June 8th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “chat”

  1. i feel people chat too much. what ever happened to comfortable silences? maybe we should enjoy our surroundings without having to fill time with nonsense that we don’t really care about. nice weatherr out, huh? when did you graduate? how about sitting still and admiring the birds and the sway of the trees?

    By krys legor on 06.09.2012

  2. I like to chat. My whole family are pro at chatting! I’ll bet if you entered us in a world competition for chatting, we would be the chattering champions. Literally, it is like we just can’t stop talking. No. Matter. What.

    By Charlie on 06.09.2012

  3. Chats are an esay way to meet people. When you feel alone you can always go to a random chat and meet someone that likes the same stuff you do.
    Chats are an amazing way to stay comunicated with the people you love. It is like talking from miles away.

    By Anna on 06.09.2012

  4. i called it chit chat, and it was true we did chat. but that wasn’t the important part, that wasn’t the reason i will remember that night. i chat with a lot of people it was the kiss that was new.

    By bella on 06.09.2012

  5. to chat. to talk i guess. nothing really meaningful, maybe a few laughs and giggles. something you do with people you don’t feel close to or you haven’t seen in so long that nothing substantial can come from any conversation. like awkward silence.

    By Taryn on 06.09.2012

  6. he was deathly averse to chatting.
    she drove him nuts with her incessant prattling, babbling on like a spring brook, saying she just liked to chat, and that she did so consistently with her friends. Easy to believe, she was honest.
    chat is a word for valueless, tho not necessarily meaningless, interaction.

    By Bob Gill on 06.09.2012

  7. Chatting is something I love to do. I live alone and sometimes I can be alone for a long time and not chat with anyone .. which can mean I get very chatty when I eventually see someone. I have actually just been chatting with my mum on the phone – we talked each other’s ears off and put the World to rights .. but it was nice!

    By Emma URL on 06.09.2012

  8. to chat. like awkward silence with words. when you don’t know what to say because nothing meaningful can be exchanged between the participants. or when you don’t really want to talk anyway. fake i guess.

    By Taryn on 06.09.2012

  9. It’s the way two people can stumble upon different aspects of each other in an informal manner. Can also be used to leisurely spend your time, as chatting to someone else is induces mentally stimulating conversation.

    By Abe on 06.09.2012

  10. friendly conversations, amongst strangers are sometimes the best.
    and other times, they can be dreamy
    you fall into a world that’s not your own
    your tiny small world with tiny small friends
    does not exist anymore
    when strangers tell stories
    about how they lived
    how they loved
    and how they survived
    the stories that made them laugh
    made them cry
    made them do all of the above
    and for a brief second, you are allowed to enter that world
    and just guess what if felt like
    to be there
    to be breathing there
    what an emotional rollercoaster

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 06.09.2012

  11. a loving conversation between two people who love and care for one another. It translates feelings of love, anger, confusion, anything really. As long as humans can communicate, we can all chat to one another.

    By mal on 06.09.2012

  12. i remember back on the day when aol chatting was the shyt!!! you had your buddy list and browsed the web amd chatted with your friends the entire time fro hours and hours. it was soo much fun! thats before the advancment of technolgy took oveer and txting came along. and pervs and predatores started hitting the chat rooms of different categories! wow i miss the old days! so many memories so much fun

    By sarah crawford on 06.09.2012

  13. So, facebook is the new place to chat huh? I guess no one wants to see each other’s faces anymore, to feel their warm breaths beside your, to feel their hands on your shoulders, that back-breaking hug they always give you. I guess smiles aren’t enough to make a friend, now, with enough sweet words and shiny masks, you can be friends with anyone.

    By Mary URL on 06.09.2012

  14. i want to talk
    to you
    and then
    maybe we coudl go get
    and make out
    and chat and stuff
    i love you
    love me back
    lets talk about us
    and how we were
    and how we should be
    i miss you
    im done

    By cashew on 06.09.2012