February 5th, 2010 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “thumbtack”

  1. is something that you use to hold things up on a cork board

    By katie on 02.06.2010

  2. poster sale.

    I am always amazed at what people put up on their walls. Especially when it’s just for an image. College students have the obligatory Bob Marley poster. Hipsters have RadioHead. But seldom do these groups actually know what the poster stands for.

    By Alex on 02.06.2010

  3. I like to cut out cute little comics and put them on a board in my room along with pictures of my friends and family….thumbtacks…although you never have enough of them, always looking for one more. one more….i say to myself, well, pic of cute little baby bird, you gotta go. I need that thumbtack.

    By goofy girl on 02.06.2010

  4. I put it up with a thumbtack, that thing I had no interest in doing myself but thought others might – in an offhanded way, I think. If I’m being really honest I’ll admit it’s just because I didn’t want to bring it in to my house.

    By T-Shirt on 02.06.2010

  5. Wrinting in one minute? Yikes. Well, it’s been raining or cloudy outside the last couple of days.
    I enjoy the rain, epecially when it’s pouring outside. It is nice to be inside feeling cozy while outside the rain is coming down in torrents.
    I enjoy thurnder and lighting, too, though my dog does not, the big fuzzy chicken.

    By Stacey on 02.06.2010

  6. I sat on one once owch
    that hurt
    But not as much as last night when goodbyes came easy
    Goodbye to all that we were
    and all that would have never been
    To chil

    By Sara on 02.06.2010

  7. Ouch! The seamstress yelped. She just couldn’t help the fact that the small point left carelessly on the floor poked her in the foot.

    By Anonymous on 02.06.2010

  8. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelons :D

    By Anonymous on 02.06.2010

  9. Thumbtack. Prickly. Hurts. Hurts when you sit. Hurts when you poke. It digs holes it to walls. It keeps papers in place, on bulletins, in walls. Speakers. Hanging from thumbtacks. Sound. Heavenly music. Music for the soul. Music that keeps you going. Dnacing. Dancing like a crazy person, dancing the way you don’t ever dance in front of others.

    By Libzie on 02.06.2010

  10. She took the thumbtack and pressed it into the flesh of her thigh over and over again. Relishing the pain of each prick. Admiring the tiny red drops of blood that emerged from each hole. There was a method to her madness, and by the end of it, there was a beautiful henna-esque design adorning the creamy white skin. Just another Saturday afternoon home alone and bored.

    By Jessica Sanford on 02.06.2010

  11. Gaddamn, I have swallowed another thumbtack, the boss will not be happy about this one…

    By Eric on 02.06.2010

  12. thumbtack

    By kate on 02.06.2010

  13. pushing it into the supple flat surface was easier than he thought it would be. it pierced through a piece of paper that represented everything he had worked for over the past year, a picture of him and Emily.

    By Michela on 02.06.2010

  14. You put things up with this. It helps keep things up on bulletin boards. It is a great invention, because without it, you would not be able to post anything such as posters, pictures, or important notes.

    By Lindsay Terragna on 02.06.2010

  15. well see theres this ting called a thumbtack. it hurts when your poked with it because it has a sharp pointy edge. it sticks things to walls and they can be a pain in the butt when you go to stick them in the wall. they can come in prettyful colors.

    By tess on 02.06.2010

  16. Stupid thumbtack. They put it under my chair. Everyone was expecting it too. They had planned my demise with a simple metallic deadly thumbtack. All they needed was to see my face contort into an expression of pain and see me shooting up out of my seat.

    By yonochan on 02.06.2010

  17. I feel like I’m pinned to the wall with a bunch of thumbtacks. Why do I have to make a decision? Why do I have to choose? Why do I have to be stuck in this position?

    Oh right. Because I put myself in that situation in the first place.

    By celiafung on 02.06.2010

  18. holding things together, what we often can’t. Even when life falls apart, we lose it. Thumbtacks don’t. Somehow this seems to reveal God. It might hurt a little when it pokes us, to hold us together. but it will ultimately be good for us, help us in the end. He’ll hold us together no matter what, even though it might be a bit of a prick.

    By Kelsey on 02.06.2010

  19. i steped on a thumb tack. it really hurt. i had to go to the hospital. the hospital guy told me tht i was going to die. and i died. then i came bac to life because they shcoked me with those little clear bring you back to life things. but then i wished that i was still dead because i got to see my friend who died.

    By ness on 02.06.2010

  20. thumbtacks hurt my thumb they never go in to my wall and end up on the floor where i end up stepping on them once this happened and it went inside of me a week later i weed it out

    By jack on 02.06.2010

  21. cork-board horizons of limitless possibilities pushing forcing exerting the point into texture
    as home forever holding ideas images and poetry together with the senses

    By Jake on 02.06.2010

  22. Clear, plastic, green. Amazing product that hold the world together. Where would we be without it? Dum…

    By Nicole Dominguez on 02.06.2010

  23. A thumbtack to hold the posters that define your life at different stages. It’s small and sharp, but it holds everything together. They’re easily removed, easily replaced. Always changing to accommodate the most recent change. But when they’re not in use, they’re patiently waiting, because they know you’ll come back to them.

    By CJD on 02.06.2010

  24. ouch. I sat on it. It hurts. It feels like it is rusty, to boot! How can I be that unlucky?! Where’s the antiseptic? Do I have any bandages left? And what about that tetanus? Damn.

    By Helga on 02.06.2010

  25. I stepped on a thumbtack.
    I shrieked.
    Then I tried to pull it out,but it just wouldn’t budge.
    I eventually got it out. It was kind of cool. Then my foot was bloody and I acted like I had participated in a great battle and wounded myself. Heh.

    By Aly on 02.06.2010

  26. sharp pointy dont sit on it ouch my wall has holes from it i’ll be paying for that i wish i could hang up more stuff but i ran out and live with an ra so i can’t anyways.

    By amanda on 02.06.2010

  27. Yes i know what you mean…. thumbtack one of those horrid little things that you need to stick up all the displays in the school. Bruise your hands trying to get them to stick in the boards and then ruin your nails trying to get them out again!!!!

    By to cricket on my vespa on 02.06.2010

  28. Hard plastic fasteners that allow you to stick stuff to the wall.

    By Delaney B on 02.06.2010

  29. As I sat, going through the things in the attack I noticed that there was an old chest. It was covered with dust. I blew ferociously and particles flew everywhere. It was a crimson chest. I opened it. With a gust of wind pictures and documents flew out, but the one thing that caught my eye was the thumbtack I saw on the bottom. I knew it was the one I played with so long ago. Tears started to fall before I could stop them as I picked it up.

    By Amanda Clark on 02.06.2010

  30. poke. what can this little item do? so much. hold together. pry apart. slice. stick. prick. like sleeping beauty. can create art, or destroy it. ironic.

    By Alyssa on 02.06.2010

  31. He sat there at his desk, awaiting the teacher to sit upon her chair. He smiled as she grimaced. The thumbtack had been placed perfectly; he had won. The situation would never diffuse.

    By Anonymous on 02.06.2010

  32. thumbtacks stick your pictures to the wall
    a few from the school play
    freshman year
    when i started loving you again

    and a few of them were crafted from my own hands
    all of you with your red hair
    and your sci-fi-lullaby eyes

    you’re my wallpaper of choice
    and you surround me.

    By Grizabella on 02.06.2010

  33. We were wrestling when he picked the thumbtack up off the floor. He was above me and held the thumbtack like a sword. I didn’t fight him anymore. I just laughed.

    By Abby on 02.06.2010

  34. A small thing I use to pin other things to a board. you can meet plenty color variations

    By M on 02.06.2010

  35. Your fingers on my back.

    By Andrea on 02.06.2010

  36. thumbtacks are tacky they poke and stick and hurt when you get them stuck in your thumb. the best place for a thumbtack is not on your thumb, however, they would be better off being tacked onto a coark-board. yes, thumbtacks belong on corkboards not thumbs, it’s a wild concept, really.

    By amle on 02.06.2010