February 14th, 2012 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “clue”

  1. A clue is something small. A hint. The cracks in the pavement, the splatter of blood. Where did the bullet come front? Who slept with who? Motive? Circumstance? Why was the floor wet? Who wet the floor?
    Who left the door a jar?
    Who’s left?

    By William URL on 02.15.2012

  2. The rose quartz a clue
    to summers spent in Zion
    its old home the earth
    its new home a book
    filled with words that enrich like the earth enriches
    its rock progeny
    pink and red
    they shine
    for me

    By Mallorey Bischof URL on 02.15.2012

  3. I don’t have a clue about where I’m going or what i’m suppose to do. I started this path with no clear plan. I just knew it was something I wanted to accomplish and that it would open doors for me. I hope i’m right.

    By gennatay URL on 02.15.2012

  4. Get one. Give one. Play it. I need one. A little hint. A big key. The path to the answer. Like rain drops, the wetness of life that can clear the skys and make the cobblestones slippery at the very same moment.

    By Mona Baroody URL on 02.15.2012

  5. Give me a clue, dear world, as to wwat you would have me know about you, discover about you… how to be the best I can be as part of your creation. I don’t mind being clueless about most things, but about you – this home that is my world – I would love a clue!

    By Denise Bissonnette on 02.15.2012

  6. This reminded me of how strange the word ‘clue’ actually is. Clue … Clue … Clue. You write it, and see it again and again, and realize, it no longer looks like a word that belongs to this language.

    By theyLLneverknow URL on 02.15.2012

  7. At the moment I have non

    By Daiva on 02.15.2012

  8. As in “I don’t have a clue.” Perhaps a clue is the way to a better life, a better way to live, perhaps there is a clue just around the corner. Excited. Curious.

    By Michelle Bellerose URL on 02.15.2012

  9. It sat in the pit of my stomach. a big boulder of tension. I was excited at my prospect of freedom! of Being able to get out into the world and feel alive again. The clue, the little nugget I waited for to have the complete sense of release, came when I felt the exhilaration driving with the window wide open.

    By Seansj URL on 02.15.2012

  10. a mistery???? oooohhhhh!!!!Whats the clue? Tell me the clue!!! lets play clue!!!

    By loulou88888 URL on 02.15.2012

  11. Roger searched dilagently for the clue he desprately wanted the treasure

    By Amaryllis URL on 02.15.2012

  12. people need clues to solve mystories. there are clues everwhere in a secene.

    By heaf13 URL on 02.15.2012

  13. i dont have a clue whats going on.

    By rainbow URL on 02.15.2012

  14. a clue is kind of like a hint. it is something that helps you when you are trying to figure something out.

    By mak!:) URL on 02.15.2012

  15. Clue is something you give someone when they are trying to guess something.

    By Ivy URL on 02.15.2012

  16. I dropped my hat in a bucket
    that was too large for my head
    I wondered if there was meaning
    in that action

    or simply a random act
    meant to teach me nothing.

    By Kate the lion URL on 02.15.2012

  17. Something I follow to create a trail, the way I jump off from everything in my life – a hunch, a beautiful moment, a spark of passion. Once the stuff of cartoons, now the seeds of inspiration. I’ll take a magnifying glass, a monocle, my readers…whatever will help me to see these with clarity and frequency.

    By Alannah on 02.15.2012

  18. I have a clues that i know what I am to do! I have a clue that is right around the corner. I have a clue that is not a difficult as I make it. I have a clue that i love more than I hate. The clues are all around me.

    By marlies URL on 02.15.2012

  19. a clue is like a lead

    By zach URL on 02.15.2012

  20. i had no clue as what was in the song but now looking back i understand it’s not really worth listening to, the clue to life is to learn.

    By filza URL on 02.15.2012

  21. Sometimes I feel like I need one, but other times I want to give them to everyone. This is me. Get a clue. I should have one too. They’re tricky that way … just when you think you have it all figured out you get slapped in the head with another one.

    By Sunny McCallum on 02.15.2012

  22. sometimes I fear I haven’t got one…but then I remember that I have lots of them! They are everywhere, and I get these flashes of ‘knowing’ something sometimes. It’s good.

    By carol a URL on 02.15.2012

  23. Clues are signposts along the way that may be very important indicators from your intuition. You may be able to find a new path or get a new perpective.

    By Isa on 02.15.2012

  24. Clue is a board game. People solving crimes use clues. Normal people use clues to figure out non-obvious things.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.15.2012

  25. I have found a clue!

    By just582 URL on 02.15.2012

  26. I have no clue why I am doing this. I’m not even in the mindset to write. There is noise and racket – I feel … anxious, no brain bandwidth. Fun though – a nice break from my workday.

    By Sina URL on 02.15.2012

  27. it didn’t tell me much but
    it did give me a chance to look
    just a bit deeper
    at what i thought i already knew
    opening the defined world a tiny bit
    and letting possibility shine through

    By leigh on 02.15.2012

  28. The thing about it is that I’m just not sure where to find it.
    Under the chair?
    At the bottom of my cup?
    In my shoe?
    Oh! There it is!

    By David on 02.15.2012

  29. And then Jimmy found it. It was hiding there all along. Or had it been? The one clue he had been searching for to tell him where the missing treasure was. But he was sure that he had searched under the barn door before, on his way in. It was dark in there, perhaps he had missed it? Then he heard a sound coming from behind…

    By Bex URL on 02.15.2012

  30. I didn’t have a clue…seriously, not one. No idea where to go next with it or what to say, even. It loomed up in front of me as a veritable mountain to climb with no path up it. I’m not even sure sherpas could have made it up.

    By zebra URL on 02.15.2012

  31. It is something that helps you with your work.

    By Eric Liu on 02.15.2012

  32. A mystery is something that you don’t understand, but that you want to understand. Clues are the tiny pieces of information, the pieces of data that you can collect and then analyze. Solving a mystery using clues is an exciting process. It forces you to think about the different possibilities for how the clues are connected to each other.

    By Victoria Landry on 02.15.2012

  33. An inkling. A hint.
    This just might change your life.
    Lean in. Listen.
    An omen, a sign. It’s auspicious.
    Like a gold thread leading you onto your joyful path.
    Follow the shine in your eye. It knows.

    By Marie-Eve on 02.15.2012

  34. i haven’t got a clue
    never know what to do
    and then I breathe…
    and I remember – who I am
    and who I want to be
    i am me…

    By deb URL on 02.15.2012

  35. Get one. It’s not hard – just pay attention. They are everywhere, clues. They lead you to what you are looking for. They lead you, perhaps, to what you already know. It is underneath your nose, or a rock nearby. Or maybe it’s in the sky above. The ground under your feet. A phone call away, a glance in the mirror – your best friend.

    By Michelle URL on 02.15.2012

  36. don’t have a clue why i’m doing this and it’s interesting that clue is my first word. I think clues are all around us when we are open to seeing them and they guide us/me towards that which I’m here for, meant for and able to give/share with the world. there’s much more to clue then a candlestick in the conservatory

    By Emily Oba on 02.15.2012

  37. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with my life but I feel like I’ve sort of come to terms with that. i love my husband and my kids and watching all of us grow and change and constantly question and I’m enjoying letting go of my death grip on life a little bit, sitting back, and watching it unfold instead of worrying constantly that I’m not doing it right or I need to do it differently. It seems to be working pretty well for now.

    By Alix on 02.15.2012

  38. I dont have a clue what to write. But in all honestly the truth is within, I already know. The universe is constantly whispering these clues to us all. If only we would listen.

    By Monica on 02.15.2012

  39. clueless is what comes to mind. but rather there are clues everywhere i look. clues as a little reminder that i’m on the right track. sometimes there are clues that shadow i’m on the wrong path. i take a turn. and there are no clues left.

    what’s my clue for today?

    By erica blitz URL on 02.15.2012

  40. Get a clue, would you? Tune into the cosmic patterns that hint you towards your most present and embodied self, in every moment. There are clues hidden everywhere. Inside of you, in the other, and in the environment. Just be present and tune into what’s available to you.

    By Nicole on 02.15.2012