July 5th, 2010 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “myth”

  1. Is it a myth that you love me? Because I surely do feel like it.

    By Hannah URL on 07.06.2010

  2. myth is reality unmanifest, what kids are told to behave , what old ladies talk about to keep boredom at bay.

    By Shaughn Heyl on 07.06.2010

  3. Mm, a word with no real vowels. Tasty. It really rolls of the tongue, sounding almost like someone saying “mist” with a lisp. And its meaning is simultaneously epic and enigmatic, giving it an unshakable air of mystery.

    By vish URL on 07.06.2010

  4. Some say that myths are not real. Most of them probably are not, but I like to think that some are, like Saquatch! He has to be real. If scientists have only known about gorillas for the last 100 years then it is totally possible for Saquatch to be running around out there!

    By Chavid URL on 07.06.2010

  5. the myth was outrageuos. him liking her? he was different. or so she was thinking when she caught them together in the coatroom. her prada gown swished haughtily as she smiled acidly and locked them in. the other guests would love this piece of gossip.

    By abugs on 07.06.2010

  6. Everyone says that they’re just myths, and that they aren’t true, but every myth is real, little do they know.

    By Nancy .D on 07.06.2010

  7. every word that comes out of his mouth. lies to keep my head twisted and fixated on only him. in myth, he is ideal, beautiful, intriguing and right for me. the truth he is dangerous, disgusting, and complete garbage. he is built up of lies every word that escapes his mouth is nothing but mere myth.

    By kaitie URL on 07.06.2010

  8. Falsehood, a deception. A story passed down so long, no one knows what is true anymore. That is true of almost anything. What’s real? Are my memories accurrate? Maybe all I hold dear is of my own mind, not reality.

    By The Grey Hatter on 07.06.2010

  9. you used to tell me all about your

    i should have know it was
    all lies,
    all a fairytale, a myth.

    you’re in denial,
    such a deep and tragic denial,
    you can’t even handle the truth
    of your own past.

    By Bri URL on 07.06.2010

  10. somethiing u dnt really know is true or false
    1 has to work hard in order to know its real or revelation yet to b made
    info gathering is the best way to reaveal the secret abt the myth
    1 has to b really careful abt the info part n access the correct info

    By S Sharma on 07.06.2010

  11. myths are stories with power – blue peter, live aid schindler, star wars lots besides – they matter cause they shape how we see and act in the world.

    By Tim on 07.06.2010