July 19th, 2009 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “coin”

  1. tossed, like an oceans droplet–purring into the endless wave–gold no more but lost and atoned forever in a soup of life without currency. all this is said is said.

    By Saffron on 07.20.2009

  2. Die Münzen in meiner Tasche liegen schwer,
    Sie drücken die Börse auseinander,
    Zu selten geb ich eine her,
    Halt sie lieber beieinander.
    Vielleicht bräucht ich ein paar mehr Scheine,
    Große, hohe, reiche, kleine.

    By Eva-Maria Obermann on 07.20.2009

  3. money, makes the world go round certainly does that 2 me a few coins put together can get u somewhere

    By zakhe on 07.20.2009

  4. People call me the human poker machine. All because I eat coins and regurgitate them when someone cranks my arm and the correct sequence of symbols shows up on my chest. They always pay me out about me paying out.

    By Damo on 07.20.2009

  5. In times of abundance, they rest in my bag like paperclips or rubber bands. Ubiquitous. Slightly cumbersome. But then comes the time when they are precious beyond value, when you’re down to your last coin.

    By illi on 07.20.2009

  6. Coin, so small and insignificant. It represents our growth as a race to the need of something which has little or no inherent value, and yet is worth more than any other material good.

    By Adam on 07.20.2009

  7. coined another word, complete for all that is on my mind; my business card still remains blank as nobody understands it

    By Phoo on 07.20.2009

  8. i don’t have enough of these. If only I had saved all the coins I ever had… I would be in a lot less debt at this point. But then again, I might not have had such an amazing ride had I not spent every last penny and then some. Perhaps I’ll start saving my nickles and dimes, or maybe I’ll buy a gumball at the movie theater and never learn my lesson.

    By Hana on 07.20.2009

  9. money smallest greedy thing

    By issam on 07.20.2009

  10. i saw a coin on the ground this morning. Whenever I need 10p I can’t find it, but when I don’t need it I’ll see a coin on the ground and it always makes me think of those moments. I didn’t pick it up because I figured there must be someone out there who is looking for a coin on the ground, for either luck or necessity. Then I saw another. Two coins in one day. What does that mean? I’ve left both for someone else to find.

    By Jamey on 07.20.2009

  11. In a crumbling envelope, addressed to the King of Love, I found a coin I flipped, so it twittered gold. I made my bet and it fell as tails, so I wandered out onto the road, marking the sun bounce on it mirrored face, intent on paying the debt I owed to a lady with as bright a face as the coin I stole from the King of Love.

    By Brian Slusher on 07.20.2009

  12. coins are very valueable because on one side it tells you where the time began. from the past it holds the key to your future for the monetary value of the coin can unlock futures. besides a tool for umlocking the future it can also be used to tell futures depending on how it falls. Flipping it around, it can also be used as a weapon

    By tyviris on 07.20.2009

  13. what i am doing here at this dot.

    By najam on 07.20.2009

  14. To coin a phrase…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.
    A stitch in time saves nine.
    No use crying over spilt milk.
    Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.
    Let sleeping dogs lie.

    By M Ainsley on 07.20.2009

  15. He reached in his pocket and dumped out four quarters onto the bed. “How much is that?” he asked.

    “Hmm,” said his six year old, staring at them.

    This was beyond frustrating. She’d already graduated first grade, they should’ve gone over this, in fact he knew they had in fact gone over this, he’d seen her doing homework about it over a year ago. How could she have forgotten something this simple this quickly?

    By CRS on 07.20.2009

  16. i like coins coins buy me alot of shit I love money money but not as much as I love non material things. I like the idea of what the coin stands for though. the fact it has value to us.

    By b solomon on 07.20.2009

  17. Every coin has two sides-heads and tails. there is no right or wrong about it,because the sides are subjective. Its just like every argument has two sides and is right from the respective perspective of the argumentator!

    By divs on 07.20.2009

  18. is shiny and new. It’s not a penny. It’s something British, I think. I see the Queen’s profile on it. I always loved the weight of British coins, especially the pound. It makes you feel like you’re getting a lot, somehow, that it’s weight means it can buy you something significant, substantial. I used to hoard them from my dad’s dresser; he wouldn’t notice.

    By Anon on 07.20.2009

  19. I have heard that the coin, the penney may become obsolete. That seems sad to me. I have a whole jar full of them. I guess my penneys will become collectors items oneday.

    By Julie on 07.20.2009

  20. The coin turned and turned, quickly and deftly over each of his knuckles. It flipped with a sense of purpose so obvious and perfect that you could swear it was the coin’s will, and not his, at work.

    He flipped the coin into his closed palm. When he reopened his hand, the coin had vanished.

    By Chuck Meacham on 07.20.2009

  21. whenever I see a penny on the street, it’s God telling me hello, or if there is a thought on my mind he is letting me know he knows. It’s like that hug or pat on the head from someone who knows way more than you do. They love you, but they have been there and they know you need to make your own mistakes. He loves me. He is saying he’s there.

    By Leslie Mitchell on 07.20.2009

  22. It is hard to decide what to do with coins: keep ’em or just toss ’em in a change jar that untouched. Always keep the quarters, for laundry, you know? I have a jar on my bookshelf for pennies and other silver coins. Someday I’m going to fly to New Zealand with the money I accumulate!

    By Stephanie on 07.20.2009

  23. Coin collectors are big dreamers. Will I find that special penny or dime. Too much coin not enough sense- ha ha get it cents.

    By Chris G on 07.20.2009

  24. money, phrase, penny, nickel, dime, geld, flip, scratch off tickets, change, gold,

    By Jamie on 07.20.2009

  25. Coin of gold and luck
    in my pocket i will tuck
    shiny copper is of a penny
    in my piggy bank, i have many
    whether it’s lincon or kennedy
    i’m grateful to have many
    especially when i need a snack
    washington always has my back.

    By Rae on 07.20.2009

  26. My stepmother’s mom died recently. After the initial chaos subsided, Lee started going to her mom’s house to go through all of her belongings. She stumbled across an envelope full of Indianhead pennies. Thinking she had hit the jackpot, she was dismayed to discover that the coins weren’t worth much more than a penny eack.

    By LEWIE on 07.20.2009

  27. Why the FUCK did you put all those coins all over the floor in the Jetta? It was so annoying everytime I got in and saw them all glistening all over the place. Well, I finally got them up, so I don’t have to think about you EVERY time I need to drive somewhere.


    By Amanda on 07.20.2009

  28. it’s cold. and hard. and dusty. my fist clenches around it harshly and i glance around. i found a coin. somehow it’s special. i feel different to the millions of people who walked by this way. i’m the only one who noticed it’s glinting against the barren snow. the only one to find it.

    By korey on 07.20.2009

  29. making that mint, coining it, forgetting the point, the real riches. the treasure.

    By justme on 07.20.2009

  30. coin, dieses wort hatten wir doch gestern schon. ob mensch die buchstaben auch anders anordnen kann? oinc, hört sich an wie das schweinegeräusch in irgendeinem lied cion, noic, oicn, mir ällt nicts mehr ein, plink, zeit um

    By lisa on 07.20.2009

  31. I found one on the bottom of my shoe, stuck there with pink bubble gum oozing out from underneath.

    By caitlyn on 07.20.2009

  32. collected in jars
    left in my pockets
    rolled up in paper
    scrounged for,
    my laundry
    checked the pay phone
    clinked in my piggy bank
    delicious shiny coins
    add up

    By nfr on 07.20.2009

  33. i found a coin but didn’t think to pick it up and look at it. it looked just as a normal sight but turns out the child behind me decided to collect it and it was an ancient piece of metal worth millions.

    oh to see the world as a child

    By jamielyn on 07.20.2009

  34. She stared down at the coin on in the bottom of the fountain. If she were younger, she might scoop her hand into the cool water and retrieve the penny. Instead, she wrung her wrinkled fingers together, twisted off her wedding ring, and dropped it into the ripping pool.

    By Jennie on 07.20.2009

  35. my grandfather had a coin collection which if ound just magical. one night i dreamed of magical coins and the dream told to my grandfather resulted in him handing over his ciger box of precious coins to me. the most valuable was a french coin dated 1792.

    By bibliobibuli on 07.20.2009

  36. coin is hard monery, cash, bugs. You know. If you own it the whole world is yours. It belongs toyou and all the people will love you for ever.

    By tashi on 07.20.2009