February 28th, 2011 | 616 Entries

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616 Entries for “cheap”

  1. YOu are a cheap slut. you will give yourself away for a candy bar, a monstorous sized cookie or a small fig nuton. i am ashamed to know you and it amazes me that youve gotten away with it so long, i will not fund your cheap whore-ish ways any longer!

    By Alli on 03.01.2011

  2. inexpensive, frugal, jewish. poor quality. home depot-home cheepo. buy one get one free

    By craj on 03.01.2011

  3. You are cheap for not changing the word!!!! (in the words of my brother)

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.01.2011

  4. you are so cheap. we wrote about being cheap yesterday, but i didnt think it would soon apply to you people. Nanner Nanner Nanner

    By just582 URL on 03.01.2011

  5. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word cheap are sales. I love sales at clothes stores(: They’re the best.

    By Shae!? :D URL on 03.01.2011

  6. i hate cheap thing i good quality items i hate cheap iteims because it is poor poor quality so i go for exspensive things

    By eman URL on 03.01.2011

  7. cheap easy less i dont know some thing thats not much

    By jamie:) URL on 03.01.2011

  8. When i think of cheap i think of hos i guess jk though but yeah.

    By twiztid URL on 03.01.2011

  9. cheap is when there is something you want to but and it is really not alot of money its cheap thats what cheap is.

    By SoccerStar URL on 03.01.2011

  10. A hundred years ago every thing was cheap. you could get a camra for a dollar.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 03.01.2011

  11. people are cheap. not all people are cheap. some are careful what they buy.

    By Alejandro URL on 03.01.2011

  12. Things aren’t cheap. Something I always wonder is where objects come from. What makes them. Who works on them. What time is put into them. How far and how long has something come to sit right in front of you. The care. The thoughts. The waste.

    By Chris Krupchak on 03.01.2011

  13. Cheap. I like cheap things. Cheap things mean I can buy them more often, or more of them. Cheap is also a very appealing word as I am a student… ‘Cheap and cheerful’ is a saying that I like.

    By Jamie on 03.01.2011

  14. I bought some books last night at Slimming World and was surprised at how cheap they were! I bought 8 books for less than £20 and now have the tools I need to make my diet easier and more interesting which should help in my weightloss!

    By Emma on 03.01.2011

  15. Cheap. Cheap material. Cheap in cost. Cheap people. Cheap can describe a lot of things. Even girls. Sometimes cheap things can be good, but other times it’s not. What can I say? This is kinda kinda cheap. I don’t know what else to write.

    By Samantha on 03.01.2011

  16. cheap. I’m not English .. what can I say in language that is not my mothertongue ? mmh … let me think .. Mmh I don’t know, really. OOO and my keyboard doesn’t work, is it because it was cheap?? 60 second, not my mothertongue and keyborad not working. wow.
    cheap. I bought some CD few hours ago, they were cheap (and probably they wo’t work), but they remind me my youth, open one and pushed immediately to my 20years old, nice, I’m listening one of them right now, but I’m not that inspired anyway to write here a phoem or something clever… I don’t know, time’s finished, bye bye
    chesp. ??

    By leda on 03.01.2011