November 1st, 2009 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “amber”

  1. amber hair is the most beautiful hair color. amber beer is nice too

    By Anonymous on 11.02.2009

  2. the liquid was amber coloured. i swirled it slowly in the glass. It truly was mezmerizing. Am I going to do it? Will I break this promise to myself?

    By tigger6084 on 11.02.2009

  3. amber is a colour and it made dinosaurs in jurassic park which was an awesome film. Er yeah

    By neonpie on 11.02.2009

  4. amber is amber. it is both a colour and a weird ambery coloured thing. it confuses me. sometimes amber has stuff inside it, like chicken and little bugs which make me sad. amber is also a girls name, often one that old fat ginger bitches have. i don’t like people called amber!

    By Tom on 11.02.2009

  5. Amber. Aaaaaamber. Amber. Aaaaaaamber. Amber (faster). Sounds weird doesn’t it?


    By earless on 11.02.2009

  6. mosquitos
    jurasic park
    name of a person
    student that was very quiet

    By jimmy on 11.02.2009

  7. Amber is a girl who came to church the last few weeks. I love seeing her get plugged in and start helping out. That is what we do this for! To see people go from where they are to where God wants them to be!

    By Sarette on 11.02.2009

  8. The leaves are so lovely and amber this time of year. Fall is my favorite. I love the yellows, browns, reds and oranges that make up the amber colors of autumn.

    By Denise on 11.02.2009

  9. Amber is life distilled, a snapshot of time, a reminder of the fate of all of us who dream to think we are important and creatures of permanence. Amber is never to become too proud.

    By John Mackenzie on 11.02.2009

  10. Amber is the color of the fall leaves in the northeast back home but here they’re all disheartening shades of brown, sitting in the gutters, wet and dirty. Fall can be the most beautiful time of year, but also the most depressing. Oranges and reds and browns are colored by the environment they’re in.

    By Jessie on 11.02.2009

  11. something greenish the baltic sea vikings lativian peasant girls with blue eyes slavs sex violence raiding life race past and future

    By Stevie on 11.02.2009

  12. Amber, I like the color amber. Also amber is a name, it is a beautiful name. I haven’t really met anyone named amber though, I think my sister had a friend amber but I don’t really remember.

    By Jordan on 11.02.2009

  13. is the name of a friend of mine.

    By Anonymous on 11.02.2009

  14. What a wonderful warm autumn color it is. Reminds me of my childhood! I love the fall so very much

    By My Name Be PK on 11.02.2009

  15. a great color or a name of a woman who’s parents weren’t quite sure what to do with the college money they lost in Vegas.

    By Ammo on 11.02.2009

  16. amber……i don’t really know how to describe…….. good-bye…..

    By Mageroni on 11.02.2009

  17. is it a stone? or a colour?
    like the glow of a fire
    thats ember
    like sweet whiskey

    By Roshni on 11.02.2009

  18. Amber is a person’s name. I guess it can also be fossilized tree resin.

    By Anonymous on 11.02.2009