January 7th, 2015 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “cocoon”

  1. In my own cocoon of thoughts, everything matters. A look, a word, a sound, nothing escapes my notice. It bounces around the echo chamber of my mind until relevance and meaning are blown way out of proportion. And that is why I cried when you asked me to pick up milk.

    By Chris URL on 01.08.2015

  2. “I’ll keep you here until you feel beautiful again.”

    By The Icicle Queen on 01.08.2015

  3. Covered in darkness and cloaked in isolation I cocooned myself in my room. Ignoring the entire world around me felt nice, I didn’t have to worry about anyone else for a change because this was me and me alone. I was surrounded by my own thought and my own emotions. It felt nice. Tidy. Unhindered.

    By Kayleigh on 01.08.2015

  4. Esther reminded me of the conversation we had when I was doing my FS inventory, and she was my sponsor. Not conversation, really, but a guided vision.

    What is Jesus doing? What is he showing you? What do you see?
    I s my self falling backward into a cocoon… a pea pod, if you will. Surrounded by His warm and comforting love.

    By offendreaming URL on 01.08.2015

  5. i was trapped in a coccon for years. i dont know where i am, i…i want my mommy!

    By Jarrett on 01.08.2015

  6. “Darling, I know you’re in a new place, but you have to break out of your cocoon in order to shine enough for anyone of importance or help to see,” the mother whispered into her son’s beautiful little ear.

    “But mommy, I don’t know how to shatter anything so beautiful…” he stuttered in response as he hugged her as tight as his little arms could.

    By Madison on 01.08.2015

  7. well a cocoon is what a moth goes in to turn into a butterfly, there was this one time that when i was in school that we got these cocoons and we watched them grow to butterflys but i didnt know what they were so i touched it AND I KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!

    By Shane Novak URL on 01.08.2015

  8. She wrapped herself up in the blanket, tucking it all around her sides and her feet, trying to trap in her warmth and keep out the cold, making a cozy cocoon where she could reside until spring came again. Beyond the window snow blew sideways, carried on a icy wind.

    By _Kate_ URL on 01.08.2015

  9. When Jenny woke up that morning, she was cocooned in her duvet, heart pounding and tears running down her cheeks.

    It must have been some dream.

    By FrenchThePotato on 01.08.2015

  10. It took me minute to read that word. I thought it said coconut. I guess thats because coconut has become prominent in my life. With coconut oil and water and all that jazz. But that’s “cocoon”. As in butterfly of course. Or lame metaphors which I would rather not take part in.

    By Stephanie on 01.08.2015

  11. Wrapped up in the scent he left behind him. The rain drumming on my window helped to numb my thoughts. Pain and pleasure: so the same to me. I learned young to hide them both to protect myself when love turned false. Dropping into my bed and staring up at the ceiling, I felt my heart try to cocoon itself in that ever comforting silence because what I was feeling was too much to bear. I couldn’t breath because such were always my dreams. They never stayed long.

    By Abigail on 01.08.2015

  12. I went to my friend’s house one day and outside I found a monarch plant. She said there were once cocoons on there, and I believed her. I knew what photosynthesis was. Duh. But then I saw a butterfly appear at the beautiful plant. I smiled.

    By Cailin on 01.08.2015

  13. I feel like I could just curl up tightly in my own private cocoon and block the whole world out. No more axes to grind or battles to fight. I would be safe and secure knowing that the enemy would be kept at bay.

    By Tracey on 01.08.2015

  14. You roll around in bed until you finally find the perfect comfortable spot. The blankets around you carressed you in all the right places and even though it was negative god knows how many degrees outside you felt like maybe if you just stood there in your perfectly comfortable bed things might be okay really

    By lher on 01.08.2015

  15. what a butterfly grows in. till they grow big.

    By ava on 01.08.2015

  16. I feel like I’m in a cocoon. I feel like I’m going to come out of my shell as soon as I get out of my own way. I’m hoping that I can best myself and get healthy like I’ve always planned to – like I was well on my way to when for some reason I met a downward spiral like I can’t even explain. I want to be the best version of me that I can be. I’m enjoying the activity – I just have to keep it up!

    By Kish on 01.08.2015

  17. Bundled up in a cocoon. It’s tough out there. It’s cold. You need to transform, evolve, morph into your higher being, become your destiny It’s going to take a while, but it’ll be worth it. You’ve always been beautiful, but now they can see.

    By Vera Bartin on 01.08.2015

  18. The warmth is complete and compelling. Beside me my love stirs and turns towards me. Blankets fold me in as I drift between the realms of sleep and wake and the harshness that comes with it. I never want to move.

    By Hannah Law on 01.08.2015

  19. When you
    say you will
    Smoke Pills Again
    the truth is
    you have to start back in the cocoon
    Wingless, Infantile, Suckling
    and promise me you will hibernate,
    not pick up the phone when They call
    to sell you more.
    In fact you will need to toss that number
    get a new phone entirely – alert Me when
    you are aching craving about to breakdown buymore
    And I promise to never have foil in the house
    To toss all my prescriptions
    To help you crawl out of the cocoon as the time comes
    and once your wings are back, though new and tender they will be,
    I promise to always always always help you off the ground and fly

    By stargirl on 01.08.2015

  20. cocoon. chrysalis. transformation. wrapped in my cocoon waiting to break free. like a flower from a bud ready to sprout wings.

    By galaxybeans on 01.08.2015

  21. While wrapped in a metaphor, it’s simple to guard yourself from the outside realm of people who try to hard and those who have never tried at all.

    By C on 01.08.2015

  22. That’s some hipster retrograde level sort of shit right there.

    Emerge lovingly from the equivalent of your own flesh sack as something beautiful that has the capacity to die in a millisecond from some other creature.

    By Alex URL on 01.08.2015

  23. I sometimes wrap myself into a blanket of pr

    By A Noony Moose on 01.08.2015