July 20th, 2009 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “angels”

  1. The Angel in Islington London is a trendy area populated by fancy people with big jobs and bigger salaries, politicians and pop star snuggle up crammed between dangerous housing estates and drunken parties of businessmen. Whilst in London there is only one Angel, perhaps there are many alternative Angels in other dimensions. In all of those Angels, Tony Blair was a waiter.

    By Billy Faithfull on 07.21.2009

  2. i wish i had one..
    wish i could become one.
    but as if..
    i’m not worth anything anyway..
    so angel, just kill me.

    By honey on 07.21.2009

  3. i believe there are angels among. i danced to that song when i was younger, as a lyrical number at a competition. i don’t remember whether we won or not, but i do remember some people tearing up.

    By monica on 07.21.2009

  4. they ara amazing creatures. they have wings like chickens and swans. some peoople dont believe in them i dont i think its a hallmark trick to get us to buy more crap and give into some stupid religon that is more like a forsaken cult.

    By nick on 07.21.2009

  5. angels are beautiful, mysterious light beings of which we know nothing about…

    By jessica on 07.21.2009

  6. have you seen me lately? i’ve been struggling to survive. guardian angel do you exist? i’ve called to you for help and guidance and just for comfort. one of these days you will probably have to appear to me so that i know i should keep on going and have you there beside me.

    By jamielyn on 07.21.2009

  7. Angels are the creation of my heavenly father. God the creator of all things. They are beautifully made. Sent to earth to do God’s bidding, they announced the arrival of our lord and savior. What a task!

    By Jake on 07.21.2009

  8. Angels are not devine beings, nor are they messengers of god, they are simply those people that you find in your every day life that give you hope, hope for mankind, hope for your loved ones, but most of all hope for yourself.

    By Luc Gendrot on 07.21.2009

  9. angels with wings
    with voices
    that sing
    in heaven
    looking down
    with love
    or tears
    or joy
    or not
    angels with wings
    in heaven
    that sing
    angels on
    in heaven

    By jessica on 07.21.2009