July 8th, 2011 | 402 Entries

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402 Entries for “chores”

  1. how do you change the word!! i wrote about chores yesterday >:(

    By Brooke URL on 07.09.2011

  2. I do no like doing chores, though I realize they are completely necessary. To not do them is to not serve others, and to not serve others is to not serve Christ. I really want to be a service person, a person who loves to be there for others and not a self-serving woman.

    By bapearl URL on 07.09.2011

  3. sometimes they are fun to do sometimes they are tedious. getting them done makes you fel better about yourself your life, gives you a better outlook on things. chores depends depends depends on who’s doing them assign chores good. doing them takes ti8me getting them done right can be frustrating chores are necessary chores are necessary. write a list make

    By Diane on 07.09.2011

  4. She stood and watched. Her mother working, yelled at her “do your share!” She wandered off to dream and play and laugh. She have time to clean when she was old. Time to clean. She was not looking forward to that,

    By Kiah on 07.09.2011

  5. I have no idea what it is.. What is chore anyway?? I was just wondering about and stumble upon this site… funny huh?

    By Shaamil URL on 07.09.2011

  6. Sometimes you have to get things dirty in order to clean them up.
    My mother leaves dishes in the sink, along with my sister, who does the same thing.
    My Father and I use a dish, rinse it off and put it in the dishwasher.
    No need for chores if there is nothing int he sink.
    Those get dirty, quite often.
    Its a chore to use a toilet and more of a chore to clean one,
    time spent with the toilet is special.
    Enjoy and use it wisely.
    Solitude Toilet time.

    By Felicia on 07.09.2011

  7. work is not fun and chores are just more work that your parents make you do. they seem so pointless at times but then you realize that they have to be done for the house to function properly. they are usually the easier jobs in the house if you think about it and you can get them done pretty quickly if you don’t whine about them (which i usually do). I will just need to force myself to enjoy doing them to be happy and get through them quickly.

    By Jenna on 07.09.2011

  8. How she wished she could be back in the steamy castle scullery, shrinking under Madam Pfini glare. Anywhere but here, about to die alone. With this cloaked monster of a man across the cavern’s black lake, coming as close to a smile as she suspected he had ever in his entire life.

    By JAM URL on 07.09.2011

  9. I don’t want to clean my room! I hate doing this mum! Go away! It’s not your room, so why do you care if it is messy? You shouldn’t!

    By Glam Girl URL on 07.09.2011

  10. I like doing chores sometimes. They can relieve stress. Sometimes it can be quite fun doing chores. I don’t mind washing clothes, cleaning my shoes, washing mugs and bottles, folding my clothes. I don’t like it when I’m tired.

    By Freddy on 07.09.2011

  11. what a boring shitty word to write about, i have shit all chores noone in this goddamn house will do anything, living with twenty people in a filthy sharehouse…inner west slumlife, we have rats.wooo. i used to wash up but

    By katey on 07.09.2011

  12. Chores are not fun. I used to get paid for doing chores, like when I was younger, but now I just do them and get nothing! My sister and I are supposed to split the chores evenly, but that never happens anymore either. I don’t suppose it ever happened actually.

    By Lydia on 07.09.2011

  13. Chores. Unbelievably, I’m quite fond of the word, and the flood of memories that are released when I think of it. Childhood. Back when Mom & Dad were together, when our family was made out of one-piece, not split in two. Waking up in the morning, walking downstairs to the smell of breakfast, and seemingly mountainous list of tasks at hand, receiving praise from both of them. Happiness, honestly. Household chores remind me of when I had some remnants of a normal life left. I’d give anything to have that back.

    By Alex URL on 07.09.2011

  14. I used to do chores when I was a kid and I hated them. We had a scedule of chores on the refrigerator and 6 kids had all the chores in the house, including sweeping and mopping the floors everyday. dishes and cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

    By Miguel on 07.09.2011

  15. cleaning, cat, laundry, television, work, labor, stuff, dusting, dishes, bathroom, bathroom cleaner, annoying, chores, stars, money, childhood, room, barbie, room cleaning games, fat betsy,

    By Irie Jewel URL on 07.09.2011

  16. I hate work, they must be so hated by everybody else on the world. It’s so complicated, you mhave to sweep, and clean, and make everything prestine. They shouldn’t be that hard, they should be simple to do.

    By Danny on 07.09.2011

  17. I hate chores, because, well, they are the most deplorable thing on earth. Grimy, tedious tasks that parents ask us to do with a fervor I just can’t pretend to express, so I rebel.

    By Fernando Hernandez on 07.09.2011

  18. There are so many things
    She needs to do
    She thinks about them
    As she watches out the window
    The rain is drizzling down
    Steaming as it hits the pavement, rising
    Back into the air
    She sips
    At her coffee
    Maybe tomorrow

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 07.09.2011

  19. A: I will not do the chores today
    B: It’s your day on the calendar
    A: The kitchen is on fire!
    B: those dishes better be clean by the time the fire department gets here.

    By mark URL on 07.09.2011

  20. i hate them. but they are necessary: they teach you disciplined and structure. plus you get paid………….or so that is what i have heard, never happened in my household.

    By Megan on 07.09.2011

  21. chores are stupid, tedious, necessary things. There never seems to be enough time to do them, so often, you just do the bare minimum or none at all. Yet, its those times when you are sitting in your room staring at other people’s pictures on facebook where you could actually be doing those things called chores. Instead you lie to yourself, and say you have no time.

    By kiley on 07.09.2011

  22. Does this webite change the word only once a day? How many times is the word changed? I’ve tried for the last hour to have another word show up, and i am getting nothing. I wonder if it changes the word upon completion of the one minute of writing.
    Is the moving bar at the bottom of the screen the timer? Very cool. but it also pus pressure ont eh writier

    By Vince on 07.09.2011

  23. Chores are in all different sorts of households. Chores are a task assigned to help run a household. Exaples of chores can be walking the dog, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and many many otheres. CHores can also be a sorce for allowance. Chores can be daily, like making a bed, or weekly, like cleaning a house.

    By Abby on 07.09.2011

  24. the most boring word as it associates with the most boring tasks, wouldn’t it be great to live in a world without chores, without the mundane, where doing something meant doing it out of pleasure not reluctant requirement. that truly would be a great place to live.

    By David Hedley URL on 07.09.2011

  25. I thought I got this word yesterday? Freaking douchebags, giving out the same word again. LAZINESS. There are so many other words out there……. laundry, balloon, sundress, dominoes, soup…..

    By emma URL on 07.09.2011

  26. Haha, the worst thing ever. But they have to be done right?
    Life itself shouldn’t just be a chore though, make it the best you can and don’t just treat it as such.
    It can be more than that if you just simply make it

    By Patrick URL on 07.09.2011

  27. Chores. What can you even call a chore. Sometimes its boring. Sometimes you’re so in love you don’t even realize you’re doing those damn things that you have to complete. The whole day brightens up and you get to do everything. Instead of having to do everything. It’s wonderful. You get up in the morning and you just can’t wait to see what happens.

    By Milaya Mila URL on 07.09.2011

  28. I don’t like doing chores. Chores are annoying even though I know they are helpful to my parents. I hate when my parents ask me to do chores…maybe I am just lazy. They aren’t very difficult, but I make them more painful then they have to be.

    By Sarah on 07.09.2011

  29. so whistle while you work! or for those of us, like myself, that can’t whistle, sing!

    By Cecilia on 07.09.2011

  30. chores are very boring and should not get too focused on completing the daily chores and must experience more interesting things that we come across in our lives. I mean they are not the only things in life.look beyond and be creative and achieve something great..!!

    By anusha89 URL on 07.09.2011

  31. I REALLY HATE HAVING TO DO CHORES AND CLESN BATHROOM, i MEAN seriously your home all day the least you can do is clean. what else are you going to do hmmm what????? watch tv, get even fatter roar well let me be nice, chores so teach responsibility

    By Christina Santiago on 07.09.2011

  32. I hate chores. They bore me. Clean this, clean that, do this, do that. I’m sure there are far more constructive things to be doing. And far more fun things to be doing. Don’t waste your life doing chores when you can be skydiving, seeing sights and traveling the world. It’s stupid.

    By Adam on 07.09.2011

  33. work is an essential component of our society. chores are simply menial entities of work that are assigned to children in order to teach them ethics of hard work in addition to fulfilling basic fundamental household needs. chores are perceived as pathetically depriving acts of

    By Garrow on 07.09.2011

  34. Walking up the flight of stairs to the office, she made a deep sigh. This was another of those mundane chores. Talking to the girls up stairs about the all night partying, banging, music and hollering. She remembers being a participant, what seemed like a hundred years ago.

    By Seansj URL on 07.09.2011

  35. I hate chores… but in the same sense I love them. The whole repetitive task bearing versus the inspirational thought of “character building” may be what drives me. But lets be honest, my parents lied to me about the character thing. Ill just keep folding then.

    By JHay on 07.09.2011

  36. Chores are good for basic functions. I mean, parents are trying to instill good values into us when we are kids so we don’t grow up to be hoarders, but unless we are given incentive chores suck. They seem like the end of the world. At least until we get jobs

    By Katina URL on 07.09.2011

  37. The only audible sound on that particular Sunday morning was a thud. The thud of Jack’s heart. It was chore day, every child’s worst nightmare. Jack plodded on. Every footstep he took sounded an awful lot like the thudding of his miserable heart.

    By Meghan URL on 07.09.2011

  38. Chores are something that everyone has to do. That doesn’t mean that people like them or enjoy doing them, that just means that every single person has to do them, even the rich ones–you’re forced to do them or you choose to do them, or you don’t do them and your life falls apart. Paying the bills, cleaning, eating, showering, normal things… that everyone does. I don’t like chores, but I do them, I choose to do them, becauise if I don’t then I know my life will become disorganized and messy and not fun to live in. Life consistrs of chores, chores you do because you want to live out the rest of your non-chore-related life. I guess. Maybe.

    By Laurel on 07.09.2011

  39. I always hated doing chores when i was little. It was horrible, always do the dishes or do the laundry. I still hate to do chores expecially laundry or cleaning my bathroom. I picked up my moms attitude on cleaning. Just not to. Now my boyfriend gets mad because I don’t do my chores. well I do laundry every sunday.

    By Tara Lynn on 07.09.2011

  40. boring. hard. cruelty inflicted upon youngsters by their ever-present parents and their dominating rules. somethng to do.

    By storyofmylife on 07.09.2011