February 14th, 2011 | 765 Entries

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765 Entries for “chocolate”

  1. i love choclate it is yummy and i want to eat a lot of it since its valentines day i want adam to buy me some but idk if he will he dissaponts me a lot but whatever im fine with it thats life i guess oh well!!!! i hate it!

    By Laura on 02.14.2011

  2. Valentine’s Day is all about giving chocolate. Not so much eating it, it’s really about seeing other people enjoy the chocolate you give them. Don’t give out dark chocolate though, no one wants that. Milk chocolate is your safest bet. Go with caramel if you want to get exciting. I lied. It’s about eating it too. Save the good pieces for yourself.

    By Andrea on 02.14.2011

  3. it is valentines day. i guess thats why im eating so much chocolate, not from a boyfriend though, just friends. I think i was awkward when i saw my exish type of person and he said happy valentines day, it caught me off guard, do you think he noticed? i hope not. But chocolate, that makes this day good. I don’t really mind valentines day as much as singles are supposed to.

    By gregory on 02.14.2011

  4. I love chocolate and it loves me- it tends to stick around- permanently. Dark chocolate is the best.

    By Nikki on 02.14.2011

  5. It was so sweet of you to think of me… one day of the year. A relationship shouldn’t need one day to be special, it should be special everyday. A relationship should be about love every day, not some day in the middle of February. Love should be all day everyday, not just when you give me a box of chocolates.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 02.14.2011

  6. i already wrote about chocolate, oh well. i just ate a piece of dark chocolate. the taste of it still sits stagnant in my mouth like the sting of a slap across the face. woah similes this is getting crazy, i just want another word. im not good at writing.

    By wannabanana URL on 02.14.2011

  7. Mmm yum. Gotta love it. Today is valentines day, which means there’s like ninety million pounds of chocolate being eaten just today!! Only sad part-I’m only getting chocolate from my mom today, I promise I’m cool, really I am……
    I wish there were nice boys at my school, the kind that actually like me. Like I know I’m not ugly, I know I’m not hard to look at it, su my personality might not be the coolest girl in the world, but I’m not a loser either. I just don’t get why the boys I like only like me for so long, like what do I do that makes them not like me?? What about me is sooo terrible that they can’t stand to be with me or get anywhere near being serious?? Gr.
    Back to chocolate:
    The only problem with it is that you eat it when you are sad (sometimes). The problem with this is that You eat when your sad, and you tend to eat more than intended, which makes you feel super sick. Yuck. Then that becomes an even bigger problem because then you think about how much your tummy hurts, which makss you think about why you were eating it in the first place, which makes you even more sad. So then it all adds up like this: your sadness from the first reason + tummy ache+ sadness about your tummy ache= not making you feel any better what-so-ever. Oh well, it’s an age old temporary cure for just about everything. Gotta love it no matter what!!

    By Maddington URL on 02.14.2011

  8. I am obsessed with choclate. I just had some and it was great. What is better than a piece of choclate on one sweet night alone on valentines. It is like love or like a best friend.

    By Keesha on 02.14.2011

  9. Warmth. That’s what I think of. The happiness that is melty goodness as the dark, rich flavors melt without chewing. So good. Also, not a bad color for coat when it’s cold outside.

    By ttstew URL on 02.14.2011

  10. Her fingers were drenched, she coughed, slipping one into my mouth. I sucked for a moment, but the taste was off. I pulled away.

    “Hey,” she mumbled over her scotch.

    “Sorry, you’ve been smoking way too much.”

    I got up to find my pants.

    By Paisley Brew URL on 02.14.2011

  11. Hearts, candies, comfort, love, rich, creamy, light, fluffy, cake, chocolate will never leave a woman in need. For this reason many women turn to it in times of distress or heartbreak, chocolate releases endorphins in the brain making us automatically feel better. But can chocolate make you laugh? Can it bring you soup when you are sick? Can it help you think through your problems? Or is chocolate just a means of escaping from reality, an easy way out of your troubles and back into feeling good?

    By Genevieve URL on 02.14.2011

  12. Chocolate was a gift to the old woman. Chocolate was her favorite and that is what she named her. Her sweet Chocolate. She found her as an orphan after a UFO sighting, and never told anybody in her village. Chocolate had a special gift of awesome powers that could blow your mind trying to explain what they are. After the dead of her foster mother Chocolate took off to seek her revenge and she will travel the universe to deliver… CHOCOLATE!

    By Luke URL on 02.14.2011

  13. I love chocolate. It melts in my mouth, and it so yummy. Heaven is this. It always will be. Chocolate is my comfort food, and I love it so much. Chocolate, I love you. You make me feel happy, and you are good for me too! Just don’t eat too much of me, that might not be so good for you. Just eat, don’t think. I like hot chocolate too. Wisconsin winters are way to cold, but you keep me warm during those days. Thanks for being there, chocolate!

    By Celeste on 02.14.2011

  14. SQUIRREL!!! XD Happy VDAY EVERYONE! Hope your valentine give you plenty of Chocolate Squirrels for you adhd.

    By Luke URL on 02.14.2011

  15. haha yum. i wish i got chocolates today, afterall it is valentine’s day. i actually don’t even like chocolate that much, it’s almost to creamy % bland. but i’d obviously eat it if someone else gave it to me :)

    By jamie on 02.14.2011

  16. it is dark and delicious. It swirls on your tongue like the curtains above your canopy bed. You are scared of it yet one with it. You love it yet you hate it. It is your grandmother and your enemy all in one and it calls to you in decadent folds of lies.

    By christiana moder on 02.14.2011

  17. The ground under her back was still warm from the long day of sunshine. She was lying in the grass slwly tangling and untangling her fingers from his with long caressing movements.l There was a cool breeze across her skin that did not disturb the silence of the evening sky. She rolled to her side and tore her eyes away from the universes to search his chocoate brown eyes for a sign of the absolute contentment she felt rolling inside her softly as the breeze enveloping and building her peace within.

    By Danielle URL on 02.14.2011

  18. Chocolate is delicious. I crave it when I’m in a bad mood, but I enjoy it pretty much anytime. I love dark chocolate; it’s much more rich than milk chocolate. Plus, at least you can feel like you’re eating something healthy, right? Chocolate goes well with nuts, ice cream, and pretty much anything that’s yummy.

    By Angela on 02.14.2011

  19. valentines day in japan, all teh girls give it to the guys, the ones they like get – why am i even writing this? well we just talked about it in classs. i will shut up. chocolate tastes good esp theos tho yes, chcolate is

    By oddwonderland on 02.14.2011

  20. Chocolate a substance. Heaven in brown colour. Splendor. Amazing. I love chocolate. A long with other candies. Fruit (Kinda) of passion, intimacy and happiness.David Bowie. And my dog ,a chocolate lab.

    By Katie URL on 02.14.2011

  21. chocolate… tastes good. Especcially good quality chocolate, hersheys can be nasty sometimes (sorry all you in pensilvania, it’s true). I like theos chocolate a lot, but then again i am a seatti

    By today is a fine day on 02.14.2011

  22. She stared at the chocolate hearts and candies that lined the store shelves. She knew she would be receiving none of these this year, as this was yet another year in which she had no valentine. She was single, like always and it made her realize how lonely she really was. As she walked away from the candy aisle, she stopped turning back around. She quickly grabbed a small heart shaped box and took it to the register, paying for it with change from her purse.

    By Wendy on 02.14.2011

  23. Chocolate. Does it really exist anymore? With the abundance of corn and the byproducts of corn, it makes me wonder if I know the last time I had chocolate. IT is quite possible that I wasn’t eating a chocolate bar, but a product of corn that looks like chocolate. Does it matter anymore?

    By Thor on 02.14.2011

  24. I discovered today the sweet joy of chocolate covered fortune cookies. What a marvelous idea! I don’t know who came up with this genius treat, but I was fortunate to enjoy its sweetness!

    By Amy URL on 02.14.2011

  25. tasty
    i dont like it very much
    dark and milk
    kids like it
    sugar rushes

    By kylie on 02.14.2011

  26. Chocolate is sugary, and sweet. It makes me feel happy inside. I like to eat chocolate almost every day, in fact today of all days I have eaten the most. It is Valentines Day. I have had M&Ms, Minstrels, chocolate ice cream. I will probably become chocolate if i eat too much of it. it is so delicious.

    By Harriet Farmer on 02.14.2011

  27. A card, a box. i hoped they’d come. i’m the glass half-empty person, i guess i needed confirmation that he liked me, that he would stand by me. that he would be my first valentine. the chocolates melts in my mouth like he melted my heart.

    By Mackenzie URL on 02.14.2011

  28. I love chocolate. Not matter how bad my day is, chocolate always helps. Except the kind my boyfriend got me for Valentine’s that one year. it had jalapeno spices in it. In chocolate?! It did not spice up our love life.

    By rachel on 02.14.2011

  29. is delicious. It can be many colors and melts in your mouth. It feels like a hug from an old friend. Chocolate alone is phenomenal, but mix it with peanut butter or caramel and it’s heaven.

    By Kristi W. on 02.14.2011

  30. I have given up chocolate. Okay, well not exactly. Instead I am working on eating healthier. It’s been hard, but I am doing okay. I told my family not to get me candy for Valentine’s day and I am not buying my own. I think that this post is a little mean because of that.

    By atomaszewski URL on 02.14.2011

  31. deliciously tempting, emotionally and physically soothing, politically correct, white to black.

    By Amy URL on 02.14.2011

  32. She loved chocolate, and he knew it was a weakness for her. She would open the heart-shaped box and inhale deeply, taking in the commplex aroma. He thought about this, and then placed the ornate fork back in the drawer.

    By deanbobdotcom URL on 02.14.2011

  33. I find it bitter-sweet when our glances meet – for I turn ravenous at the sight of you. Thus I savor these velvet exchanges even after your flavor melts away.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.14.2011

  34. His lips tasted like chocolate.
    Every time she kissed him, she savored the sweetness, even though she knew that he was no good for her. She felt the thrill of a forbidden pleasure, of the electric shock every time she tasted those sweet lips.
    And later, when it was all over, she couldn’t shake off the guilt of having indulged.

    By Annie URL on 02.14.2011

  35. I like chocolate it’s pretty awesome and stuff my best friend sorta kinda likes it but not really I bought a car it was pretty fun I crashed into a ceiling fan and it melted with a cup of hot tea on the motor bike in the kitchen.

    By Banana on 02.14.2011

  36. She loved chocolate, and he knew it was her weakness. She would open the heart-shaped box and inhale deeply, taking in the complex aroma. He thought about this, and then placed the ornate fork back in the drawer.

    By deanbobdotcom URL on 02.14.2011

  37. Chocolate. It was like the Devil’s play thing. It was the one thing women always wanted and would do anything for. Men bought it for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, etc. Only to get what they wanted, and you know what? It worked every time. I can’t believe I was so foolish.

    By Brittany on 02.14.2011

  38. Chocolate…Yummy…Delicious and sweet. I love you chocolate! Hard to make. Easy to eat. Yummy in my tummy. I LOVE chocolate. Super yummy and oh so delicious. Chocolate, you are my savior, my soul and my destiny.

    By Baiey on 02.14.2011

  39. in lieu of my recent post about lame v-day oneword prompts…
    …and it being rejected outright by the staff.

    am happy.
    quite personal, quite personal indeed.

    bravo, i retract my former statement.

    wonderful v-day prez, oneword,
    i love you too.

    By ford.baklvon URL on 02.14.2011

  40. chocolate. warms the mouth like a symphony of pleasure on my tongue constantly there ever comforting reminiscent of childhood and of things of sweeter days.bitter but sweet and dark with a bite. my favorite of all things, wishing I had some now or on colder days.

    By Meredith G on 02.14.2011