June 5th, 2013 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “collage”

  1. I am a Collage

    My Dads temper and his nose
    My moms smile when it shows
    My Grandads hands that are so large
    My Grandma’s spirit to be in charge

    By Pillar on 06.06.2013

  2. altogether, clouds tumbling on top of one another, slightly see-through, transparent edges, silvering the light, filtering into white, long dark patched heavy on the meadows, moving slowly, like crawly cow spots.

    By glogic URL on 06.06.2013

  3. Sticky tricky bits of light
    They know, they know, so don’t put up a fight
    Because you know it much better than they
    That glue won’t keep the burns away…
    But into the glue jar you let your hands dive
    lick your little fingers, feel the moisture dry
    The wormy squirmy, mushy heart
    has no need for plastic art.
    Roll up your socks if they cling to your toes
    blink twice and once if the beating slows
    You know who I am and if you don’t I won’t tell
    rosy cheeks don’t suit you too well.

    By Octowhat on 06.06.2013

  4. A collage of Kristi’s image, is all that runs through my mind. I think of being with the woman of my dreams constantly.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 06.06.2013

  5. My life is a collage of varying personalities and fuax persona suits tailored to match the ones I’m with. I look in my own closet and the rack if full. A well developed style with spikes and soft spots. Not everyone will like it. I should wear it instead.

    By Andrew on 06.06.2013

  6. Life is like a collage of pieces. You build it up bit by bit and soon the layers start to overlap. Some faces get pasted over and others appear again and again. Colours, experiences, memories all collected together with the glue of time and slowly sprawling outwards…Only we don’t know where the canvas ends…

    By J on 06.06.2013

  7. A collection of images that elicit a memory, a message, or an emotion. Normally considered a visual piece, it can also be construed as a written, or musical piece as well. The video version is montage.

    By Jamie on 06.06.2013

  8. it’s five pm and we’ve been packing since noon
    we’re in her room and the a.c.’s off
    she’s deciding what to take on her big move

    her clothes are in three piles: good to go,
    to be altered, charity box
    she keeps bargaining with me
    about the things that went in the last

    it never fit you, i remind her
    you bought it four inches too small for hour waist
    promising yourself you’d lose the weight
    it’s outdated, anyhow
    and your father brought back that one
    from a trip abroad
    he has no taste, still doesn’t
    it was ugly then as it is now
    you meant to wear it once but you took it off
    real quick because you felt frumpy
    and that, you’ve had that since third grade
    maybe it’ll be vintage, you say
    maybe it won’t, i retort

    we move on to the things she kept in her dresser
    old knick-knacks and necklaces
    that have come undone
    their beads scattered all over the drawer bottom

    this all belongs in the trash, i surmise
    saving the few pieces of real jewellery, all gifts
    from distant relatives
    who never knew her enough to give her something
    more personal for christmas
    no, no
    she won’t let go of a drawstring bag
    filled with friendship bracelets
    i made these myself
    i tied them with pins to my backpack
    and worked on them during class
    you had meant to give them to your closest friends
    for christmas too, coincidentally
    but you were too embarrassed
    they stayed in your drawer
    their colours too dulled to adorn anyone’s wrists

    then to old books, notebooks
    there’s far more of them than either of you expected
    piled up, taking space
    she stills your hand as you reach for the garbage bag

    i drew these, long ago
    and i wrote these too
    this was an art project, i got a perfect score
    this was a homemade card for mother’s day
    they’re sort of familiar to you too
    but you haven’t seen them in years
    you tell her as much
    who knows when you’ll even read them again?
    by then she starts crying
    but these are all i have
    i bought them with money put away
    from my weekly allowance
    i made them with my hands

    i move on to posters of bands she used to listen to
    don’t touch those! i can sell them
    their edges are torn up from being taped up
    too many times
    they’re not even autographed
    they have no value to anyone but you
    i’ll put them back up one day–

    i crack and start screaming
    what the fuck is wrong with you?
    you’ll never get anywhere
    with all of these weighing you down
    you even try and your luggage will break with the strain
    you won’t be able to afford another
    it’s time to move on
    you’ll never grow up if all you do
    it keep revisiting your younger selves
    what does it matter? you hate every version
    in that new room of yours
    you’ll just be hating yourself
    all over again
    but at least your walls would be freshly painted
    give it up
    stop being terrified of an empty room

    my voice goes hoarse and i glance at the mirror
    my eyes are puffy and my cheeks are red
    maybe the other way around
    i’m all alone

    By h. b. on 06.06.2013

  9. It wasn’t just a collage of photos. It was a collage of memories, a college of moments she would never relive. This was a collage of the person she would never share a laugh with, or hold gazes with again. A photo of her and William in Hyde Park, sitting by the lake as he stares daggers at the mallards waddling in their direction. She felt her lips pull up into a half smile at the memory. Will had never been very fond of ducks. “Never trust a duck”, he would always say. And in the next photo, William again sitting by a pond. Their first son, James, holding the hand of their newest addition to the family, Lucie, as he walks her toward the pond’s edge. The look on Will’s face was that of utter happiness. He loved his children more than anything. “Even more than me”, Tessa sometimes thought.

    By samara on 06.06.2013

  10. a time full of pressure and responsibility ,,,, time to learn and explore more …. a step towards success….. all together to live a happy life.

    By Rushabh Kotecha on 06.06.2013

  11. Collage is the art of making collages. You pick pieces of pictures and stick them together on a piece of paper I guess? I’m not really interested in collage but I know a lot of people who love it. It is a hobby and it can be very interesting and a beautiful kind of art.

    By LusterRushi on 06.06.2013

  12. a new adventure
    an opening door
    an exciting challenge
    an oppertunity

    By S on 06.06.2013

  13. I spent a good bit of my early childhood making collages on Microsoft paint. If I were my parents I would have thought I was crazy. It got really bad right after the first Lord of the Rings movie came out. I was obsessed with the movies and even more obsessed with the actors. I would just find pictures of them on Google Image Search then combine all of those pictures into one giant, nerdtastic collage.

    By Stephanie on 06.06.2013

  14. im sick of life. the more i think about it the more i get upset. im hooked on twitter mate, i love facebook chat and most of all youtube. i have a normal family with the ups and downs and my mom is the best most of the time. love my family so much.

    By diandra on 06.06.2013

  15. Collage:
    The place people become so tense, the place were memories are made and the place to love and cherish those memories.

    By Luca Cajeux on 06.06.2013

  16. Brilliant microscopic images, solitary in theme and exposure amassed infront of a blurry interpreting eye. Waiting to be understood amidst a chaos imposed on another. Snippets and antiques of memories converge to form new.

    By grokkfried on 06.06.2013

  17. My life is a collage of friends. None everlasting, no happily ever after, only different groups at different times, different loves, different sorrows, alway changing, always replacing, never anyone to swore by. A collage might sound vibrant, energetic, colourful, but a collage is sometimes lonely and a bit hollow.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 06.06.2013

  18. i just feel like sitting late at night & slitting my wrist repeatedly. omg,this is becoming too much. feels like i have to act all happy & strong for everyone.i can’t even bring myself to cry, i don’t remember how to.

    By diandra on 06.06.2013

  19. i love making collages! it is, by far, the most therapeutic, artistic endeavor for me. i pour my heart and soul into each creation by first considering the recipient. admittedly, i cannot create a work without someone specific in mind to receive it.

    By l on 06.06.2013