February 14th, 2012 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “clue”

  1. hahahah this is my favorite movie and i was just sharing some fun thoughts over Facebook with some of my dearest high school friends…it reminds me of how when you love something for a long time it means a lot when people share that love…it is not a deal breaker to not share it but those tiny things we discover in common with people when

    By Sara Jean McCarthy on 02.15.2012

  2. what helps me trigger my intuition, and at the same time, helps me feel more secure about it. what helps me feel and understand people – so i’m better at coaching them. clues are everywhere.

    By natbertrand URL on 02.15.2012

  3. This word is cool. It ends with 2 vowels. I’s like a hipster – it thinks it’s unique, but you’ve seen this before. I’m doing a crossword right now, so this word is relevant to me. It sounds cool.

    By K on 02.15.2012

  4. Right now I don’t have a clue on what’s going on on. Maybe it’s because I totally overslept or because I missed class all week. Regardless I am clueless.

    By SRBC URL on 02.15.2012

  5. She had no idea what to do in this situation. No clue, not even a single little thought came to her mind. No way out. just clueless.

    By Wildwrites on 02.15.2012

  6. I have lived a solid 51 years and I have tried to learn from different people from all walks of life and I find that I just don’t get it, I still don’t have a clue to what my life is all about.

    By Beni URL on 02.15.2012

  7. clueless. clue glue. detective. detective conan. get a clue! solution. deduction. induction. lead. possibility. narrowing down. hope.

    By Claire on 02.15.2012

  8. I haven’t got a clue what really happened that night. It was dark. There were screams. There was blood. Someone died. Everything was over from that moment, and I don’t know what to do.

    By Autumn on 02.15.2012

  9. Get one…need one…need a direction. Think I’m figuring it out. The clue is in my heart. Has been all along.

    By Gwen URL on 02.15.2012

  10. when your trying to figure something out its good to have a clue……lets see oh! the game clue i do not know that much about writing about clue.

    By harhodes URL on 02.15.2012

  11. As we walk around, we look for a clue. A clue that will tell what step to take next. A clue to if it’ll rain. A clue to tell us if this is a dream. We look for a clue because it’s fun.

    By Susan on 02.15.2012

  12. I often wish I could “get one.” Sometimes I feel like I’m just missing the mark, just passing by the queues that are all around me – guiding me. I want to both catch and understand the clues…as well as leave brilliant ones for others! When will that become second nature? Ahhhh, for a clue that might tell me so…and the wisdom to recognize it as such. :-)

    By Ronna URL on 02.15.2012

  13. I wish I had one. I wish I had just one about what happened next. What to do. What happens next. But if I did would it really help me…would it lead me to figure it all out faster…would I miss something. I guess it’s not so awful to be clueless sometimes. The adventures are blowing my mind after all. Yeah, keep your clues to yourself.

    By Cass URL on 02.15.2012

  14. Ohhh reminds me of a song called “Get a Clue” from a Disneymania CD I used to listen to, when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I listened to it not too long ago, and I realized that now the singer’s voice is really annoying. I can’t listen to it anymore without getting angry.

    By Emilia URL on 02.15.2012

  15. It’s like finding a rainbow, peeking over the mountains on a cloudy day, finding love is like a treasure hunt. You never know where it might be and in what package you will find it. Sometimes it comes in handsome packages that are obvious and easy to fall in love with. Sometimes it takes you by surprise and you meet someone who appears unlike anyone you’ve ever known and he sweeps you off your feet.

    By R on 02.15.2012

  16. she
    like a star so bright
    i can’t even see her
    i should’ve noticed the
    distant looks
    the vague smiles
    those eyes that were once
    so clear becoming so cloudy
    with longing for something that
    isn’t me
    but something beyond the horizon
    i can’t see her

    By Iffath URL on 02.15.2012

  17. Old School board game. Colonel Mustard did it in the parlor with a knife. Magnifying glass. Sherlock Holmes. Hint.

    By Bill Blevins URL on 02.15.2012

  18. get one. i think i have one. maybe i don’t. some people REALLY don’t. help?? even though i think i have a clue, i’d like more. about everything.

    By erinn on 02.15.2012

  19. Give me a clue to immortality. Is it light, or space or dreams or legacy? How can I know what to do when I don’t know what the end plan is? I just need a little clue to help me know what to do next. I’m so confused. And small. And tired.

    By Dawn Waldron URL on 02.15.2012

  20. I saw the clue that would finally lead me home. It was the only paper in the bottom of the vase, like Frederick said. I pulled it out, and I saw it. The only thing on it was one word: Pearl. What did that mean?

    By Pearl Part 1 on 02.15.2012

  21. clue makes me think of the game clue, even though i never really played it as a kid. i loved all games, but for some reason never played that one. it makes me want to buy it and play it maybe i will take that other game back and go get the game clue and plaY NOW AND let my kids play it someday. if i have kids. who knows, i guess i do really want childern someday, its weird to think of my life with them and , also weird to think of my life without them.

    By Nick on 02.15.2012

  22. Clue. Clue Jr. I haven’t got a clue. Look for the clue. Where’s the clue? No clue. Sometimes all we need is one clue. Missing the clue. Creating without a clue. Even if we don’t have all the clues, we move forward anyway. What’s stopping you from creating? What’s stopping you from making magic?

    By Sarah URL on 02.15.2012

  23. I haven’t a clue what to write about clue. This game, as a kid, was a way to spend afternoons with my neighbor across the street. It’s funny how as we grow, those memories stick with us. I remember her playroom and games sometimes more than the actual house itself.

    Clue has such a weird connotation. It’s like a hint – but not quite – and sometimes it seems more ominous than helpful.

    By Leah on 02.15.2012

  24. clue me in. clue to the you. i’m with you. drive down the road looking for crumbs, little pieces of the puzzle. i’m the clue for you. falling puzzle pieces landing in piles of yes. more time. hah, is that a clue? sorting this clue, here, that one, there. grouping colors together, trying to see an image appear, a picture of my future.

    By marielle on 02.15.2012

  25. Sometimes I feel I don’t have a clue. And then I realize that God keeps giving me clues to channel my love of puzzles to explore and expand life. I am a Puzzle Solver.

    By KD on 02.15.2012

  26. This is a game that was frustrating to play with a 6 year-old. He didn’t really possess the patience required to get through the whole thing to find out who dunnit. Also, that was back when he only wanted to play if he won.

    By Kerri on 02.15.2012

  27. habe keinen. hätte gerne einen. ist süß. wie ein filou. bringt mich zum lachen. clueny. well, hello! muss man erstmal drauf kommen. ein tipp. ein steinchen. etwas schönes. süß.

    By Johanna on 02.15.2012

  28. I wish that I could have a clue … to my heart. Why does my heart make me clueless in so many ways – yet – so open and free and wide and happy?

    Oh, you clueless hopeless heart of mine …

    By jackie on 02.15.2012

  29. A clue is something you get that points you in the direction of solving a problem. The game Clue come to mind that I used to play with my cousins. An investigator trying to solve a crime would look for clues.

    Some examples:

    2. 3

    By Stacy on 02.15.2012

  30. short help dark hint try help look lie see hold

    By sherry on 02.15.2012

  31. He had only one clue as to the where abouts of the gold.That was all. “the thing you seek lies with the one you need the most.” John was concerned. He knew deep within himself that the one he needed most was Sherlock but he disn’t want to admit it. Not yet. There was other things he could try before digging up Sherlock’s grave. So he sent Mycroft a call to see if the man who controlled all the English government and likely some other countries’ as well. “what is the one thing I need most? -JW” the reply was instant, “my brother -MH” Well that’s wonderful. “And where do you suppose he is? -JW” This time the reply took a little boy longer. “He hasn’t told you? -MH” It had been two years since Riechanbach.

    By Mackedee on 02.15.2012

  32. clue. a hint. a sneak peak. insight into what is coming. the universe offers these to us all the time. the trick is simply, are we paying attention. it’s almost as thought we are playing a board game with the world. hints in the library or the conservatory. just don’t be conservative with how you play your life.

    By christi URL on 02.15.2012

  33. I don’t have a clue about life. Life without a purpose to be exact. It feels superficial. Not organic. Forced. I feel uninspired. It is scary.

    By Andini Haryani on 02.15.2012

  34. Get kinda lost in life sometimes. Always looking for a clue of which way to go. Funnythatin retrospect life seems so kismet .like you don’t see the clues when they are there. Only in retrospect .

    By Jenny on 02.15.2012

  35. Things we think about when we looking for something that we dont know someting about. To search for clues is like having a scavenger hunt.

    By Mrs. Brauer URL on 02.15.2012

  36. if someone gives you a clue it helps you to figure out something ! Detectives use clues to figure out a mystery.

    By Elaine on 02.15.2012

  37. we used to play. my favorite move was the secret passage from one corner to the library, to the kitchen. and the actual game pieces. the original ones, not the plastic later. a real lead pipe. and wrench. fun stuff. and it was great to learn how to deduce. some friends didn’t get it. didn’t know how to limit the questions to get the answers.

    By Ruth Davis on 02.15.2012

  38. I dont have a clue what to think about be in love with a preacher from my church!! What should I do? Embrace or be careful??? Oh I pray to God to everything go all right!

    By Olga on 02.15.2012

  39. the key to whatever puzzles you – the aha moment. I always want one, and they are fun to give too :) Wow, 60 seconds is a long time – the progress bar at the bottom is like a clue… it keeps you going, keeps you guessing.

    By September URL on 02.15.2012

  40. a hint. a teaser. a stimulus that causes you to think inside and outside the box. it’s a great board game for kids (and adults). clues can be misread because they don’t give the whole story, just a piece. they can lead to poor decisions or amazing discoveries, depending on who deciphers them and a little luck.

    By DS on 02.15.2012