October 30th, 2009 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “arrow”

  1. Me and my arrow in the fields, yellow flower brown hare red grass still and silent body.

    By hoist on 10.31.2009

  2. it is pointy and stabs people. or just points at stuff. they can be very cool in archary. i can’t spell. they can be sharp too. or black .

    By Lucy on 10.31.2009

  3. bow archer shoot an arrow through my heart through an apple

    By shana on 10.31.2009

  4. As a teenager, I would take breaks from teaching swimming lessons and shoot my bow and arrow. UNTIL my brothers went out and destroyed the target. Then it was me, in an all out war, running shooting arrows at them. Yep, we threw rocks, shot arrows, guns and more. Fun growing up with FIVE brothers!

    By Therese on 10.31.2009

  5. The arrow flew straight as it left the bow.

    The archer ran to retrieve it.

    It was gone.


    By Chaz on 10.31.2009

  6. An arrow can cause pain or love. Cupid and hunters are the masters of this subject. There are few things that have such different meanings. But, maybe they are actually the same?
    Is the the pain from being physically hurt really all that different from the pain of being truly, deeply in love? Can deat

    By Gerty Mulligan on 10.31.2009

  7. straight

    By Ehsan on 10.31.2009

  8. An arrow to the heart could not have hurt more. Arrows shot from one person to the next. Comments that hurt, comments that draw blood. Arrow to the heart. The next arrow could mean the differnce between us.

    By b on 10.31.2009

  9. it was like an arrow through my heart. piercing my very soul, causing me to scream out in heart wrenching pain. my life was over. without him there was nothing.

    By jamie on 10.31.2009

  10. The arrow that was shot, flew through the air, a high pitched wizzing sound created by the air friction between the feathers on the arrow and the wind. When the arrow hit it’s target, it a was dull thud, breaking the otherwise soundless forest. The deer quickly went down.

    Letting out a light sigh, the hunter stood.

    By Lauren on 10.31.2009

  11. Straight and on course, never wavering, focussing only on the target at hand

    By Sharond on 10.31.2009

  12. Arrows are an interesting piece because of the fact that they are ancient form of weapon that has been revolutionized many time to turn into what they are today. Also don’t forget the many uses such as -> arrow or ^ arrow in computer use.

    And I believe I might be running out of time, oh well! I’llj ust keep writing until it finally kicks me out which may be any ti…

    By No way dood on 10.31.2009

  13. pointing killing, native americans , this way please, turn left, turn right go through tom waits.

    By allie on 10.31.2009

  14. The arrow pierced through his skin with a crack. He dropped down to the ground and tried to pull it out. As he looked at the arrow, he saw its sharp point covered with blood. It was splintered and broken.

    By Autumn on 10.31.2009

  15. She hunkered down in the woods, laying flat on her stomach. She gripped the roots and pulled herself along them, waiting, wondering – listening to the silence that fell upon the heavily wooded area like a flannel blanket – a hush befell her and she was silent. Breathing. An arrow flew past her, and buried itself into the wood – her breathing ceased.

    By Olivia Burns, Tallahaassee, FL on 10.31.2009

  16. the arrow pierced his heart like the strangled wails of the child in the empty room. the grey walls bearing down on the enfant which would know nought but poverty and strife throughout its future. he had done all he could to rescue his family from the dank despair which now threatened to suffocated and ensnare the very home he had grown up in.

    By pow on 10.31.2009

  17. taxi firm in leeds. dangerous if you dont get the correct pne. robin hood and maid marrian. the merry men. give to the poor and take form the poor. medieval times. long hats. royal coloured hats. history.

    By arrow on 10.31.2009