June 9th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “fools”

  1. The man walked into the bar feeling even worse than he did when he left his home. He looked around the bar and watched all of the fools drink their booze. “How idiotic” he thought to himself. Little did he know that it was he who was in fact the fool.

    By Steve on 06.10.2013

  2. Love is for fools. Fools willing to sacrifice a significant bit of themselves for the happiness of another. Willing to let themselves feel vulnerable enough for a true connection. Willing to offer themselves up in spite of the opportunity for rejection and embarrassment.

    As an intelligent man, all I’ve ever wanted is to be considered such a fool. Because it all seems so worth it.

    By John on 06.10.2013

  3. Fools. Stupid fools. That’s the best thing she can be, a beatiful little fool. Daisy said that. Is that all a girl is to be in this world we live in? Oh what a tangled web we weeve, when we do try to decieve. Someone said that once too. Just in other words. They said it way better than I remember it. Just can’t rememember who said it. Remember I saw it in a movie once, with hilary Duff. The Perfect Man? Maybe. Fools. Stupid fools.

    By Andrea Johansen on 06.10.2013

  4. youre both crazy do you know that youre both crazy
    do you know what an angel feels like
    do you know how to keep a plant alive
    do you know who deserves
    all that sweat
    on your stupid back

    By buin on 06.10.2013

  5. Her chocolate, brown hair was tucked behind her ears, softly positioning in it’s place. She clasped her hand over her mouth and laughed hysterically. There was nothing funny about Simon’s death. Nothing at all.

    Rosie went mental ever since Simon’s death. She would sit in front of the closet and cry until she could not hide it anymore. Rosie wasn’t normal, but she wasn’t crazy either.

    “Why, why, why… is this POOR man lying on the bed. Ha ha, get it-” Rosie smacked a book in Lucy’s hand, Lucy’s mouth gaped open in awe. Rosie wasn’t dead, but her soul seemed dead “-POOR POOR POOR?!!! He he. Simon the squirrel is dead. DEAD I tell you. D-E-A-D Dead”

    Rosie clicked her fingers and hovered over Chris, eyeing Simon in case he decided to get up and giggle with her. But Rosie was in that room for 5 hours, nobody could convince her that Simon was really dead.

    Detective Warlocks simply rolled his eyes when Rosie jumped around, like a person who was desperate for the toilet, and he took in the features of Chris.

    The small room fitted those 4 teens (and the dead body of Simon); the room was covered with purple+white pokka dot wallpaper and fluffy pink carpet. The classroom like clock ticked, every second filled with Rosie’s poor attitude.

    Eventually the sun was setting into a pink & purple blanket and the dusty clouds simply cleared into a clear, dark hour; Detective Warlocks grabbed his blue notebook, ripped a page and written something.

    Detective Warlocks tucked his pen in his dull jacket, tutted anxiously and marched away from the room.

    “You know what they are….”

    “Fools I tell you. Fools.” Said Simon, winking & watching everyone (except Rosie) cry over the cardboard body.

    By Isabella on 06.10.2013

  6. What are we, if not fools? Trying to make our way in this world, stumbling, falling, trying. Trying and failing. Never succeeding. But is that the worst we can be?

    By Andrea Johansen on 06.10.2013

  7. The number zero is full of infinite potential. You start with nothing, and can fill it with everything. The truth is that this is when you can reach the farthest.

    People forget that in the end, everyone is a fool.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 06.10.2013

  8. fools are idiots. Fools are selfish and self centred usually. Fools waste time, they waste their lives. They centre their lives upon laziness and not living life to the fullest. They don’t participate and appreciate life.

    By Katy on 06.10.2013

  9. moving swiftly through the crowds he glares at anyone who gets too close. The laughter, the celebrations… they will end soon. The fools will soon learn their beloved “hero” is much more than dead. Oh, how he can’t wait to taste their fear, horror and wonderment. Soon, he promises himself, soon.

    By aria on 06.10.2013

  10. they mistake my spine for a corset

    By h. b. on 06.10.2013

  11. April Fools day is an odd Holiday. I wonder where it was started, or when. Maybe it had started out like a silly holiday that everyone just seemed to like. There is another odd one, it’s called national talk like a pirate day. I think that one is a little silly too.

    By melissa on 06.10.2013

  12. April fools, when I think of April, I think spring. Maybe April fools was started because it was a false hope for nice weather, but really, all there is is rain. The rain will eventually bring beautiful flowers, but for now, it is just miserable outside.

    By melissa on 06.10.2013

  13. fools. they run the world
    fools. they are everywhere
    yet they do not see what lies behind the screen
    what manipulates their actions
    waiting until they are weakest
    to strike
    and live in their bodies
    control their lives
    their minds and souls long lost

    By kill-the-batterwitch on 06.10.2013

  14. stupid people idiots many people

    By Jovana on 06.10.2013

  15. You’e ridiculous. You’re not funny. You’re a maniac and a heathen and you are the strangest person I’ve ever met. Why you act so kind to people who do not deserve it are beyond me.

    And yet, if they were to take you from me? I would feel a great loss. They’d have to be fools to try.

    We’ve witnessed the opposite already.

    By katy on 06.10.2013

  16. He’s the kind of boy with malevolent green eyes and full, exhilarating lips that lull me into contented silence every time he uses them. He fools me with all the pretty words he whispers, convincing me to do things I know I will regret later.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.10.2013