April 29th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “chorus”

  1. choruses are funny sunding and i dont think that choruses is a word. i am not going to do choruses in school no matter what.

    By just582 URL on 04.29.2011

  2. *ding dong*

    What’s the news good neighbor?

    Have you heard?

    No, brother. What’s the word?

    The wicked witch is dead.

    By HelenGrant URL on 04.29.2011

  3. Lots of singing together always raises the spirit of the human soul. Whether loud or soft, voices united spread such things as praise, joy, devotion.

    By cinda scheef on 04.29.2011

  4. a chorus is the group in a play or musical that sings as a group. It is also a group of dancers that dance as a group and are not in the spotlight. These are the unsung—well they do sing—ensemble i relate with.

    By rachel on 04.29.2011

  5. The melody flowed into my ears like water. The sweet sound singing me to sleep as my being fell into the symphony of sounds.

    By Kate URL on 04.29.2011

  6. ….shally knew she was just singing to the’s not like things went well in deadbolt, could kathleen had known that andy was malfunctioning?she couldn’t have.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 04.29.2011

  7. I was spellbound. Not only did the children sing the chorus like angles, they performed a complex movement of clapping, which moved from one end of the choir to the other like an intricate mexican wave.

    By M Daly URL on 04.29.2011

  8. singing brigtens everyone’s world. I would love to sing everyday all day. It always changes my mood. it can make me cry, make me laugh, make me remember things that touch my soul.

    By Snookey on 04.29.2011

  9. singing

    By red neck hunter on 04.29.2011

  10. as i was sitting serenly in the foreign church, a beautiful noise broke out amidst the silence. as i slowly turned to look where the noise was coming from, i realized it was simply just the chorus that sang in churches.

    By lauren URL on 04.29.2011

  11. SINGING!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$ SINGING!!!!!

    By samhara on 04.29.2011

  12. The chorus is repetitive, used by those who author songs to hook us in with a refrain that will remain stuck in our consciousness. But that is not the root of the phenomenon–the chorus refers to a dramatic device from Greek dramaturgy used to emphasize the moral and take the place of the audience within the schema of the play. Yet we are not necessarily included in the chorus of today’s music–a different phenomenon altogether.

    By maritov URL on 04.29.2011

  13. I have a very pessimistic view of mankind. We kill, cheat lie and confuse each other wity foolishness.

    And the chorus sings loud.

    By Dovikles URL on 04.29.2011

  14. The chorus in a song, it tells the story, it’s the meat. You just know when you hear it, that’s what’s going on. The details are the other lyrics, they give you only snippets. But the chorus, that’s what really matters in a song.

    By Katharyn Stevenson on 04.29.2011

  15. can you hear the singing? do you taste the ringing? or possibly smell the clinging? oh the chorus. or was is a ruckus?

    By Courtney on 04.29.2011

  16. We coast along the verse, and into the lilting chorus. It’s so happy to reach it again, and again, and after the bridge as well. A rising crescendo. A happy tune. A wonderful melody.

    By Tara URL on 04.29.2011

  17. I used to sing in a chorus, it was fun, we went to spain and london and traveld. I like traveling abroad. and now i don’t know what to say ya ya ya ya

    By Rune Johanns URL on 04.29.2011

  18. chorus

    By Mossshadow URL on 04.29.2011

  19. umm i done know what it is . tell you tell me not really.

    By cando URL on 04.29.2011

  20. i was in a chorus.chorus chorus chorus chorus chorus chorus chorus CHORUS

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 04.29.2011

  21. chorus is just another word for choir, or its the part in a song where everybody sings.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 04.29.2011

  22. A chorus is a group of singers I think. Its pretty amazing.

    By Summer Emond URL on 04.29.2011

  23. of colors? of singers? i don’t like this word because it brings about memories of being forced to sit in church… and take part in the chorus. During a time when you didn’t really know what you believed in. but you knew you couldn’t sing.

    By Stephanie on 04.29.2011

  24. I think chorus is another word for choir.

    By Stevie URL on 04.29.2011

  25. i could hear the song in the background. they were just getting to the chorus. I had about 3 min before the croud would be aware that they were being robbed.

    By LynnNolan URL on 04.29.2011

  26. chorus is a group of people singing together. its mainly found in high schools, middle schools, or any type of school really. sometimes they sounds pretty good, others times they sound terrible. depends who’s in it i guess. i would never join the chorus…

    By michelle on 04.29.2011

  27. Once i was part of a chorus and it made me utterly happy until I fall and broke my voice. Then they threw me out. Stupid chorus people!

    By B. URL on 04.29.2011

  28. a chorus of cherubs
    is it my funeral or are they
    welcoming me to the world

    By Lucie URL on 04.29.2011

  29. it rang out like a bell and echoed through the halls and rippled through the shafts, touching every place, every shadow, every undiscovered corner, illuminating what had been left in the dark for so long…

    By Anna on 04.29.2011

  30. I hear a chorus of voices rise up and sing “get up, get out of bed this morning”. LOL Ok, it’s my day off but I am up. Happy now??

    By paulie aragon on 04.29.2011

  31. My daughter is in chorus. She loves it! We were so shocked. The shy one? Maybe she is relly a closet diva? Who knew? I told my husband this just goes to show you that we live together but everyone still has their own solitary life. Clare is in chorus AND show choir.

    By Leslie on 04.29.2011

  32. The chorus really spoke to me. This by far had to be my favorite band! I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like them?!?! Everyone check out BURN THE SHIPS!!

    By elocin on 04.29.2011

  33. I listen to the song, just to hear the blasted chorus. I swear the singer had a message hidden only for us. The way he curses out, and the way he punctuates, makes me wanna cry out grab his neck and punch him, mate.

    By jng on 04.29.2011

  34. the chorus of people sounded magnificent
    their voices all harmonized with vigor and brilliance
    no one out-doing the other but working as partners in this beautiful music from the heart

    By she53lly URL on 04.29.2011

  35. voices in my head….just do it…put the gun in my mouth.
    the music I hear from that website — in furiatiingly good website — I should have thought of that.

    By smd on 04.29.2011

  36. it’s like the chorus of a song, repeating. nothing ever changes. it just keeps happening and happening. no one cares, it’s just repeated a lot. sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s annoying, and sometimes it’s just right.

    By katie URL on 04.29.2011

  37. I have never been in a chorus. Chorus starts in 4th or 5th grade and I didn’t go to public school at that time.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 04.29.2011

  38. sing it many times till you go crazy, hah! most recent song are simply like that, sad but true fact!!

    By e4i on 04.29.2011

  39. A tree-frog chorus sings out from the damp edges of the ponds as I walk along the community trail, enjoying the spring weather.

    By Zukey Jones URL on 04.29.2011

  40. The class i wish i took instead of band in middle school…also known as a missed opportunity to let my voice shine. Took trombone instead…great.

    By Andrew on 04.29.2011