April 30th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “clover”

  1. Clover’s are a simple thing
    To smell
    To see
    To breath
    Clovers Clovers Clovers
    This Is What They Mean To Me
    A Clover Is a Kiss From A Lover
    A Hug From a Mother
    A laugh from a brother
    A Clover Is Love

    By Lauren URL on 05.01.2011

  2. Clovers, what mom uses to keep the house smelling pretty, clover field, the street we lived in while in sunny sandiego, clover as in four leaf clover, a piece of luck found amid a field of regular clovers.

    By Michelle habel on 05.01.2011

  3. totally spice, totally loved it. childhood. best memories, primary school, best friends. spar. nice weather volleyball… i loved it. and i miss it so much.. it was a fantastic period.

    By adri on 05.01.2011

  4. He picked the clover and ran back to his mother.
    “Look what I found mother!” he cried out.
    His mother slowly took the clover from his small, chubby hand and looked at it closely.

    By M.E. URL on 05.01.2011

  5. st patricks day. green. lucky. spring. happy. round. stem. 4 leafs. rare. cool

    By sally on 05.01.2011

  6. The clover was all alone, all by itself. The only clover in the field. No one knows why it’s the only one that grows there, it just is. The local kids have named it Harvey and they sit and talk to it almost everyday. The only clover in town. Harvey.

    By Autumn Bobb URL on 05.01.2011

  7. She lay in the bed of clover, a blue arch of nothing above her that reflected itself in her dark eyes. Her mouth took shape around words, but I could not hear any of them, as I was too drawn up in her figure, in her smiling face that laughed at the sky.

    By Mattie URL on 05.01.2011

  8. Crimson and
    Roll me over
    Lucky four leaf….
    One little plant
    Saddled with so many references, hopes,
    So much need
    Your round little leaves
    Just trying to eat some sun
    And get on with the business of spring.

    By angelofmercy URL on 05.01.2011

  9. Walking down the old road, I was amazed by the green surroundings. I stopped to take it all in and I looked down to my feet and there it was, a four leaf clover.

    By Nicole on 05.01.2011

  10. this morning me and nat were on the computer taking pics with eachtother and we found that stamps were one of the effects so we found four leaf clovers and we stamped them all over our picss hahahh l

    By Natalie on 05.01.2011

  11. The field was covered in clover. It reminded me of the longing Bella felt in that vampire story. I felt the same way. Not happy at all.

    By Katie on 05.01.2011

  12. A clover is a simple thing, yet it can bring each and every one of us such pride and joy. Our hearts race when we realize we have discovered a four leave clover. it may merely be a plant, but when we find one, we can be filled with nothing but pure accomplishment.

    By Becca on 05.01.2011

  13. Clover always makes me think of childhood. As a child, I remember running out to the field to play during preschool, running to the patch of clover, hurrying to find a four leaf clover before the others. I don’t remember ever finding one, but it was always fun.

    By Camilla on 05.01.2011

  14. four leaf. lucky. give him two lips like roses in clover, and tell him that his lonesome nights are over, sandman-i’m so alone, don’t have no body to call my own so please turn on your magic beam…mister sandman bring me a dream! bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum….

    By Lexie on 05.01.2011

  15. lucky green clubs. heart stars and horseshoes _______s and blue moons. 3 leaves are luckier. 4 leaves are freaks. if you had an extra arm, would you consider yourself lucky? nah, dont think so.

    By kai URL on 05.01.2011

  16. Clover fields of Horton the Elephant, Pink and garish as Drag Queens lips, Full of false pretense and far from elegant, Lost in one mishappen mental eclipse.

    By Kayla Martine URL on 05.01.2011

  17. What the fuck is a clover? Is it a plant? Like a four leaf clover? hmmmmm… wasn’t there a president named clover? Huh I think clovers are cool but maybe that is because I’m irish, who knows.

    By Gabi on 05.01.2011

  18. saint patricks day green once i thought i found one and once i got bit by a snake it hurt but jenna’s probably hurt worse jenna’s coming home on thursday but then shes leaving that’s ok i can deal we’re just going on lots of fun trips and lots of fun i’m excited.

    By Callie on 05.01.2011

  19. this. this is the moment.
    her eyes are transfixed by the emblem above the man’s head, but her body rockets forward towards him. the effects are visible instantaneously. he has died with the clover hanging over.

    By Matea URL on 05.01.2011

  20. With four leaves? I could use some luck right now.

    By megan URL on 05.01.2011

  21. The four leaf clover was the one thing that had stuck with her for her whole life. She kept it since she was little; it had brought her luck in the darkest of times. She never was able to place where the magic of the clover came from, only that it was the most powerful magic she’d experienced, save for love.

    By Erin on 05.01.2011

  22. There was an old TV show, and the lead girl was named Clover. She was annoying, but her friends were okay. They had very generic unisex names, Sam and Alex, so I often wonder why the writers decided to give the other girl such an unusual name. I used to really like it and I wished my name was Clover. But then I realized that Clover, suits a horse better.

    By Shannon URL on 05.01.2011

  23. The clover mocks me. The king of clubs stares at me viciously, sitting in my hand, blending with the other clubs in my deck of cards. Supposed to be lucky, they taunt me with misfortune. So I quickly discard. Take that, King!

    By Meghan URL on 05.01.2011

  24. I was in this really cool place, like a small field, but completely enclosed by trees. It had little strawberries and clover plants growing that tickled under my bare feet. I lay down and was completely absorbed by my patch of blue sky. I saw in the clouds: a horse, a dragon, a book.

    By Talia on 05.01.2011

  25. I always think about clover chips. I guess clover is a part of playing cards. It makes me happy thinking about playing cards. Clover sounds like over. I don’t really know what this means. And I dont know if I care

    By kitte on 05.01.2011

  26. i was laying face down in a patch of clover. the stuff was in my nose. i could taste it in my eyes. and all i wanted was to to bottle that up and pour it on my couch at home to cover up the shit smell.

    By Kyle on 05.01.2011

  27. These four leaves are the hope I have for you. They are holding on to their faithful stem that clings to the ground in an effort to nourish with groundwater and sunlight. These four leaves will grow thick and bright and when you come upon this clover the wishes will be ripe for the picking.

    By Laura Mary URL on 05.01.2011

  28. The red clover swayed in the breeze. Small enough to avoid the leaping legs of Timothy and Magdaline, but large enough for Aunt Jenna to snap a a quick photo to admire in later years.

    By Andrew URL on 05.01.2011

  29. I was walking in the park one day. I tripped on my shoe lace and I fell into the soft green grass. I saw a four leafed clover, and put it into my pocket. I had good luck until I left it in my pocket and it went through the wash. I was sad. very sad indeed. All of the luck was washed out of my clover, and I felt very stupid for washing it.

    By Sav Knarf on 05.01.2011

  30. Go ahead and run in the fields of antlers where the deer congregate. And chase until you can’t. And bark until you won’t. RIP beloved pet, beloved friend.

    By Jason URL on 05.01.2011


    By Hallie on 05.01.2011

  32. Would that luck could be bottled ao easily. It certainly would come in handy to have whenever I needed it, easily within reach. There might have been a few times that it could have save me some grief.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 05.01.2011

  33. To everyone, it brings luck. But to even more it symbolizes family, faith, tradition. Its as common in Irish Catholic households, as the sign of the cross!

    By Kelley on 05.01.2011

  34. Four leaf clovers are supposed to be about good luck. I’ve had a few of them, and it never really seems to work. I don’t think it really does. Clover hooves and chewing the cud is what makes a hooved animal kosher suppposably, I learned that the other day when I went to a jewish

    By Wesley on 05.01.2011

  35. You are my luck. My four leaf. But something happened. What happens when someone I thought was a four leaf clover turns into a three?
    Lying naked in a patch of clover.
    My heart was wrapped up in clover the night i looked at you

    By amanda on 05.01.2011

  36. The four leaf clover. A mystical thing indeed. Wanted by all seeking a way to cheat the system, increase their chances of a good outcome. But is it really all that good? You see, I know the truth. The four leaf clover comes with a harsh price. For all who use it to its full potential are cursed, a curse that destroys everything you know.

    By Jaymore on 05.01.2011

  37. four leaf clover stands for luck, but it’s really just like a human with a deformity. why don’t deformed humans stand for luck, too? it’s just a little something special to differentiate us from all the other human/clovers in the patch.

    By eleanor on 05.01.2011

  38. It sparkled with morning dew as she looked down at it. One might imagine the endless superstitious possibilities of the four leaves, but she had no such ideas mulling around in her brain. It was green and looked lovely to her as she chomped down on it, among many others with less exciting numbers of leaves, on this beautiful spring day. She munched happily as her tail swatted away some flies, and she whinnied with satisfaction.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.01.2011

  39. ripped — the clover was ripped. three little leaves lay on the ground, lethargic breeze picking them up and dropping them agian. i can’t imagine a human so cruel, and yet a ladybug haven’t the strength.

    By Matea URL on 05.01.2011

  40. We sat o the grass picking out clovers and pulling off their petals. If I didn’t know better, we could have been three again sitting in front of our playground all together around. Pure bliss. Before we split. And I was left to fend alone.

    By Samantha URL on 05.01.2011