June 16th, 2014 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “cornered”

  1. Summer, and she’s waiting again, her cheek pressed flat against the cool plaster of the wall. She could walk away now, never looking back, her soft shadow lingering, but she is staying. All the space in the world, and all she wants in some breathing room and little more time. This is where things truly start. Autumn, and she goes.

    By Sol on 06.17.2014

  2. cornered means to be secluded into a far part of the room ,nobody likes to be cornered ,whether it is to be cornered from a conversation or to be cornered into a room.

    By Tushar Gupta on 06.17.2014

  3. Cornered, it means you’re trapped, likely in some variety of trouble and most likely alone. You don’t usually have many ways out of a corner, except perhaps if you can climb since it’s usually two walls that make a corner. Alternatively you could knock one down.

    By Brett on 06.17.2014

  4. cornered means to be secluded or to be ignored from something or from something big,nobody likes to be cornered from a conversation or to be cornered alone in a crowd :(

    By B!() on 06.17.2014

  5. Cornered again– this time it was thugs. They had clubs, I had a Smith & Wesson. Yeah, this wasn’t gonna end pretty.

    They ran up until they saw the cold steel, the maker of their death.

    I escaped with no injuries.

    By Rumelis on 06.17.2014

  6. i will never get out. this is where it will end. the angles are true and the fates have spoken. when is not important. it will happen.

    By Lee on 06.17.2014

  7. Her husband wanted her to have a child. Her parents were pushing her for grandchildren. Her friends that had children kept asking her when they would be starting a family. She felt cornered by all of them. She needed to find a way to tell Matt about what happened to her at college before they met. She had come back from school changed somewhat her parents had thought but no one knew what she had been through or why she was so with drawn. She never mentions Scott to any of them or the baby she carried for four month or the miscarriage she had, which made it impossible to ever have a child. She had kept all her pain inside her. It was hers and hers alone. She did not want to share or hear others opinions on the subject, whether they would be supportive or not. Maria opened the book in her bottom drawer and she took out the sonogram of the only child she would ever carry. Her name would have been Angelique if she had lived. She would have turned 10 yesterday she thought if all had gone right. She thought about talking to Matt, but then put the photo back in the book and closed the drawer. No she thought this is hers and she did not want to share it with anyone

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.17.2014

  8. Time has cornered me. It is pushing me into the corner of the room. It is time for me to leave, but I don’t want to go yet. I want to stay home. Time is looming large above me.

    By Meg on 06.17.2014

  9. hate, spikes of discontent and unhappiness seem through your mind and turn from sympathy to detest and anger.

    By Hugh Hobhouse on 06.17.2014

  10. nowhere to go, no one behind but your loneliness and despair with only the sky up and a lake of despair and self-pity below you there is nothing left but you and the feeling of being cornered witch is all you have left, the infinite valley of seclusion.

    By Hugh Hobhouse on 06.17.2014

  11. cornered and cowering, the black lab whimpered, one paw resting upon its mate. The boys surrounded her, sticks raised high. She lunged and in that moment, Terry knew this was the dog he’d lost.

    By judyb on 06.17.2014

  12. Du rennst,
    drehst dich nicht um,
    du kannst sie spüren,
    du weißt, dass sie da sind,
    dass sie dich umstellen,
    dich einengen
    und nicht mehr gehen lassen wollen.

    By Anuri URL on 06.17.2014

  13. She was cornered against the wall by the giant who had smelly breath.
    He got ready to swipe her clean off the wall!

    By Darcy on 06.17.2014