October 4th, 2009 | 543 Entries

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543 Entries for “chase”

  1. the dog was going to chase the cat into a tree. The cat ran up the tree and was looking down at the dog. The cat teased the dog by waving it’s tail at the dog. The dog started to bark and bark. The barking brought the man out of his house.

    By john on 10.05.2009

  2. The hunter was on his way, raising his deadly scythe
    while the rabbit was running, running, running away;
    the rabbit didn’t see anything but black,
    the rabbit didn’t hear anything but furious wind;
    the rabbit couldn’t stop or think,
    the rabbit could only sense the bloody weapon closer to his neck
    and he prayed
    and he feared
    and he ran

    Away from the knife
    in the middle of the chase.

    By jennysweetie on 10.05.2009

  3. This is a car chase. I am tryingto get away from the cops. Driving through the woods of Virginia. There are a lot of trees all around, and a lot of hills and curves. It is an exhilarating feeling to be going over the top of a hill and then down to the bottom of the next valley, around a small curve and then up again!

    By Steve VanDerLoop on 10.05.2009

  4. As I chase these people all around, I cannot help but wonder why I bother with my time, they should be chasing me. What happened to relationships, are men not bold enough to follow through with what they want? They are almost as blind as following your dreams. and thats very blind

    By Big Red on 10.05.2009

  5. there are hedges with odd shoes in them, over the stiles chased into playgrounds, a fox a deer the hunters hound them quickly fast they are lost in the tunnels under the bridges and in the streams wild roses mark the passages of absence and they hide, hide until they are gripped by the leg, a warm wet mouth clamping them to the earth

    By sarah on 10.05.2009

  6. chase

    By alice on 10.05.2009

  7. I was running. That’s really about all I remember, and no, doctor, I don’t think he wanted anything in particular; I was just out jogging, and that man, he always was like a dog chasing cars, biting for my heels. Fucking bastard, but I loved him. Kind of lived for the day I’d get his teeth sunk in deep. What’s that, doctor?

    By sekaigo on 10.05.2009

  8. The chase is often the best part of a relationship. It provides the initial excitement that can spark love. When this excitement dies down a couple is left with their true emotions laid bare. This can be a good thing but it is often bad. Forced to confront their true feelings for each other, they must decide whether or not their relationship is built to last.

    By Mike on 10.05.2009

  9. running along the forest, the trres like it is moving..o.k this is blame

    By n on 10.05.2009

  10. Chase after a thing in the back woods, after a long time not sleeping, still muddy, murky, messy a tiger would lie down but I am stronger than he. apparently. i grow ten ties in length the amount of which i find is not important but i feel Biger. An important fact the Thing is dead, I’m not stopping.

    By bailey on 10.05.2009

  11. I knew a kid in elementary school named Chase and I thought it was a strange name. Also in elementary school we used to chase boys. There was actually a game called “girls chase boys” and sometimes it was switched to “boys chase girls” why can’t life be that simple any more?

    By Jamilyn on 10.05.2009

  12. I went to chase a dog to the woods and it had lots of hair. THe dog was so hairy it was blown with the wind up and down. I ran as fast as I could, but the dog kept on chaising my

    By coco on 10.05.2009

  13. The chase is on. For what I don’t know. We are running around seeking love, fun, money, health. Is there an end to the chase yes. Unfortunately

    By Chris G on 10.05.2009

  14. hooker meat. charge charge charge. with puppets. hush now no speaking then we might have a problem. none of it some of it eh. not now maybe later.

    By Lucas on 10.05.2009

  15. The dog was chasing the cat. Then he stopped… why was he chasing him? Couldn’t they just be friends? He pondered on the reasoning of enemies. The dog wanted to be friends. His paws slowed down on the black pavement. The cat kept running.

    By Robin on 10.05.2009

  16. Chase a dog down the street and you are certain to lose. There’s nothing like the way a dog’s face looks bouncing up and down right down the midedle of the street, and your voice as it screams bloody fucking murder for him to come back right now!

    By aj. on 10.05.2009

  17. gfrywefsdfjk

    By fds on 10.05.2009

  18. WE’re running and running and we just cant stop because we’re worried we’ll never get there. Suddenly you swerve and dash down an alley way and I’m trying to keep up but you’re so fast. I yank my body through the alley and there you are, stopped, and I run into your arms.

    By Hannah on 10.05.2009

  19. I’m chasing a stranger trying to get help to reach my son. He is waiting for me and I’m going to be late picking him up. I visualize what is face looks like as he’s waiting and waiting.

    By Anonymous on 10.05.2009

  20. chase. i have never been chased in a terrifying manner, except by that one dog a year ago. i would not like ot be chased. i am chased in my dreams, chased by my fears and my insecurities and my ever looming to-do list. chase. i cannot chase anyone, i am far too slow. i run only for bears or other large animals, and possible a tornado. chase.

    By Kiki on 10.05.2009

  21. I chased a bird across the field, but I could not stretch my wings. It flew away without a second glance in my direction. I stood there, my arms heavy and wished I could catch something.

    By tealeaf on 10.05.2009

  22. dog

    By Anonymous on 10.05.2009

  23. chasing something like a dream seems to be counter productive for me lately. I feel as if I want do do something or be someone, but when I get there it never seems to be what I wanted it to be.

    By steve on 10.05.2009