October 19th, 2009 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “modern”

  1. Modern day. Whatever happened to the past? It has all disappeared. Not only the people but the different types of people. The ability to see differently. Now everything is controlled by the media. And by society.

    There is no individuality.

    By Beagle From Jinns on 10.20.2009

  2. “This is 1881, my children! The age of mysticism is no more!” Dr. Edwin S. Wisely knew how to work a crowd. “Rejoice, my children, for the future is here!”
    As he threw back the curtain covering his invention, the crowd gasped in awe.

    By Luke! on 10.20.2009

  3. modern is a word that means normal. example: that is a very modern dress

    By sydney on 10.20.2009

  4. What is modern? And it is better at all? That is the kind of thing old people would say, but in our consumerist culture, moderne or new is always better. Maybe we should change that?

    By Jakob on 10.20.2009

  5. I couldn’t live without modern things like clothes,TV,the computer stuff like that.

    By XxXxKayleeXxXx on 10.20.2009

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    By kjh on 10.20.2009

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    By Anonymous on 10.20.2009

  8. these modern buildings nowadays. made out of glass and concrete. actually modern is no longer modern it’s dated. we’re not even postmodern anymore. what age are we in exactly? i wish i knew the term for i

    By Christie on 10.20.2009