June 15th, 2014 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “cloudless”

  1. Jongin stares up at the cloudless skies as he skips through the meadows in is hometown. Kyungsoo tries to catch up to him but he keeps triping in the tall grass because of his rather short legs.

    By hara URL on 06.15.2014

  2. A cloudless day does not mean there won’t be storms later. They are the storms that do not require rain, lightning, or thunder. All they need is a hot temper, a colder cup of temptation, and something blunt or sharp gripped in a dominant hand.

    Storms become hurricanes even without wind. It is when the blood begins to pour. It is when the people begin to scream. It is when the creator and destroyer fall to their knees together, staring at the dampened blades and fingers, wondering what they’ve really done.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.15.2014

  3. The clouds were so thick and heavy that they filled the sky so full it seemed there were none at all; just an endless, cloudless sea of smoky gray heaven, stretching as far as the eye could see.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.15.2014

  4. The fog had cleared and my eyes began to accept what was instead of what was supposed to be.
    My future was a head of me, why had I been so blind to reality?

    By Dylan Farrell on 06.15.2014

  5. my mind has never been entirely cloudless until this point. i look to his eyes and no word is there on my tongue. i feel peace? and a safety? his shoulders protect me

    By Courtney on 06.15.2014

  6. In a cloudless sky the picture darkened. As inevitably it must do. For what is a turn, or axis, or rotation, if there are no shades to distinguish night from day. Water is optional, but time is not. Fundamental laws that cannot be broken, perhaps some day bent, but always constant. Till the heat death of the universe. And maybe it all recycles over and over again. What are mysteries if not esoteric objects with meanings that will never be fully translatable. Pieced together in the context of story. But stories end as they must do. No matter how never ending we imagine them, perhaps there is a cold dark place from which nothing is ever resurrected. Forever lost to time.

    By Intuition on 06.15.2014

  7. The skies were cloudless but it was a pretty day. The moon was bright and illuminating. I didn’t really want to go back in after seeing such beauty.

    By Steles on 06.16.2014

  8. In our island of clouds i am floating
    his hands caress me, his love is coating
    our desire has no bound
    we don’t have to make a sound
    for our words are never easily found

    By Melanie Rose. on 06.16.2014

  9. The sun was just beginning to dip beyond the horizon, painting a pinkish evening glow over the cloudless sky. The moon peered up from the East, ready to take its place as illuminator for the Earth.

    By Iknowitsucks on 06.16.2014

  10. nothing

    By nikita on 06.16.2014

  11. Although it wasn’t very warm up in the mountains the cloudless sky was simply beautiful.

    By Alexandra on 06.16.2014

  12. The day was warm and the sky above was cloudless. Something was about to happen I thought, however, it was a small reminder of the beauty of God’s creation.

    By victor URL on 06.16.2014

  13. Cracks forming overhead. That’s what the blue reminds me of. Not because it’s cloudless now- it is, but that hardly matters- but because I know that there will be a storm later. I don’t want to think about it, but how can I not? I can see it moving in, even when there’s not a cloud in the sky. I can feel it coming.

    By Excruciata URL on 06.16.2014

  14. The cloudless sky should have cheered me. After so much rain I should have been relieved beyond measure, but I wasn’t. It scared me, I knew what was coming.

    By laurajane on 06.16.2014

  15. The cloudless sky should have been a joy. The rain had been relentless of late, but I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. I knew what was coming

    By laurajane on 06.16.2014

  16. Tais looked up to the sky, it was endlessly blue, not a cloud was in sight. She sighed, wishing more days could be like this. Peaceful yet full.

    By Eden on 06.16.2014

  17. The cloudless sky was begin to darken, and Amelia shivered. It was a sign of the times a bad omen. Whether it would directly affect her or not, something horrifying was about to hit their city—and nothing could be done about it.

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.16.2014

  18. it was a simple quite day the pale blue sky was cloudless and it seemed this day could never end. ‘oh how wonderfull?’ i thought. ‘just perfect’

    By Margaret on 06.16.2014

  19. The cloudless sky was begin to darken, and Amelia shivered. It was a sign of the times, a bad omen. Whether it would directly affect her or not, something horrifying was about to hit their city, she could feel it—and nothing could be done about it.

    By Blue Iris on 06.16.2014

  20. I stare up at the cloudless sky and grin. Today was the day he’d come back, he swore it. I didn’t know what time or anything like that, but he was coming for me. And we’d be together…forever.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 06.16.2014

  21. Alles ist klar-
    nichts ist verdeckt.
    Der Weg vor dir
    alles ist wolkenlos.

    Nichts das dich anregt
    nichts das dich inspiriert
    Der Weg so weit weg.
    Alles ist wolkenlos

    By Anuri URL on 06.16.2014

  22. it was a beautiful day; the pale blue sky was cloudless, it seemed this day could never end. ‘oh, how wonderful?’ i marveled. ‘just perfect.’

    By Margaret Norman on 06.16.2014

  23. we toiled. that is an old word that we began to understand as we baked under the cloudless sky. every pore emitted our sweat. we were soaked just getting out of the van – and were spent by the time they gave us our tools -me a rake, jessica a shovel, the rest, well who cared about them…

    By Lee on 06.16.2014

  24. cloudless skies do not make the prettiest sunsets, nor do foggy cloudy days. When the sky is vast and the clouds are there, but not necessarily in abundance then the sky is painted with a vast array of colors.

    By RCMitchell on 06.16.2014

  25. Mirrored sky of molten lead,
    Amber eyes of ashen face staring-
    Cloudless clandestine being-
    Your grace is unmatched…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 06.16.2014

  26. as she sits,
    she realizes that the sky is clear,
    and her life is anything but,
    her head is spinning and tears are falling.

    By Hannah URL on 06.16.2014

  27. Cloudless Jane Turner was a woman of ill repute. She was sought after by every gentleman who only acted like a gentleman but was really a man of strong urge. She was liked by many but for the wrong reasons.

    By Jim Ranger on 06.16.2014

  28. the sky was never cloudless again. there was no blue—-no oranges, pinks, or yellows. just white fluff—crowded together, smothering the beauty that is sunset. the cloudiness perfectly matching feelings or uncertainty–doom—dread

    By Safon on 06.16.2014

  29. Imagine waking up to a cloudless sky. With nothing between you and the rest of the universe. Nothing stopping you from living the life you want to live.

    By laurelizabeth87 on 06.16.2014

  30. My thoughts on this big day were like a summer sky, cloudless. I knew that today was the day that I would have to go through with what I was born to do. I have to assassinate the King of the Elves to bring back courage to my people.

    By Caitlin Love on 06.16.2014

  31. you came and went like rain falling from a cloudless sky

    By drew URL on 06.16.2014

  32. The sky was bare and cloudless, the ground baron. Everywhere she looked there was nothing. Where had she come from how did she get to this place. She thought back in her mind to waking up on the ground here in the baron place. She thought further back to the last memory she had. She was walking down fifth avenue in New York. It was a beautiful day with large puffy clouds over head and the tall buildings were blocking the sun and there was sound coming from every direction. The taxis, the people talking or laughing, the dogs barking, the police sirens and the general shuffle of the hustle of the street were there and then suddenly gone. Now there was nothing but this silence, a silence in everything. She felt as though she had been dropped into a vacuum,which had sucked everything away, but the dirt under her feet and the sky above. Even the light she thought. She looked around everywhere the sky was bright and the light was all around her, but there was not sun in this sky. This could not be a real place. If it were she would be able to see the sun in the sky. This had to be an artificial made room but where and why she wondered.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.16.2014

  33. One morning there was a girl with a boy in a park having a picnic when the sky become cloudless their morning was becoming a disaster . They thought it was going to be a nice day.

    By Pilar on 06.16.2014

  34. it was 1916, alovely day here in paris I saw the blue sky that was calling me. My name was Steven and I am from germany but I ws in Paris i deceide to go to the sky I get on climbing it was realy blue . I deceide to stay the and I continues living there I saw you you and you i SAW EVERYBODY.THE DREAM OF EVERYONE.

    By Delfina Urquizu on 06.16.2014

  35. When I was que ith my boyfriend I was looking the cloudless and I we looking the cloudless.

    By Marty on 06.16.2014

  36. One afternoon I was playing football outside with my friends, the sky was cloudless and the day was beautiful, we had a great time.

    By Tomas Paladino on 06.16.2014

  37. One day a was in a camp wih my boyfriend. The sky was cloudless and the birds sing. Was in summer and was the best day in my life

    By Valentina Muguelar on 06.16.2014

  38. the sky can be cloudness. It can change all the time. When? All around the year. Why? Because of the temperature, time, etc.
    I was playing rugby when the sky was cloudlness then when the match finished, i try to see the sky again but it was with a lot of clouds so i told to myself please help me! that i dont want more clouds while i played rugby. some minutes later i saw the sky again and it was cloudlness again

    By lautaro on 06.16.2014

  39. One day a man calles cloudness start to run because some stillers were runing at him, so he found a gun and shoot to them so he walk to his house happily

    By Aza on 06.16.2014

  40. Rainy. Sad day. Deppression. Horrible. Not happy. Sadness summertime saddnes

    By Pilar on 06.16.2014