June 6th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “montage”

  1. My life flashed before me like a montage. A picture from here from there from everywhere. Childhood, youth, middle age, golden age all passed in quick succession to arrive at this point where goodbye was inevitable.

    By Tracey on 06.07.2013

  2. The montage that was on display in the hotel foyer, was hung up incorrectly and the manager wasted no time in firing the person responsible for the mistake.

    By victor URL on 06.07.2013

  3. montage.
    mon ami.
    mon cheri.
    trés bon.
    montage is trés bon.

    By Isabelle d'Elavinol on 06.07.2013

  4. And now it’s time for a montage, a montage, the best part of any ’80s movie, showing a lot of stuff happening in a short time – training, failing, trying again, finally rising triumphant, ready for the big match, yeah! With awesome music played on synthesizers and the best of ’80s fashion.

    By Ara on 06.07.2013

  5. They were all jumbled together. The blondes, brunettes, and redheads he’d photographed. All dead. She couldn’t take her eyes off of them. The shock of discovering his collection kept her frozen, and before she could escape, his hands were on her throat.

    By Soft URL on 06.07.2013

  6. reminds me of the movie GORA. innocent villager sees an UFO and takes a photo with it, shows the photo to a journalist and that’s what he said, MONTAGE!

    By Ashley on 06.07.2013

  7. I woke up one day and I didn’t know who I was anymore. My personality was gone, and I had nothing left.

    Nothing but a small notebook from many years ago.

    I set there for half an hour, no clues to who I was before except for these words spilling across paper, rants and swears and curses and teardrops staining page after page.

    And, although I didn’t know what was true or not, I pieced myself together word by word until I had created myself again.

    By October Mars on 06.07.2013

  8. You captured
    Every single moments we had
    Video tape whenever we had a day out
    Or a date
    Record our voices; sharing thoughts or just singing
    And talking
    When you finally collect them
    When you finally feel satisfied
    You made a montage of this
    Showing your love
    To me
    Through this

    By dolphine on 06.07.2013

  9. It was a montage of sensation, a riot of the senses. She buried her face in the bouquet and inhaled the flowers’ fragrance, heard the rustle of the petals, felt the faint prickle of the thorns. She took one petal gently between her lips and tasted it.

    By mrsmig on 06.07.2013

  10. when she daydreams about putting together a montage for the two of them, it strikes her that she has no photos of him. only of herself.

    By erisyuka on 06.07.2013

  11. Here we are meeting. Here we are kissing on our first date, oh, oh, things are getting rocky, see me walk out the door, here comes the suitcase out the window, me with collar up walking the streets, here’s me meeting someone new.

    By Lee on 06.07.2013

  12. Like an 80s montage?! Like Scooby Doo!!!!! Man, I loved Scooby Doo. It was awesome. What with Velma and Daphne and Fred and everyone. And the mysteries were awesome! If a little cliche because it always has the same ending…I mean, a person in a costume.

    By Mia on 06.07.2013

  13. When I think of montage I think of a collage of pictures, memories, friends, sentimentality. A collection of happy things.

    By Maria on 06.07.2013

  14. it wont take me long, a minute perhaps, just let me fix this little piece of work we got here, you can assemble all of the tools and the parts ill need and ill hook it right up just give about ten minutes or fifteen to read the manual here, i mean the people in the factory do it so i can do it just as well, right, it may take twenty or thirty minutes afterall

    By berenique on 06.07.2013

  15. a series of shots, one after the other made to form a coherent sequence of events. all related to one another. This is a visual tool useful in videos and films, but may also be constructed via words for the written medium. I believe it was the russians or the french who first thought of it.

    By Envia on 06.07.2013

  16. i look at you and see
    a list of all my kills:

    – your scalp, shaved,
    because i told you i hated
    your hair first thing
    after meeting you

    – your muscles, melting,
    because i wouldn’t let you
    touch me when you got
    sweaty after running

    – your smile, rare nowadays,
    because i mentioned that
    you should have gotten braces
    when you were younger

    – your shoulders, hunched,
    and your steps smaller,
    because i sucked
    your faith in yourself dry

    – your eyes, dull, the spark
    gone, because i wore your heart
    around my neck, paraded it
    around, as i f*cked someone else.

    oh, my darling boy;
    you make me so very proud.

    By h. b. on 06.07.2013

  17. a collection. pictures. memories. life. love. tears and smiles. images, words, life.

    By Maricela on 06.07.2013

  18. She stared up at the screen as the ending montage swam lazily by. The music sunk and swelled, and his musician’s fingertips on her arm tapped out the counter melody hiding in the background.

    Tap tap, taaaaaaap, taptaptap.

    She grabbed the restless fingers and squeezed. He squeezed back.

    By Simone on 06.07.2013

  19. She couldn’t get the idea out of her head. Images swirled in her brain. They meshed together making her unable to distinguish any of them apart. She rushed for her note pad and began scribbling. This was one idea she wouldn’t let evade her pen.

    By Kate URL on 06.07.2013

  20. Montage. Mon-tage. This is the word that was on my pop quiz in English; the word I could enevr get right. But he could. He knew everything. And suddenly the thought of him made me want to cry. Montage. Montage. I tap my pencil to my lips while blinking back tears. Why

    By Damere on 06.07.2013

  21. a scene, vignette
    the past, silhouette
    obscured and hidden,
    lost and forbidden

    this montage plays in our heads again
    too late to change
    we must remember that this
    is not the end.

    you will make it through this.

    you are worth everything.

    By COCO❤ on 06.07.2013

  22. The light in his eyes spoke too little, yet too much. It was obvious what was happening – he was slipping away. As the light faded, she could see the various thoughts racing through his mind. What did he have for breakfast that morning? What would he have tomorrow? If he woke up tomorrow, that is. That’d… help.

    He’d have cereal.

    By katy on 06.07.2013

  23. The idea of a montage is a strange one. It’s a collection of seemingly unrelated images, that mean something to the creator. They collect the images, and fit them together. The meaning of the montage may only be truly known by the collector. An idle observer cannot understand just how they connect.

    By Bethany on 06.07.2013

  24. I wish life was a montage. All the good moments laid out, colorful and vibrant. All the bad moments flashing by, meaningless and forgotten already. But life clings. It sticks to everything, the good moments and bad moments bleed together until they are one and the same.

    By Emma on 06.07.2013

  25. I wish life was a montage. All the good moments laid out, colorful and vibrant. All the bad moments flashing by, meaningless and forgotten already. But life clings. It sticks to everything; the good moments and bad moments bleed together until they are one and the same and equally as meaningless.

    By Emma on 06.07.2013

  26. The images of light and shadow danced in my mind like a montage of the speaking universe, as I inhaled. refocusing my mind on nothing, letting the darkness tell me what it would. This is meditation to me

    By Andrew on 06.07.2013

  27. If you make a montage of your training efforts, you can do anything. Beat the bully, save the world. But that’s only if you’re a movie character. If you’re a real person, you have to experience the seconds in between, where things are imperfect and don’t always match up.

    And in the end, sometimes it doesn’t work out, and you don’t get to redo the sequence.

    Real life is unfortunate.

    By Annwyd on 06.07.2013

  28. The montage of the pictures that Lisa showed at her wedding was beautiful. It captured everything that was her relationship with Henry. It showed the hard times as well as the times when they were just having fun being in Love.

    By Fehintola on 06.07.2013

  29. Montage’s are fantastic. In movies I like it when they are there. Montage’s usually have music along with them and it shows good or bad times. Bella swan had a Montague when Edward left her she just sat in that chair.

    By Hailie on 06.07.2013

  30. Montages always come with interesting music. Sometimes it is happy. Other times it is really sad. I read once that montages are TV tricks and you can judge a film by the presence of montages. If there is a montage, it’s a bad film.

    By A Fischer on 06.07.2013

  31. Freedom is the basis of life as humans need to do so in order to respect each other. Without it, there is no humanity possible in anyway whatsoever.

    By Darío on 06.07.2013

  32. It had to be done. I had to partake in this snippet of emotions. Ride out the high as they say. I had to make peace with insanity and harming self realizations.

    By Ruben URL on 06.07.2013

  33. Montage, like a movie. Time elapsed in a such a way that minutes can be years.

    By Victoria on 06.07.2013