October 19th, 2015 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “collapse”

  1. i have a collapse.

    By Edmilson on 10.20.2015

  2. Bright stars danced behind her eyelids as she held on for dear life. Somewhere in the distance, she heard her name and then a sharp cry. The skin beneath her nails was slippery and trembling but she could see nothing in the dark. Finally, he raised his head to give her a languid kiss to neck. “I don’t want to move,” he said. She laughed. “Then don’t.”

    By Soft URL on 10.20.2015

  3. No matter how hard We go, I won’t collapse. We won’t give up.
    We came here to win, to show who’s the boss.
    Forevermore we will be the beasts.

    By Mary on 10.20.2015

  4. I collapsed on my bed black out drunk, again. It has been the fifth time this week I finished a fifth of whiskey in a single night. This was the toughest case I’d ever had to crack. A whiskey addiction wasn’t helping things. Who was the woman in red? Who killed John Murphy? A knock at the door quickly sobered me up.

    By Stacks on 10.20.2015

  5. Collapse, my lungs, like a burning building, fallen to ash. I can’t breathe, passages blocked, collapsed. I long to collapse into your lungs instead of onto the cold, hard floor.

    By dh on 10.20.2015

  6. My creativity and time that I have carved out to write has collapsed. I find myself questioning whether I enjoy creating and telling my stories more than I like unwinding with television and video games, and on some days I’m just not sure. Yet here I am again, carving out 60 seconds worth of prose. So the answer to, “should I keep writing” is … “um…yes?”

    By Chris URL on 10.20.2015

  7. The rise and fall of a society, of western civilization is imminent. The United States and western europe lack the moral clarity to fight the evil forces that are gathering against it. A storm is coming and we are oblivious to it. Content to stay in a blind, idiotic stupor.

    By Mario Colangelo on 10.20.2015

  8. om my god i don’t know what I should write about, 60 seconds were never that long and I’m not even halfway, oh wait now I am, I think I should spent my time on a more constructive way anyway, over and out

    By EV on 10.20.2015

  9. One day I went for a hike with my friends. My friends wanted to race so I started running but then I stopped because I felt dizzy and my heart started racing. All of a sudden I collapsed to the ground.

    By Faith on 10.20.2015

  10. My favirite rapper is Eminem, his famous song “till i colapse” is a hit for all the army men because it talks about never giving up!

    One army solider asked Eminem for his autograph, Eminem replied ” Only if I can get yours”

    By Devon on 10.20.2015

  11. A building fell down or “collapsed” so hard that it took down several houses with it!

    By Nadia on 10.20.2015

  12. I sat on the table and it collapsed. So I went to the store to replace it. They said the only table they had collapsed, so I went to another store and bought the table.

    By Amber on 10.20.2015

  13. My reputation with my employers has completely collapsed following the release of this lawsuit. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to survive this. I think I’m going to need your help planting and removing evidence. Would you be able to do this for me, Mike?

    By Anonymous on 10.20.2015

  14. The earth crumbled beneath her feat, pieces of dirt and rocks fell away into instability. She tried to reach out for something firm to grab a hold of, but it all fell away, seeping into the hole of itself. She suddenly felt any support that she had disappear as the echo of emptiness yawned outward and inward of itself.

    By Henna on 10.20.2015

  15. The last time he was home was five years ago before he left for college in Manila, he was amused by the fact that his room was still intact the way he left it five years ago. Stacks of comic books in his desk, various band posters on the wall, and his guitar–although a bit dusty–on the side of his bed. He turned on the stereo, put on Thursday’s ‘Full Collapse’ CD, sat on his bed, picked up the guitar, and strummed along the first song.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.20.2015

  16. It was at it’s end. No more, ever. How could this happen? Why would he do this? Never again would she trust such as he. Nearer and nearer it came, the endless maw pulling her in. Thus it reached it’s final state, collapse.

    By Zachary on 10.20.2015


    By heathersteffan on 10.20.2015

  18. I will collapse on the floor if you do not mop up the water. I will break my leg if I collapse.

    By heathersteffan on 10.20.2015

  19. The bridge on the highway collapsed, thankfully nobody was seriously hurt or killed.
    The silo on our farm collapsed because it was more than 50 years old.

    By mackenzie URL on 10.20.2015

  20. All the lines of society collapse. All the definitions, shapes, and forms used to create a model of reality for us to interact with collapse. We now have this raw energy to directly experience without abstractions.

    By Amanda on 10.20.2015

  21. Falling over without hurting myself is a skill I have been practicing. Now what pretentious metaphor can I make about when I will use it?

    By Petrichor Teacup on 10.20.2015

  22. If life is a tide we’re fighting, then why? Why don’t we all just fall over and let it carry us along? Much less legwork.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 10.20.2015

  23. Morbid Thoughts
    If we all collapsed now, dead,who would figure out why and solve the last mystery?
    Who will do the last post-mortern?

    By Petrichor Teacup on 10.20.2015

  24. A tetőpontól kezdve már nem történik semmi: lassan összeomlik az egész, mint egy rohadt kártyavár, amit egy gyenge kis szellő megtalált. Nem tehetünk ellene semmit, de nem is törődünk a felesleges dolgokkal.

    By Meron-chan URL on 10.20.2015

  25. Miért nem hiszel nekem? Talán a szavaim összeomlasztják az ingatag lábakon álló elképzeléseidet a világról? Hogy már nem is tűnik minden jónak, csak megkopott üvegnek egy rizspapír mögül?

    By Meron-chan URL on 10.20.2015

  26. I struggle under the weight of my own demons. At some point, everything that keeps me going will collapse and I wont know how or want to proceed. I am afraid of this day.

    By Caroline Watson on 10.20.2015

  27. Miért nem figyelsz? Összeomlik a világ! Talán a füleden ülsz, drága barátom?
    Hiányzik a tűz, összeomlik az életem.
    Kezdesz lerombolni, kívülről és belülről is egyaránt.

    By MeronCD on 10.20.2015

  28. the building collapsed and my dog died in the building.
    the building was my home.
    the end.
    until next story.

    By James on 10.20.2015

  29. Collapse a lung. Collapse a building. Collapse a civilization. I can’t think of any positive connotation of the word “collapse”. It isn’t always negative I suppose. If you collapse a corrupt government… the only way that’s negative is for those involved in said government.

    By Kira on 10.20.2015

  30. falling inward, swallowing whole. falling down and dizzying drowning. folded and contorted. wrap me up. i’m a blanket.

    By Happy Working Girl on 10.20.2015

  31. The building collapsed after a a truck ran into the side.

    By Becca Seale on 10.20.2015

  32. Her world was collapsing, and there was nothing she could do else than stand in horror with her jaw opened. Her mind went blank and her whole body was numb, rooted on the spot as if she was a statue. People were looking at her, wondering why a girl would stay completely frozen in a park under the sunlight. To a mere passerby, she would probably look crazy and nonsensical, but her actions were actually normal for someone going through what she was going through.

    By Randompeepur on 10.20.2015

  33. Before the collapse Annie’s world was as. colorful and complicated as the wide world. No more. Her existance had become dreary a repetitive.

    By J. Richardson on 10.20.2015

  34. Today I wanted to collapse like a not very good cricket team as the day took its toll. Tomorrow I return to try again.

    By Steve O URL on 10.20.2015

  35. And as the walls began to collapse the tide came in for the first time in such a long time you looked at me with such hope in your eyes.

    Our footprints littered across the shore were swept away and our memories etched in the ruins of fallen sandcastles.

    Finally, I let you in and for it wasn’t a mistake in waiting, like every other time before.

    By Madison on 10.20.2015