October 18th, 2009 | 571 Entries

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571 Entries for “collision”

  1. Botsing in het Nederlands, Auto’s, fietsten. Doet pijn, natuurkundig process. Deze tekst moet waarschijnlijk in het Engels, maarja.

    By Jan on 10.19.2009

  2. The glass shattered into a million pieces as Joe’s body flew through the windshield a half of a second following the collision.

    By Doug on 10.19.2009

  3. There was a pretty bad accident my parents were in a few years back. Stopped at a red light, a car just flew into them from the rear. Backed up. Then drove away. My parents came out unscathed, but can you imagine what would have happened if my brother and I were there that night? If we were in the back seat? The car was totaled.

    By Daniel on 10.19.2009

  4. collision

    By nahla on 10.19.2009

  5. war

    By xtian on 10.19.2009

  6. There was acollision on redwood road last saturday, I believe it was october 17th. The Redwood road was closed off for about 3 blocks. I resarche a little bit and found a motorcyclist was killed

    By Indira on 10.19.2009

  7. Thie is quite a negative word and I take it to mean the impact of two or more objects coming to together. This usually refers to motor vechiles.

    By Felicia on 10.19.2009

  8. “Oh no!” I heard someone scream as our minivan smashed into the red punchbug. I was sure we must have hurt whoever was inside terribly, so I was relieved to hear a weak call for help coming from the smashed car: at least they were alive.

    By Roger on 10.19.2009

  9. Emma’s head smacking against the gray carpet. Not a pretty collision. Her skull is cracked open.

    “I’m not afraid of that,” she had said only minutes before.

    I’d said nothing then, but I know now I should have… “Well, I’m afraid for you.” “Well, you should be.”Don’t say thing’s like that Emma!”

    Don’t say things like that, Emma.

    By Julia (Emma is sitting next to me) on 10.19.2009

  10. We were like fire and ice, always moving, always fighting, never understanding. My sister and I had always tried to get along, at birthday parties, and family reunions, sure. But at home, it was a whole different story. We didn’t fight about the usual, the petty, the inconsequential. No, we fought over the deep, the meaningful, and it was always to close to home. The meaning of life, why people get cancer, why the good die young, what g-d looks like. A collision of two well-educated women. The best or worst kind?

    By emma (julia is sitting next to me!) on 10.19.2009

  11. There was a huge collision of all 3 of the metiors. It cauesed what looked like firework, pink and blue and yellow sparks flying sll over the place. Then, one of the huge flaming boulders came flying toward our space ship!!!!!

    By Esther on 10.19.2009