October 4th, 2009 | 543 Entries

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543 Entries for “chase”

  1. chase bank. credit cards. chase the dream. tag you’re it. chasing rainbows. i am chasing my bliss.

    By Anonymous on 10.05.2009

  2. chasing my dreams.
    i created a vision board that shows pictorally the things i want to welcme into my life. what struck me is what is absent. there is a lot of color and many possessions. not so much …

    By judi on 10.05.2009

  3. chase

    By james on 10.05.2009

  4. I went to the beach this weekend and chased every singe wave that seemed rideable. The water temperature was absolutely marvelous! I’m actually thinking about going again this coming weekend.

    By Bonnie on 10.05.2009

  5. go away, run, fast, spurt, feet, air, fly, wind, blur, legs,

    By Kate on 10.05.2009

  6. I run after you without looking back. I see your red hoodie, your dark hair, your blue sneakers. I hate those fucking shoes. I run after you, but you never chase me. One day, I’ll stop this race.

    By Piper Brown on 10.05.2009

  7. There were three men chasing me around the corner. One of them tripped on an uneven part of the sidewalk and went flying face-first into the pavement. I laughed as I dashed into a nearby alley, still pursued by the two men that kept their footing. Then I saw it – a hole in the wall like a divine miracle, so I jumped in the hole and escaped.

    By Alexander on 10.05.2009

  8. He chased her up the stairs, laughing all the way. He grabbed her around the waist as she passed the bathroom, and they collapsed into a giggling heap on the carpet. “You’re it!” he shouted victoriously, planting a kiss on her flushed cheek.

    By winter on 10.05.2009

  9. I had to chase a woman before she gave me the time of day. I wore her down, though, and she became my wife.

    By on 10.05.2009

  10. He chased her down the drive way. “Please, dont leave yet. I need you here”

    She sighed, and thought for a second but kept going. “I can’t stay here anymore. I feel trapped, alone, and scared. I can’t be your slave and your wife anymore.”

    She got in the cab and that was the last time he saw her.

    By nicolethis on 10.05.2009

  11. following. running. catching up. faster faster.down the road the and

    By Brendan on 10.05.2009

  12. The cat quickly chased the mouse back into its hole. The wily mouse thought for sure that it’d outsmarted the cat. However, the cat knew that the mouse had come out in search of cheese, which was still waiting one meter away from it’s hole. The offer would be too tempting for the mouse to resist, despite

    By Chiquita Overman on 10.05.2009

  13. follow. the.want to know what you are who you are why you are. who? find. paper. want. get. passion. street.

    By on 10.05.2009

  14. chase, who doesn’t? money, men, girls, success, everyone does that. don’t you? all the thrills, all the pleasure, all the sorrows are there.

    By gaurav on 10.05.2009

  15. I ran. The man behind me was carrying a knife and had a smile as wicked as a Cheshire cat’s. But it was much more threatening.

    I found a sidestreet and dashed into a corner shop. The assistant, a Mexican migrant, was confused by my panting.

    By Taylor Rundell on 10.05.2009

  16. The pup gave chase but the butterfly was quicker than he. Teasingly flitting on the flowers as the pup lays in wait to pounce.

    By elise on 10.05.2009

  17. I was running through the forest at the speed of light. He was still there behind me, i could feel his presence, following, feeling, prodding the back of my body as he kept pace. There was no way to escape him it felt. I duck around a tree as he effortlessly does the same. My only hope will be for him to fall.

    By Steven on 10.05.2009

  18. chase

    By Ruth on 10.05.2009

  19. Chase is a word that usually implicates either pursuing or running away. Excitement is an underlined emotion regardless… um… cats like chasing rats. the end.

    By kirstin on 10.05.2009

  20. running jumping in circles feeling free to be a child. Outdoors the air smells like green grass…tag you’re it, Where is the base? Out of breath , exhilirated.

    By mary margaret on 10.05.2009

  21. chase. to run and reach a goal. a search. an adventure. playful.

    By Stephanie on 10.05.2009

  22. chase, running.
    chase, someone coming after you.
    chase, feeling free.
    chase, out of breath.

    By Claudia on 10.05.2009

  23. Cats and dogs love to chase . dogs will run after every cat that they see and chae them all around the yard or neighborhood. Most cats get away but by running up a tree or under an object that the dog cannot get into.

    By Jean on 10.05.2009

  24. Chse is a very large banking industry. It has branches all over Tucson. I would venture to say that circle k is probably the on business chain that’s larger than Chaase in tucson

    By General Motors on 10.05.2009

  25. chase me dowm the hall. chase bank lets chase the cat. she chases my mother chase to the bank chase over.

    By rochelle matchie on 10.05.2009

  26. pursue go after kill him!!!!! get him criminal running jumping sprinting skipping yelling shouting cursing screaming tripping falling tag your it!!!! get him he got away

    By esther on 10.05.2009

  27. chase chase my kids around the park every day. or i can chase my student ariund the classroom. i can chase my two dogs around the yard. how about i can be chased by my dogs.

    By michelle on 10.05.2009

  28. running at a game gor a ball ummm ummm ummu ummm umm umm chase someone who took someting from you umm umm umm ummu mu mum something you do outside or inside but could get tinto trouble umm mmm umm umm mmm u

    By booty on 10.05.2009

  29. run

    By Andre Howard on 10.05.2009

  30. following somethin running towards somthein, walkiing, cat and mouse, dog and cat, tired, exhausted,

    By Daniel Aviles on 10.05.2009

  31. have you ever been chased last time i was chased it was by two little chiuahuas. the funny thing is that all they did is bark and run after me they didnt actually bite me CHASE

    By Pedro on 10.05.2009

  32. my jmom has an acount with the bank called chase and she wants to put or well make a seperate accont for me but im not sure i want to because i already have an acont with pima credit union. so why should i get another one.

    By cristina on 10.05.2009

  33. followed by someone, running away of something or someone

    By Valerie McIver on 10.05.2009

  34. i like chasing tacos, wen they run away from me i have to chase them or else i cant eat lunch< nobody wants to chase a hot dog it dont look right u know

    By Daniel Aviles on 10.05.2009

  35. chase me chase me he cried ,no said i ,i am just here to do my shopping ,he playfully swished his lime green feather boa at me and jumped away oh please chase me , no i said who are you anyway ,you should not be doing this in the local supermarket .he followed me the whole way round ,giggling and repeating chase me chase me .i was very relieved to finnish my weekly shop and return home

    By crazydiamond on 10.05.2009

  36. Chase bank
    chase the guy running out of the bank
    cops chasing the guy whos being chased
    chase me as fast as you can!

    By ashley Lopez on 10.05.2009

  37. run jump ran running chasing kids police bsd guys playing game straight turn Hide and Seek Ball football basketball baseball

    By Claudia on 10.05.2009

  38. A car full of highschoolers chased me when I was in middle school. A game we used to play in elementary. Smart credit. Girls Chasing Boys is what I think of.

    By Gepatto on 10.05.2009

  39. I was on my way to a meeting when I began to run furiously away from a man. He was chasing me.. and I knew not why. This was ironic to me, because my meeting was with Chase bank, and I was being chased. Chased,

    By Mykey on 10.05.2009

  40. I never had to chase him. He didn’t have to chase me either. We just fell into eachother like melting glaciers.

    By jasmin lei street on 10.05.2009