January 8th, 2015 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “trainer”

  1. I pull my shoes on as my trainer shouts at me to hurry up. The other girls are already ready, leaving me to be yelled at for being to slow in getting changed. Nothing new.

    By aj on 01.09.2015

  2. My trainer shouts for me to hurry as I run along the track, out of breath and panting. I pick my pase up, only to be overtaken. I fall on my knees and feel the tears run down my face and my ribs ache. I pick my self up and hobble the rest of the way, humming a tune on the way, alone.

    By aj on 01.09.2015

  3. One trainer gets stuck in the mud while she’s running. Her quads are slicked with sludge fused together by shards of broken glass and gravel. Gravel is in her palms and in the small, damp spaces under her knees. Gravel in her hair. Gravel in the insole of her trainer as she pulls her foot out. Bleeding between her toes.

    By bonemachine on 01.09.2015

  4. I was at the gym and i found a trainer to help my with my “glues” as they were a bit saggy today because someone skipped leg day. So he helped my fix it all up.

    By LaRae on 01.09.2015

  5. leader, knowledgeable, sharing, passionate, patient,

    By Sue on 01.09.2015