June 15th, 2014 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “cloudless”

  1. The time it took for me to breathe a sign a giant elegant cloud streamed directly over my head casting my surroundings in a otherworldly state for several moments and then just like that it was gone, much like my sigh revealing again a cloudless sky.

    By Therese on 06.15.2014

  2. clouds, the sky.. nothing’s there, or anywhere.. nothing is real, with or without clouds we are just meaningless.

    By jimbo URL on 06.15.2014

  3. As I lay there on the green grass without anyone by my side, I looked up at the cloudless sky and wondered where Veronika was. What she was doing, thinking right at this very moment. I had no feeling left inside of my heart, except for the warmth of her final embrace. Will it be the last?

    By Joe on 06.15.2014

  4. I do not want to write about cloudless. I need to write about you. The one I dream about, scream about. But only in my dreams. Is this the beginning of a new chapter or the end of a previous one? Where will my next page be turned or dream be burnt?

    By Joe on 06.15.2014

  5. The sky was hot blue and cloudless. The hard curve of its dome seemed to seal me to the earth.

    By mrsmig on 06.15.2014

  6. your eyes
    are a cloudless
    that beckons on into mine
    of lightning
    are electrified
    turned neutral
    so that I can fully
    deeply love you
    deeper than the depths of the
    are you
    and your cloudless

    By Alex URL on 06.15.2014

  7. As she peered up into the cloudless sky she spotted her favorite bird, the red tailed hawk soaring on a current of the wind.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.15.2014

  8. The sky has been cleaned by an angel. I can see star and i ask mtself where will be the end of all that?

    By Andres Gonzalez on 06.15.2014

  9. A clear blue sky, that’s what it was. Staring up to it, I couldn’t let my imagination drift, creating animals and shapes but rather, I dreamt of the ocean on this cloudless day.

    By fairytales on 06.15.2014

  10. A world without clouds. Who would enjoy that? But, someone who has never seen clouds wouldn’t even know the difference. Clouds can make so many shapes, and be so helpful in daydreaming. Clouds, with their big, puffy white smiles light up the sky, especially when you’re on a plane taking a flight selfie. Clouds move, just as life does…

    By Clroeser URL on 06.15.2014

  11. i’ve got a truck for the weekend and i’m lying in its bed,
    staring up at the cloudless sky and wishing you were next to me
    to help me count the stars.

    By sarah marie URL on 06.15.2014

  12. All I remember about that day was the sky being a clear blue. Isn’t it weird, the way us humans remember the tiny things but not the big picture? I can’t remember what her lips felt like, or whether or not she put her hands in my hair, but I do remember kissing her under a cloudless sky.

    By Jillian Marie on 06.15.2014

  13. The boys lay under a cloudless sky, occasionally stealing glances at each other. They both knew that just a year ago even a thought of something this romantic was impossible. They knew they were lucky to have each other, and they wouldn’t swap this for the world.

    By Olivia on 06.15.2014

  14. I woke up this morning and looked outside, cloudless or at least above my head

    By tml on 06.15.2014

  15. the sky was clear. it was scary to see no clouds whatsoever over your head. but it was also kinda freeing. there were no expectations. nothing to pressure on you from above. suddenly you had so many possibilities. wow. what to do.
    I turned around and saw the world as it was. Waste with so much room to be filled.

    By Dani N on 06.15.2014

  16. a cloudless sky doesn’t last forever where i am from. It stays for what seems only a moment and then BAM! clouds galore streaking up the sky. pretty puffy cottonball clouds, dark and scary rain clouds fill the sky sometimes even at the same time.

    By Billie Levitt on 06.15.2014

  17. I really want to have this under my username as well. thank you. Text I wrote before I registered below the cut

    the sky was clear. it was scary to see no clouds whatsoever over your head. but it was also kinda freeing. there were no expectations. nothing to pressure on you from above. suddenly you had so many possibilities. wow. what to do.
    I turned around and saw the world as it was. Waste with so much room to be filled.

    By Dani N on 06.15.2014

  18. the hot sun, sand on my toes, smell of the ocean its the best feeling ever! FREEDOM! Its summer!!!

    By Trixiewixieo on 06.15.2014

  19. Without a cloud in sight, she can lie down and see nothing at all above her but endless and unvarying blue. She begins to feel she is floating, then falling, plummeting into the unknown with nobody to catch her and no ground to land on.

    By Juliet on 06.15.2014

  20. sky, rain, heaven, twister,

    By Diego on 06.15.2014

  21. Cloudless skies were the most frightening thing he had ever seen after he gout out of prison. It was too open. Too free. After two decades in a dungeon, subject to the king’s will, he couldn’t simply have freedon. It was scarier than torture. It was dangerous.

    By Lis on 06.15.2014

  22. My brain is the opposite of this right now. My thoughts, feelings, actions, cloudy.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 06.15.2014

  23. For once, the sky was absolutely cloudless. She could hardly believe it when she looked out the window. She made sure, however, not to say anything too silly to her husband – “there are no clouds in the sky” just didn’t sound right. Instead she decided to take the entire family out, and she immediately fell in love with the shade of blue that covered the entire expanse of the sky.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.15.2014

  24. This is a strange time in my life. I keep floating between memories that don’t make much sense anymore. They are becoming shapes and colors and smells and feelings, and they always take me here, under a cloudless sky hovering over me. The blue is so intense that it looks like a roof itself and I don’t feel outdoors, I feel at home. You see, I don’t think I’m even here anymore.

    By estefania on 06.15.2014

  25. There is no cloud. what soevef it is clear and blu not a fragment of whitenes in the sky. I can see forever and ever but oly beautiful blue. The light is also very bright. I can see the mountains at the distance.

    By Shankar Kemp on 06.15.2014

  26. Cloudless is when you look up at the sky and all you see is blue. No specks of white dust or anything like that. Just blue.

    By Najla Najib on 06.15.2014

  27. idk….

    By Xin Huey on 06.15.2014

  28. It is a sky without any clouds, it happens a few times a week. But i like it better with clouds, I think it’s too hot when there are no clouds.

    By Isabel on 06.15.2014

  29. Cloudless mean something like no any cloud on the sky and the sky is all blue.

    By tianzhi on 06.15.2014

  30. The sky is clear, no sheepish white blocks astray me in thought,
    blueness gazes wonderingly with the freedom of vast laterality,
    her happiness to my dismay may be the only cause of cancerous serenity,
    be my canvass that bares no faltering depiction of color,
    my paint brushes will draw on blank, empty, life,
    needless of mixing in new innovations of color,
    my palate that I was born with will distill pollutants of your happiness,
    I am here, I am real,
    you are enigmatic, you are surreal,
    because of hope and good will,
    shaving through clouds, whether dark or rainy, sunny or dazy,
    your happiness steers me clearly!

    By Milad URL on 06.15.2014

  31. a cloudless sky
    is hard to come by
    a darkened sky
    that holds all lies
    between its black and
    gaping teeth
    it seems exposed
    but look beneath
    the clouds are not the only things that hide
    below the stars and
    wind that glides
    that holds the whispers
    that softly-speak
    it whisks it all

    By sevenwords on 06.15.2014

  32. Cloudless days are full of blue. They can be hot. I like the fluffy clouds to break up the vast blue ceiling. How about you? Which do you prefer

    By gary on 06.15.2014

  33. no clouds in the sky, calm air, sunny days, probably a perfect day, feeling no worries at all, comfortable with life, i could imagine myself somewhere at the beach with the waves being absolutely perfect. Maybe somewhere in the hamptons would be ideal but this kind of day wouldn’t last forever

    By Nicole B on 06.15.2014

  34. “do you see that” shannon whispered in a hoarse voice as she looked at jasper.
    “what?” he responded and look up where she was pointing with her forefinger.

    By laura anne on 06.15.2014

  35. Cloudless skies still remind me of you. Your blue eyes are apparent. Your bright personality is shining. Your warmth is felt, even under this clo

    By Nina Shoultz on 06.15.2014

  36. Makishima looms over his handlebars. He and Tadokoro observe the frustrations of being a first-year that just biked ten kilometers on a scorching summer day with a teammate that just insulted their choice of hair color.

    “Hey, are those two ever going to shape up?” Makishima grouses as though he’s already answered his own question, but Tadokoro nods beside him. He’s smiling wide. “Sure they will.”

    Days later, Makishima watches Tadokoro finish off three bentos on his own and asks, “Are you ever gonna regret turning into a rambunctious bear?”

    Tadokoro grins and laughs. “Haha! Probably not!”

    Nearly a week after that, Makishima sighs and leans back against the bulk of Tadokoro’s back. Tadokoro is peeling a wrapper off a power bar. “Wouldn’t it be funny to think I could be the great mentor that Onoda probably thinks I am?”

    Against him he feels Tadokoro shift a bit, and offhandedly says: “What, you weren’t already?”

    Makishima says nothing. His shoulders ache to slump but he keeps his back rigid against Tadokoro’s and simply exists beside him. “Hey,” Tadokoro calls after a while. “I’m blocking your sun, huh?”

    “No.” Makishima chuckles, and simply soaks him in. “Not really.”

    By kristen on 06.15.2014

  37. the sky is cloudless and you are souless and i don’t know if that’s a coincidence. you’re all i see, vastless and unimaginable but so clear in my eyes. i think im losing my mind, please keep me from drowning myself in your vapor.i need help and you’re not it

    By jome on 06.15.2014

  38. John looked up at the cloudless sky, and wiped the sweat from his brow. He wished it were sweat from hard work, but his crops could not grow without rain, so he had nothing to harvest.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.15.2014

  39. a clear night, stars everywhere. You don’t have to think about anything. There’s just you and him and you can look over and you know now matter where your thoughts bring you in this moment you know he will be here and he will continue holding you…keeping you safe. He whispers I love you in your ear. And it’s just cloudless.

    By Dare Guild on 06.15.2014

  40. The sky was clear above her head as she lay in the grass. The stalks waved slowly above her in the slight breeze, but their height hid her from view, even from anyone passing only a few feet away. No one had tended this field in years, and the grass grew so high that she knew she could always come here to be alone, alone where no one could bother her.

    By Kimberly on 06.15.2014