October 9th, 2010 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “chatter”

  1. Everyone knows the chatter. The one that won’t stop talking. Usually, that’s me. So it’s a refreshing when I find someone who wants to chat more than I do. I like to listen too. So then we chat, we bounce off of each other, we allow the ideas to flow and we get to see more into the depths of another mind.

    By Miss Gringa on 10.09.2010

  2. chatter she never quiets, she never shuts up and her chatter, it buzzes in my ears and spirals through my brain and oh, her chatter, her chatter, can she quiet herself, can she calm herself, can she lose herself in her chatter my chatter her heart entwined in her mouth and her words abuzz.

    By madyellars on 10.09.2010

  3. The chatter filled her mind, blocking out all logical thought. It was the voices, again. They were back. She couldn’t think, couldn’t hear herself over their endless chatter…

    By Demon Lilith URL on 10.09.2010

  4. The sound was filling the room…quickly, soon the entire room would know. It was my fault all those people died. I lead them on a wild goose chase, and…I had known where my sister was the entire time. Hiding in the cabinet in the kitchen. Not into the woods.

    By Alyss on 10.09.2010

  5. “Ohmigod look it’s them!”
    “Ohmigod and they’re–”
    “No way!”
    “I know!”
    He gave her an apologetic glance and kissed her cheek as his hand slipped from hers. “All right, you two, move along. Nothing to see here.”
    She nodded rapidly, her face bright red. “No, no. Nothing at all.” She cringed inwardly at the high pitch of her voice, and again as the girls screamed and ran off giggling.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 10.09.2010

  6. It was non stop. The sound of the voices all around. Talking on their cell phones or, more rarely, to each other, about boyfriends and appointments and a host of other mundane things. I wished it would stop.

    By JL on 10.09.2010

  7. Sounds like Twitter. Like a tweet. Some lame new Facebook or social network style thing. Speaking of that, that movie was terrible. He only did FB to get girls. How many more seconds do I have? I love you. You are my best friend. Seriously. I want to marry you and have babiez.

    By Jake on 10.09.2010

  8. I stood looking out the window for a while. I had always been a loner, getting irritated by the constant nattering of others. But now that it seemed that I was alone… I missed their idle chatter.

    By mimimanderly URL on 10.09.2010

  9. Chatter is all I hear when I’m studying, I wish people would be quiet. I hate chatter, it’s so annoying.

    By najma estrella URL on 10.09.2010

  10. chatter box. mindless chatter. chatter is always awkward. chit chat chatter. i heard that chatter over there!!!

    By Christina on 10.09.2010

  11. chatter is what fills your mind when you want to something but fear is trying to stop you…it never shuts up so you have to learn to ignore or to make it say something else. Kind of hard but I guess worth doing.

    By dea on 10.09.2010

  12. lives with in lives
    the chatter of naked winter trees
    rain pouring in sheets
    makes way for the storm front of discarded twigs
    freedom lies in what we let go
    through torrents and mildness
    wildness and fire

    By ericacea on 10.09.2010

  13. The loud chatter of the children filled the room as the class filed in after recess.

    By Olivia URL on 10.09.2010

  14. The likelihood of being able to hear an actual broadcast amidst all this chatter is slight. People are screaming, car alarms blaring, it’s hard to hear anything at all.
    The tremors still come, thunderously, with alarming regularity. There’s not a building left standing anywhere. Is the entire earth breaking apart?

    By cleany URL on 10.09.2010

  15. the people like to chatter about everything . they just talk to for everything.

    By monsie URL on 10.09.2010

  16. Chatter is a typical term used for the sound of talking, it doesn’t necessarily have to be coherent but it does ascribe itself to the noise category. Though it is not considered a noise that is bad, rather just an annoying humdrum noise. Also associated with the word chat, which is a commonly used internet term.

    By michael on 10.09.2010

  17. TEN YEARS LATER: the chatter in the police station came to a quick stop when i entered the room.i was holding the criminal up by his back collar,”i believe this is the bank robber you were looking for.”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 10.09.2010

  18. The noise was unbearable for Heidögger, the great philosopher of Elm street. He stuck his head out the window and screamed for those idiots to shut up with their mindless chatter. With that, he slammed the window shut knowing that would be the only way to get any philosophizing done. Once he was in complete silence, he postulated that all of society’s ills could be traced back to intolerance.

    By richpee on 10.09.2010

  19. You cry when you’re hurt and you laugh when you bleed. I can’t hear your voice over your chatter. This may come as a shock, but you really don’t understand me. And when you were teasing me, I’m sure the joke was funny, I just didn’t get it.

    By Hyperbole URL on 10.09.2010

  20. Chatter can be irritating b/c sometimes ppl just have nothing important to say. Chatter can be a real waste of brain space. Choose your words carefully and learn to edit the opinions and verbal diarrhea of others.

    By zeej84 URL on 10.09.2010

  21. She could hear the chatter of the girls in the other room. “One, two, three, four, I know the boy that you adore. Five, six, seven, eight, this is the one who thinks you’re great. A, B, C…” The counted letters as they skipped, dreaming of the ten-year-old boys they could never talk to.

    By Jesse on 10.09.2010

  22. Online i hear a lot of chatter, see it really, on facebook, emails, texts, and most of it doesnt amount to much. But sometimes i find good information.

    By Dan URL on 10.09.2010

  23. Talking. Constantly talking. The noise never ends. Voices, in my head, all of the time! Like gossip whispers, telling tales of the Hollywood starlets and their countless run ins with scoundrels.

    By Jasmine Henry URL on 10.09.2010

  24. I drowned out the chattering around me and focused my attention entirely on the one conversation taking place a few tables away. She was angry. I could tell by the way her eyes flashed a tiny bit as he talked, surely asking forgiveness for yet another misdeed. He probably didn’t even realize — I think I knew her mannerisms better than he did, and probably even better than she did. But here I was, sitting a few tables away with some trophy of a girl instead of the one I craved.

    By vish URL on 10.09.2010

  25. all the time! Until you don’t realize you are talking to a comlete stranger and have lost the anxiety and have won them over with knowledge. Youve made a friend and built confidence.

    By beckypart on 10.09.2010

  26. this makes me think of small people talking…not necessarily midgets, just small people talking quietly in their small voices

    By M Goggins on 10.09.2010

  27. The crowded rumble was too much to bear at the moment so she went outside to the bright white and sat on the teeter-tot. It was one-sided and got her nowhere but at least she could sit in peace. She concentrated on each hot breath that left her mouth to condense like white smoke in the air. Her teeth chattered like the staccato castanets on the educational channel.

    By meth URL on 10.09.2010

  28. The crowded rumble was too much to bear at the moment so she went outside to the bright white and sat on the teeter-tot. It was one-sided and got her nowhere but at least she could sit in peace. She concentrated on each hot breath that left her mouth to condense as white smoke in the air. Her teeth chattered like the staccato castanets on the educational channel.

    By meth URL on 10.09.2010

  29. I remember I would plug and unplug my ears to make the noise into music. A cafeteria full of kids who eat pizza with strange black seasoning that makes you want to barf a little. The noise makes me think of a vacuum cleaner.

    By J URL on 10.09.2010

  30. The chatter of my teeth that night.
    The way your jacket felt rested upon my shoulder.
    We didn’t need to chatter.
    There was so much sound
    and there was so much to suddenly hear.

    By jenna on 10.09.2010

  31. she talked a lot — it was obnoxious, really. all bragging and narcissism.

    most of it was a lie, to tell the truth.

    By herpderpderp on 10.09.2010

  32. She could barely make out the chatter of those next to her. Although absorbed in her own conversation with her coworker, she still noticed the glances. Was she a topic of their discussion? Had she been eavesdropped on and, thus, judged? Most importantly, did she care?

    By Amiee URL on 10.09.2010

  33. There’s a buzz and hum of voices in the room. Suzaku tries to ignore it, tries to be the silent Zero he’s meant to be, but the constant thrum of “Emperor” and “death” is giving him shivers.

    By what. on 10.09.2010

  34. The chatter.

    It never ends. It clogs my brain- it IS my brain.
    Too much chatter, so many voices.
    I can’t keep track..
    Words I can’t follow.

    Too much chatter.

    By Amanda on 10.09.2010

  35. I was never a little chatter box. Very quiet as a kid, busy observing. Grew up to be a writer. Natural progression I imagine.

    By Peaceable on 10.09.2010


    By Ava Bleiberg on 10.09.2010

  37. All she did was talk, blab on about her day, her life, her boyfriend, her car, her house, her ring. The ring, the bleeding ring. Chatter chatter chatter about the stupid piece of metal, the circle of silver that should be on my finger.

    By Allison URL on 10.10.2010

  38. I hear a lot of chatter, mostly inside my own head. Conversations I wish I had. Conversations I will never have. Usually imagining things that can never be. How sad is that?

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 10.10.2010

  39. all this chatter in my head won’t go away. Nausea and nervousness, anxiety filling me up like a balloon ready to burst. i just want you near me, not in that chatter of a bar with women rubbing against you. come home.

    By Delilah URL on 10.10.2010

  40. click clack goes the clock. but i can’t really hear the clock because of all the clatter. the sound of the latter and the rain on the window. all i want to do is chat away my life to you. but someone told me you don’t want to hear my chatter.

    By abra URL on 10.10.2010