October 31st, 2009 | 407 Entries

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407 Entries for “clip”

  1. I clipped on my shoes and then headed out of the lean-to. The bear I strangled last night was still outside on his tricycle. When he looked up at me, his nose let out a sizzling number one smash hit.

    By Roktar on 11.01.2009

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    By gustavo on 11.01.2009

  3. The paper clips sat ont the desk as he looked at the computer screen. Nuttin. Got nuttin to write. The jar is far too tempting a tool of procrastination. Pulling the clips from the jar he begins a chain….

    By Elise on 11.01.2009

  4. I clipped the paper in half. it died. on one half I began to write with my stubby chewed yellow pencil. it was missing an eraser. I broke it off in philosophy class on accident. on the dead paper I wrote my dead life story. I hope it comes back to life again. maybe tape can work? maybe not. can you tape life?

    By kate on 11.01.2009

  5. Clip the article from the newpaper.
    Clip my hair. Both of these phrases infer a quick cutting that does not take excessive time and planning.

    By Carmen on 11.01.2009

  6. I watched the clip, sweaty and panting. The room was dark, noisy and filled with smokes. I could not hear anything but the sounds from the TV. Is that really me?

    By firsttrial on 11.01.2009

  7. paperclip
    clip from a movie
    great clips hair salon
    hair clip
    my boyfriend is playing with my clitoris and i’m having a hard time thinking of anything to write…

    By Anonymous on 11.01.2009