October 18th, 2015 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “captive”

  1. There’s no day that he didn’t felt a yearning for her presence on times they are apart. He cannot specifically pinpoint what this feeling is but he’s convinced that his heart was unconsciously held captive by her.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.19.2015

  2. Before I even opened my eyes i could tell that I was in a basement. The musty smell of the wet concrete and the cold hardness of it. They it me. I’m being held captive. I need to think. What is the last thing I remember? I remember being at work, and the two men who claimed to have an appointment with him, but they weren’t on the agenda. I had been given strict orders to not let anyone past the gate who did not specifically have an appointment.

    By Stella on 10.19.2015

  3. No no no no!!!

    I told you to stop touching my fried chicken. I am saving that for dinner!

    What? You also got in my bathtub? Christ… I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you.

    Put the lotion in the basket.

    By wnewby on 10.19.2015

  4. Prisoners of war are commonly traded between countries. In recent years, many Americans have been upset with the deals the U.S. have been having with terrorist groups. Like one, were the U.S. traded four terrorists for a single american. Sounds bad, but is it really a numbers game. I would think that it is best for both parties to get all the POW s out of imprisonment that is possible, because the cruel and unusual punishment undergone by POW s in inhuman on both sides

    By David Watson on 10.19.2015

  5. captivating a river on a moolite lake is harder said than done. The way he kissed me still haunts my thoughts, and his touch is still lingering. I dont know how I’m still here. Maybe Im captive from him. Maybe hes captured my heart, Maybe. Just maybe.

    By Anastacia on 10.19.2015

  6. There were six captives in the building. Three escaped. Two jumped out the window. One went through the ground. How many captives were left? Zero – that’s right!

    By Amber on 10.19.2015

  7. She held her captive. She locked her up at the bottom of her ship. The hostage was tied up and gagged with duct tape. She was held captive as a ransom.

    By Fireball URL on 10.19.2015

  8. you dont know it but you have held me captive with your dazaling blue eyes. but in my heart i know i can not have you. oh how my heart yerns for you so but allas it is not to be so. i serched for the words evre time i came near you but then my heart stoped as soon as i saw ho was with you. he had long blond hair, he was way stronger then me and a soft vous. as soon as i saw you looking at him with those blue eyes i knew it. i knew that i did not have a chans. but i tried and i never stoped trying to get you to notis me but wen i saw you kiss him for the first time my heart split in two the world semed dark around me. and as i looked i sudenly felt somthing. somthing evil i liked it i grabed it and did not let it go ihated that guy so folowed him erever he went. i learned were he lived i learned wer he went allmost every day and wen no one was with him i tor a branch of a nearby tree put the tip on fire and stabed him throu the heart i broke his heart just like he broke mine as the branch burned i put more wood on him and left as morning broke and the ashes were blown away

    By Caleb gayton URL on 10.19.2015

  9. he held me captive with his smile and with every word that fell from his beautiful lips.

    By Tonya Haley on 10.19.2015

  10. I was your captive;i loved it.

    By th on 10.19.2015

  11. Broken by the waves, she finally had no choice but to let the water drag her out further to sea. Above the white foam, she could barely see the last vestiges of her former life, a life on dry land to which she would never return.

    By SarahV on 10.19.2015

  12. lean your head against the cold, rusted bars. clutch the knife a little tighter. breathe. wait.
    they will come to get you. they will get what’s coming to them.
    it won’t be long now.

    By val on 10.19.2015

  13. I hate being held captive by my siblings because they do it to me every day. They always trap me in my room and don’t let me out until my mom makes them. And then they get in big trouble.

    By Samuel URL on 10.19.2015

  14. Jesus came and set the captives free, He took the keys from death, hell, and the grave, and now we all have an opportunity at liberty and freedom in Christ. Amen! AMEN AMEN AGAIN! No longer slaves to sin, but slaves to Christ that comes with freedom and liberty to be His brothers, sisters, and friends. Also Heaven.

    By Gee on 10.19.2015

  15. captive is lika a prisioner, a perso who made something wrong and because of that go to prision

    By Alline on 10.19.2015

  16. captive to be to be held captive

    By Samuel URL on 10.19.2015

  17. captive nothing but a captive you are a captive oh hury up allredy

    By Caleb gayton URL on 10.19.2015

  18. A captive audience were held captive by one of the actors who was imprisoned in his own delirium and belief that he was doing the right thing when in actual fact he was quite obviously doing the wrong thing. Nobody was hurt and everyone got out of the theatre unscathed.

    By Steve O URL on 10.19.2015

  19. You never hear of women holding people captive. Except for actresses, they have captive audiences.

    By Caroline Watson on 10.19.2015

  20. i have been captive here for so long so deep down under the earth but one day i will rise again one day i will claw my way through roots and rock and soil and break the surface one day i will feel the new bright sun on my face one day i will get my perfect body back

    By heretic on 10.19.2015

  21. i have been held captive here for so long so deep down under the earth but one day i will rise again one day i will claw my way through roots and rock and soil and break the surface one day i will feel the new bright sun on my face one day i will get my perfect body back

    By heretic on 10.19.2015

  22. “Still at work, held captive,” she typed back.

    She looked up and found herself face-to-face with the new boss and his large, crooked mustache. “You’ve been here long enough to know that no phones are allowed on the floor,” he intoned in his pitbull-like voice.

    By Yona on 10.19.2015

  23. The way she looked into my eyes, she held me captive. The eye contact lasted just a spilt second too long so I looked down and blushed. She had my heart in the palm of her hand and I loved her forever.

    By madisond on 10.19.2015

  24. i was held captive by his slow beating heart. We walked slowly into forever and he guided me slowly into eternity.

    By Shelby on 10.19.2015

  25. You captivated me while i was trying so hard to be free, while all i want to do i run, run and never look back. run and never come back. i just want to know who i am, no limits, no fear, nothing at all. but i can’t now, can i? because of you. you captivated me, my heart, my body, my soul, it all belongs to you and now i can’t run. hell, i can’t even walk.

    By ledia on 10.19.2015