almost out of time now, and still I haven’t improved my thought process whatsoever. Ugh.

    By Rebecca Zyles URL on 10.03.2012

  18. The first thing comes to my mind is the combination of music. It is also called mashed up, where two musics are blended together to become a song. I particularly like this combination of music because it is cool especially the one I heard on Glee “It’s My Life and Confession”.

    By winterlyrics on 10.03.2012

  19. it’s what makes us human. take, combine, use. destroy. no other species has been as creative as we are in combining different parts of nature to create something, do destroy creations. just cope with the staggering creativity of our tool of destruction in comparison to every other kind of tool we created.

    By washington irving on 10.03.2012

  20. Yep, I know that I’ve already done this before, but I’ll just go with it.

    The thoughts aren’t exactly helpful, but hey, I’ve gotten used to that lately. Instead of hesitating, I just sit in place, trying to figure out something creative, and wonder why exactly my cat thinks that she must constantly sit on my hands as I try to type. Well, we can’t all be creative all of the time.

    By Fiddo URL on 10.03.2012

  21. We decided to combine households but nothing in the contract said souls. So I left mine neatly wrapped in snow outside the kitchen door, and he hid his in the basement, how cliche. But when summer came and mine stood exposed, how I wished I had chosen dank and dark and spidery instead.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.03.2012

  22. It’s when you put multiple things together, it does not matter whether they fit together, you just want them to form one single unit.

    By Rie on 10.03.2012

  23. My eyes are sore and I just want you to know that I still care. Or maybe I need to know it. I feel scrambled, like I’ve been put together but in an odd order. Combined in with the wrong cross sections. I want to feel more, sometimes.

    Then I get scared, and end up needing to feel less.

    By genahtastic URL on 10.03.2012

  24. combine all ingredients. mix well.
    pour in 5×9 pan.
    bake 15 min or until brown.

    By anais on 10.03.2012

  25. concubine bowling for columbine
    these are the words I think of when i see combine. combine combine combine the concubine with columbine? Ew.. no thanks. Com bine com com com BINE I’m not even restricticted to this word technically. but my mind won’t wonder anywhere else at all and the timer is tressing me

    By andy on 10.03.2012

  26. When two things come together we say they are combined. This could be in a physical sense but also metaphorical one. For example to ideas could be combined to form and image just as two pieces of a puzz;e can be combined.

    By b on 10.03.2012

  27. To combine. To join. Harmony. Maybe the things clash, but they’re together. Dissonance. Maybe they are beautiful. You never know till you try, right? So try. Combine the wrong things, and learn from the mistakes. Combine the right things, and see the beauty of life happen. Just combine. Just try.

    By Kimberly on 10.03.2012

  28. Lets combine me and you
    lets be together
    but let it be the truth
    Lets not hide it
    Lets not pretend it does exsist
    Lets be together
    Lets coexist
    It’ll be me and you
    No one else
    Just me and you
    I’ll be there when you need help
    When you need to talk
    When you need to laugh
    All of me will be there
    For all of you

    By celeste cervantes URL on 10.03.2012

  29. If the mood suits, or your schedule allows, I’d highly recommend both. The dualism around such a strikingly unique career of a trapeze artist and a business consultant is far from ordinary, providing a stark contrast in mental – and p

    By William on 10.03.2012

  30. Many things combine, usually to make the two things more beautiful. A prime example of this hearts. But it could be food, or sounds, or dance steps.

    By Stefanie on 10.03.2012

  31. I’ve got a new combine harvester and I’ll give you the key- wait a minute, do you have a licence to drive complicated farmyard equipment? No? What the hell was I thinking! Give me back my key!

    By Harry Steele URL on 10.03.2012

  32. i tried to combine my love for chemistry and zest for sciences to chooses my career, in the end it worked wonderfully

    By filza URL on 10.03.2012

  33. She combines the flour mixture with the wet ingredients slowly. While she stirs a sound from the front room catches her attention. He shouldn’t be home for hours.

    By Tammy on 10.03.2012

  34. The bittersweet feeling puzzled Sarah. She was going to Africa! There was absolutely no reason for her to be sad! Then, the problem of homesickness reared it’s ugly head. She quickly realized what two emotions had combined themselves. “Lord, it’s January 3rd, 2013! I’ve waited for this moment for six months! Please Jesus, give me peace, and let that awful feeling of homesickness go away! I’m alive, I’m blessed, I’m loved! Let me live in this realization!” A feeling of pure peace and tenderness flooded her body as she kissed her parents goodbye… “Burkina Faso, here I come!”

    By Emma on 10.03.2012

  35. In order to make a great product, we need to combine our years of experience with your skill that would make the end result worth.

    By Pratheek on 10.03.2012

  36. Blades whirring in the grass, engine puffing clouds of black smoke. The noun, farm equipment, always taking the limbs of young med whose attention strays just for a moment. Combine harvester, not the verb, not the mingling, but the taking, cutting, moving.

    By Ara on 10.03.2012

  37. In order to develop a great product, you need to combine your expertise with years of experience in the field of technology. The effort put in will be worth it.

    By Pratheek on 10.03.2012

  38. Combining the ingredients using the measuring cups ironically made in China! So I’m not a professional, so what? I just need the right tools. Perhaps a wok. Combining all things garden glory with a bit of oil spice and soul pleasing ginger.

    By Maryanne on 10.03.2012

  39. Combine… I don’t really know what to say about this… It means to put things together, to mix them, as simple as that, but what else? What kind of story could you possibly write off of a word like this? A boring one, I’d think but, maybe if you’re creative enough it could be exciting… who knows? I’m certain nothing I could write off of a word like ‘combine’ would be of any interest to anyone.

    By Keely on 10.03.2012

  40. combine, you have one thing mix it with another, put something together. you can combine feelings, condiments, outfits, just about anything.. it’s basically putting something together.

    By frida on 10.03.2012